Revere, adore and worship yourself with holi (sex)

Revere, adore and worship yourself with holi (sex)

When I think about holi (sex) I think of the words revere, adore and worship and these are such a crucial part of the holi (sex) product.

holi (sex) is pure magic. When people think about an intimate oil or a ‘lubricant’ in the traditional sense, they always think of something to use with their partner. I strongly believe, though, that our relationship with others ultimately starts with ourselves, and so with holi (sex) I wanted to create an intimate oil that you could use first and foremost with yourself and to connect inwards with yourself and give yourself the love, care, and respect that you deserve. 

We already have a product that fits into the self-worship category - holi (oil). I use it every day in my daily routine to check in with myself and connect with my body, thanking it for all it does for me. holi (oil) is not made for intimacy (it is made for tightening and cellulite, and boy, it works), so I knew it wasn’t something I would ever want people to be using as part of their sexual self-care or intimacy routine.  

holi (sex), however, is the goddess of intimate oils. I wanted people to be able to step out of a luxurious bath or shower and apply something all over their body without being worried about irritation from other lotions. I also wanted to create something that works for everyone, particularly people who experience dryness. This can stem from so many things (hormones, menopause, antibiotics, birth control, nervous system dysregulation and more) and isn’t spoken about enough. 

With holi sex, you can use it with your partner (although be mindful that it is not made to be used with latex condoms), but the beauty of this product is really that you can use it first and foremost to love yourself, applying it to every area of your body.

The reviews and messages I receive about holi (sex) are almost too much to post! It causes a warming and tingling sensation and our customers are going crazy for it, it’s super hydrating and truly orgasmic and I LOVE reading about how the product amplifies your life.

And the ingredients? They are as beautiful and intimate as the experience:

  • Organic coconut oil - a natural extract clinically proven as a safe and effective lubricant that is seriously hydrating;
  • Sweet almond oil - containing vitamins and nutrients that hydrate, lubricate and warm, as well as offering long-lasting moisture and pleasure;
  • Rose and jasmine oil - to open the heart chakra and cultivate feelings of self-love, acceptance, and compassion;
  • Sandalwood oil - an earthy aroma that promotes calmness and harmony while supporting the third eye chakra and fostering deeper connection with the self; and finally
  • Vanilla  - with the sweetest aroma believed to be a natural aphrodisiac.

Let me know how you enjoy it - because I know you will.

Jena x