Jena’s Sun-kissed Morning Routine - Featuring holi (sun)

Jena’s Sun-kissed Morning Routine - Featuring holi (sun)

Is there anything better than morning sunshine falling through the hotel curtains, an espresso, soft, summer sheets and waking up naturally for a slow breakfast before a day in the sun? Another European summer is back, and I am incredibly excited that it’s here! I love leaving the States for at least some of the summer (and to try and switch off - which I rarely do!). This year, I am especially excited because I can FINALLY bring my own SPF 50 with me in the form of my newest formulation (pre-launching next week!):  

My holi (sun) dewy SPF skin drops are formulated with the ingredients you would usually find in your skincare, with the added protection of non-nano zinc oxide that helps to protect against harmful UV rays and sun damage. So this product has the dual benefits of shielding your skin from harmful UV rays and sun damage whilst improving hydration, evening out skin tone, and combating signs of aging and free radicals too. I’ve struggled for years on my journey to find truly light, protective and nourishing mineral SPF sun creams, which is why I am now SO excited to have formulated holi (sun) which is not only protective but also nourishing. I adore multi-functional ingredients and formulations. 

Today, I am going to walk you through my morning skincare routine and explain how I incorporate my new holi (sun) product into my day-to-day routine from the moment I wake up in the morning, long before I make it out into direct sunlight or onto the beach.

It is important to recognise though that every skincare routine should be customized to suit your skin type. My routine is based on my own experience of what works for my skin, so make sure you do what works best for you. Regardless of your skin type, or preference for products, one thing is clear - SPF is critical and you have to apply, and re-apply repeatedly throughout the hottest days of the year.

My Sun-kissed Morning Routine - ft. holi (sun)

My morning routine doesn’t actually begin with my face; I start every day with holi (body) - my ageless body serum. I apply 20 drops in the bath and saturate my body with it, or if I’m showering, I apply it at the end of my shower, to wet skin. This gives my skin a sun-kissed look, regardless of where I am or what I'm doing that day. It also leaves my skin feeling sexy, hydrated, and velvety smooth, boosting my confidence in a bikini or any cute summer outfit.

Then I move to focus on my face. The first step for me is cleansing. If you know me, you'll know that I usually prefer single cleansing using holi (cleanse), rather than the double cleanse that a lot of people talk about these days. The reason for this is because the natural oils our bodies produce are essential for maintaining a healthy, balanced, and well-functioning skin barrier and I don’t want to deplete them. I cleanse with holi (cleanse) and I love its gentle, glossy formula. It is nutrient-dense and made with luxury oils and plant extracts that effectively emulsify dirt, oil, and makeup while protecting the skin. It's like starting the day with a radiant glow before diving into the rest of my skincare routine.

Next, and particularly during the summer, I apply holi (bright). This is my glass resurfacing mask, which is perfect for cooling the face on hot summer days, especially if you've had a bit too much sun exposure the day before. You might have heard about this best-selling product that people are buying multiple jars of at once!

holi (bright) resurfaces the face in a deeply hydrating, calming, and soothing manner, giving an unmatched glow which is the perfect base for a day in the sun. This glow is thanks to its unique combination of aloe vera, French silk peptides, pitaya, hyaluronic acid, cucumber, vitamin C and more. It's truly a beautiful blend. I always travel with my brush because it is really important to apply the mask with the brush. I recommend applying it to your neck, chest and wrists too, as these areas can also become delicate and fragile in summer months. I usually leave holi (bright) on for 15 minutes, but if my skin is in need of extra attention, I’ll apply it before I go to bed and leave it on overnight to let it fully absorb into my dehydrated skin.

Once I rinse off the mask, it's time to reach for the holi (trinity) kit which contains holi (water), holi (c) and holi (oil).  This is something I do without fail, every single day. It’s a restorative, soothing, nourishing ménage à trois for ambient, supple skin. The glossy holi (water) is rich in pearl powder and pitaya to gently exfoliate and smooth fine lines, while holi (c) - our potent blend of calcium and vitamin C - reduces the appearance of acne scars and boosts your skin’s elasticity. I spray 3-5 pumps of holi (water) into the palm of my hand, then mix in a dash of holi (c).

Once I’ve applied this, I will reach for holi (creme) or holi (lift). This filter flawless face cream and our ageless, nourishing face serum work together but I often just pick one or the other.  You can use holi (lift) two to three times a week during the daytime and if it’s summertime you should also apply a sunscreen - our holi (sun) - read more about when to apply that in your routine below! However, if you’re going to be directly in the sun, you should avoid using holi (lift) in the daytime and switch it up to part of your nighttime regime instead.

I then finish up the holi (trinity) with the holi (oil). It helps heals dryness and dehydration and softens your skin’s texture, illuminating your complexion too.

This holi (trinity) is so perfect for the summer months and I love that it's also available in our travel size set because I didn't want your (or my) skincare routine to be interrupted when traveling and dealing with limited luggage space (over-packing problems, am I right?)!

It's worth noting that holi (c) is different from other vitamin C products on the market because it is a dry vitamin C, which can sometimes confuse people. When you buy a vitamin C serum, the formulation usually contains around 1-5% vitamin C, and often it's even less than 1% to reduce manufacturing costs.

Now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for! It is at this point that I would incorporate holi (sun) into my routine, because my skin care is done for the day, it’s absorbing nicely, so now it’s time to PROTECT!

There are four shades of our holi (sun) tinted SPF 50 product: ivory, almond, honey and espresso. Ivory is suitable for very light to light skin complexions, almond is ideal for light to medium skin complexions, honey is designed for medium to deep tan skin complexions, and espresso is tailored for deep to very deep skin complexions. I go with the almond shade, which serves as the base for my face throughout the day. I love that it is nourishing my skin while I am using it, which is something I always hated about using other SPFs - previously, I felt like they were always clogging my skin, and my pores.  But this is no longer the case, with my SPF 50 non-nano 12% zinc oxide formulation, combined with plant-based squalene, niacinamide and a ton of other beautiful, plant-based extracts that are all paraben-free, silicone-free, alcohol-free,  and fragrance-free. As well as being reef-friendly and NEVER leaving a white shadow or white cast on your skin, these are an elixir of pure nourishment and protection, combined.

Suitable for all skin types, light enough for oily or combination skin and with an ideal texture for morning or all-day use, you can use this alone or as part of your daily makeup routine. You will experience the transformative power of holi (sun) where protection, nourishment, and radiance meet. Just remember to re-apply.

Once your skin care routine is done, and your holi (sun) is applied, if you want to apply make up, now is the time. But, truthfully what I love about holi (sun) is that you can build a really light, incredibly blendable coverage which is perfect for hot summer days, giving you a glowy tint, while completely removing the need to wear any type of makeup, tinted moisturizer or foundation.

So, what you need to know is that your new holi (sun) SPF 50 product is the last thing that you apply to your face - not the first. People ask me this a lot, and I’m so happy I’ve been able to help you clarify.

I’m honestly so excited for you to get your hands on these dewy, glossy, SPF 50 skin drops. They are powerful and deeply protective. The non-toxic formulation is rich in antioxidants, which help to reduce pollution-induced free radicals and form a luminous shield that assists in blocking over 35% of blue light (HEVL) too. Clinical studies show that such formulations also boost antioxidant activity within the skin by an astonishing 200%! What’s more, these drops also contain bioactive complexes that hydrate the skin and stimulate collagen and fibronectin synthesis, effectively helping to slow down the aging process. The high content of vitamin C and vitamin E in holi (sun) helps strengthen the skin's barrier function, too, while boosting optimal hydration and a radiant, luminous appearance.

You can see why this really is an all round super star. I’m so excited for you to try holi (sun) and have the summer of your life!