Reducing EMF Pre and Post Flight- And Beyond

Reducing EMF Pre and Post Flight- And Beyond

I travel a lot and I’m proactive about it because I understand the hidden dangers behind flying that I think are missed in a lot of the wellness discussions today. I’m going to share with you what I do before, during and after I fly to look after my body as best as possible.

Did you know that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention classifies pilots and airline crew members as radiation workers? So, a big problem is radiation. There is a lot of EMF exposure and radiation that comes with flying - and not just when you are in the sky. First up, you get scanned by the TSA on your way through security. This is about as much EMF exposure as an x-ray (check out my highlights on my IG profile on how to opt-out of this and why I do so). When you’re in the air, the radiation levels are high and can impact you on a cellular level, particularly when you’re flying regularly. Wi-fi signals bounce off and amplify inside a metal plane and you are also getting exposed to cosmic radiation, as well as all of the EMF generating gadgets in the cockpit. Radiation can not only damage the DNA of our cells but can also impact our bones, brains, soft tissues and our hormone producing organs. It can impact fetuses and growing children too.

Understanding how to reduce EMF when flying is important. Before and after flying, I like to get on the beach and into the ocean (if weather permitting) to ground myself. If it's cold out, I'll get into the grass and try to aim for a fifteen minute walk. I prepare by eating foods that are protective against radiation toxicity. Antioxidants are the key here. They protect against the oxidizing effects of free radicals. Plant-based foods are always good as they are packed with the antioxidants that protect us against the oxidizing effects of free radicals. Protective foods are things like seaweed, kelp, dulce, sea vegetables, as well as healthy foods high in calcium (almonds, collard, turnip greens, spinach, sardines and salmon), foods high in potassium (baked sweet and white potatoes, white beans, carrot juice), and cruciferous vegetables (like arugula, bok choy, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage and cauliflower) as a starting point. Pre-flying supplements like glutathione (the master antioxidant) and high quality Vitamin C, Vitamin E, good quality B vitamins and Vitamin D3 K2, as well as key minerals is a great place to start. It is also important to support your mitochondria where possible (think high quality CoQ10, NADH, acetyl L carnitine, MitoATP and more). While you are in the air, it is important to hydrate constantly as well as avoiding the wifi, NOT using bluetooth, trying not to use your devices, and definitely not using airpods. Really committed? Take an EMF shielding blanket with you if you have to work. And another interesting tip? EMFs are thought to be weaker next to the windows and at the back of the plane.

Once landed, continued hydration and grounding is critical (make sure you get your bare feet on the earth and that you aren’t holding your mobile phone when you are grounding). It’s even better and more effective if you can get close to the ocean when you land because the negative ions from the ocean are INCREDIBLE and grounding by the ocean can not only can help neutralize the free radicals and inflammation in your body from flying but it also can help you with your jet lag too. If you can get to a PEMF mat or travel with one (Higher Dose sells these now in portable form), these can help to offset the radiation too. A detoxifying bath for EMFs is great too - dissolve two pounds of NaCL salt with two pounds of baking soda in a hot bath and soak for 40 minutes fully submerged.

It’s really important to take zeolite and a product known as binders too. The mineral, zeolite, is excellent for taking most radioactive elements out of the body. You’ll often hear that if Zeolite is recommended for nuclear waste disasters, then it’s good for flying. I'm obsessed with You can read all about this zeolite HERE. It’s such a great product. This is one of the very first products I began consistently taking in 2012 when my dad's friend launched the company. The ViRadChem binders from CellCore are great too. They can help the body’s natural ability to detox against radiation (and also viruses and chemicals which you can pick up when flying too from being in such close proximity and then also spraying the aircraft). Find a CellCore practitioner to purchase this product. My last tip is to always sleep with your phone on airplane mode and with your laptop completely shut off and out of the bedroom. You can also switch off the WIFI box if it's in your bedroom.

Hope this is helpful. A little pre- and post- flight ritual goes a long way, especially when you understand the dangers of EMF and radiation.

Love Jena x