Special Agent: Shelly Marshall 

Special Agent: Shelly Marshall 

Trusted, approved, and admired by our founder, Jena Covello, a Special Agent is someone with healing prowess. Whether their expertise lies within the skin, the gut, or the mind, they bring a unique perspective and care for those they work with and influence.

Meet Special Agent Shelly Marshall. Shelly is the founder of Beauty Shaman and a skin healer on a mission to help people raise the vibration of their skin using nontoxic products, tools, and rituals. She’s amassed a loyal following on social media, demonstrating her unique technique of facial massage, reflexology, face yoga, and the ancient art of Gua Sha. Her method and philosophy has helped thousands discover their inner healer, using skincare rituals as a tool for achieving greater health and radiant beauty. 

Name: Shelly Marshall

Instagram: @beautyshamans

Expertise/magic: I teach people how to heal their skin from within. There is a healer (a beauty shaman) that lives in all of us. I help people discover that.

Who/what drew you to your expertise? 

Throughout my youth, I had a lot of struggles with my skin that left both physical and emotional scars. I started learning everything I could about how to treat the skin with external forces like products, treatments, etc. In doing that, I discovered that my results were limited; it would never truly work if I didn’t heal my inner tissues (aka my issues). I had to become completely conscious of what I was feeding my vessel on a daily basis. Things like my food, my thoughts, my feelings, and who I was hanging out with had to be adjusted to fit this new model of consciousness. Every choice I made centered around how to heal my skin. Soon after, I discovered that using skincare rituals as a way of connecting to my higher power and my higher self was such a powerful tool, and it’s now my mission to share that.

Beauty staples: Oil cleansing, facial massage, and a silk sleep mask.

What was your relationship like with your skin growing up? 

Growing up, my skin was my worst enemy. I poured a lot of anger and frustration into it, which only created a vicious cycle of angry breakouts and high levels of stress. I slowly learned that inner peace wouldn’t happen after I healed but when I agreed to heal. It was a process. I had to learn how to become my own best friend. Now I love my skin, and I’m grateful for the lessons that journey taught me.

Beauty philosophy: Finding beauty in each stage as you age is a blessing and should be your goal. What you consume on a daily basis is going to feed that goal, or poison it. I believe the most important “nutrients” are love and joy.

Mental health remedy/ritual: If I wasn’t an esthetician, I would have wanted to become a sound healer. One way I come closer to hearing my inner wisdom and calming my mind is through listening to sounds; crystal singing bowls, piano, violin, classical music, etc. I love doing my Gua Sha or facial reflexology at night and I always turn on some kind of sound during this practice and let the vibrations massage my insides. It’s a very meditative practice and one I will never stop doing.

Desert island superfood/supplement: Seaweed. Seaweed contains all the information our cells need to function properly. It’s super nutritious and an efficient way to get in all your minerals and vitamins in one shot. I love eating seaweed just as much as I love applying it to my skin. It is one of the most powerfully healing substances on the planet.

How do you incorporate Agent Nateur into your daily routine?

The first thing I consume every morning is a tall glass of water with a scoop of holi (mane). It has not only helped improve my hair and skin texture, but it also sets the energetic tone for the rest of my day. About once a week I massage holi (locks) into my hair before bed. I love the smell. And my favorite skincare product is holi (water). It’s really unique and I love to apply it right after a bath to my face, neck, chest, and arms. It makes me feel like an actual goddess.