My mom shares her ageless routine!

My mom shares her ageless routine!

Mother’s day is such a special day to celebrate the strength and beauty of all the mothers in our lives. In honor of this special day, we spoke to none other than our founder Jena’s mother Marcella. Marcella has the most stunning skin and she is one of the reasons why Jena became so fascinated with effective actives that create ageless skin. Marcella is proof that you can have gorgeous skin at any age if you take care of yourself ! We covered all your top questions you guys wanted to know about this ageless beauty including her full skincare routine, The specific types of treatments she has done, what her diet looks like, how she deals with stress in her life, and some of her top advice she would give to others who want to age just as beautifully as she has. Marcella was the person who came up with the idea for two of our best selling products- holi (mane) and holi (bright)

What inspired you to help create the holi (mane) and holi (bright) formulas?

I was using holi (youth) but I don't do so well taking Spirulina and I didn't like the taste of it, but when I began taking it I say a drastic change in the hydration of my skin, hair and nails and asked Jena to only send me her collagen and pearl. Her collagen is the best and most effective I'd ever tried. 

For holi (bright), I called Jena and told her that an aloe base worked incredible for mature skin, it hydrates like no other. I sent her a formula I used but it's not clean. I asked if she could create something similar and better. I think it's the best product she's ever developed. It's one of my favorite products I've ever used on my face. It actually makes your skin look like the Paris filter on Instagram when you rinse it off.

What does your skincare routine look like today? Give us a step by step of the products you use on a daily basis.

AM routine: consists of washing with Agent Nateur Lactic Acid Wash, followed with Agent Nateur holi (water) mixed with holi (c), CeraVe moisturizer and Zinc 50 SPF sunblock.

Throughout the day, I will use holi (bright),  holi (oil) or Lily of the Desert aloe vera gel.

PM routine: Washing with CeraVe hydrating facial cleanser. After my skin is dry, apply Biologique Recherche Lotion P50V 1970 exfoliator; allow to dry and apply Altreno Lotion .05% (RetinA).

PM: very strict dental routine with proxa brush, gum stimulator, dental floss and brush with Phillips Sonicare electric toothbrush for gum health which translates to heart health.

AM: Brush with Phillips Sonicare.

How has your routine changed from your younger years?

I like to replace various products such as Agent Nateur C with The Ordinary C powder.

At times I’ll stop using Lotion P50V 1970 and use only Agent Nateur Lactic Acid Wash.

What is the number one skin hack you have done throughout your lifetime that you can give credit to giving you such youthful skin at your age?

There’s a few, namely RetinA for face, Neck and Hands, Zinc sun block, Agent holi (water) and holi (c), wearing a hat when in the summer sun; lots of hydration. Caffeine dehydrates. Water, caffeine free tea hydrates visibly, love Rishi Caffeine free tea.

Do you get any specific types of treatments done to your skin? If so, what are your favorites?

Minimal Botox for glabellar lines, for softening. I didn't start any botox until I was 60. I've never had a laser, filler or any cosmetic surgery.

What does your diet look like? Is it organic and Do you avoid any type of food?

I prepare organic foods and order produce from a local organic farm. I typically eat lots of salads, slaws and vegetables. I’ve started eating free range chicken and turkey as I’ve felt that once a week salmon was insufficient protein for brain power and cocojune yoghurt with cacao nibs and maple syrup. As a result of eating fowl, cholesterol is high, not sure I agree with AMA and cholesterol threshold. No processed food.

My favorite foods are potatoes, pasta, home-made naturally leavened sourdough bread and anything starchy, which is not good for me. But those are my indulgences!

It is said that Cellular hydration is key to fighting inflammation and free radical damage in the body. What type of water filter do you use, and how much water do you drink in a day?

Water is critical. If you’re not hydrated, your skin, hands, and face appear lined. I’m drinking Rishi blueberry hibiscus tea about 32 oz. and two 16 oz. bottled water daily. I have high cholesterol and replaced half and half with skim milk and now drink decaf coffee, not fun but I sleep great.

Do you drink alcohol?

I only drink a little bit of wine on a rare occasion.

What does your daily supplement routine look like?

I take an unreleased supplement from Jena daily, Agent Nateur holi (mane), Vit. D with K, Selenium, Zinc, Red Yeast Rice, NAC, Quercetin, Chelated Magnesium, Calcium, powdered Magnesium and 3 mg Melatonin.

They say stress makes a huge impact on the way we age, how have you dealt with stress in your lifetime?

I was 15 years old when I started working out and that’s been mostly consistent. Jena will not like this because she thinks it creates sagging skin; however, I’m running a mile a day (elliptical is not good for me), 90 squats with 20 pounds and cables for abs, sit-ups with weighted ball. I ride horses most Saturdays. Riding is heavenly. Horses are special creatures and I always pray before riding and ask St. Martin of Tours for protection. I recently fell, walked away, re-mounted and trotted away. However, I’m researching to find a new horse and barn.

How do you feel about the sun, and what do you use to protect yourself from sun damage? We saw a picture of your hands and they look like the hands of a 20 year old.

I’m not a sun gal like Jena! Sheer Zinc 50 SPF daily and always applied to the face, neck, arms, hands and hat. I apply sunscreen to my hands before driving.

Recently you had an autoimmune issue that concerns a makeup ingredient. Can you tell us more about it?

I developed a rash on my torso, back and legs and was told initially there was a nickel reaction; however, my dermatologist performed a biopsy and results were a reaction to silica. We are still trying to get to the bottom of it.

What are the makeup brands that you use?

YSL primer, Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Foundation, Tarte eyeshadow, L'oreal brush eyeliner, Rimmel Mascara with Diva Derme Lash Extender, NYX lip liner and any red/blue/pink matte lipstick. I don't wear natural makeup yet.

What is the top advice you would give to those who want to age beautifully?

Love your children and family, be kind to others, help anyone in your daily path, take time to listen to people and engage, take care of your soul, mind and body, the right true path is typically the road less traveled, strive for excellence. Take care of your parents and family.