My Super Power Against Cellulite: STAIR CLIMBING

My Super Power Against Cellulite: STAIR CLIMBING

I’m often asked about cellulite, whether it is something I have experienced personally and what people should do to get rid of it. My firming, anti-cellulite, ageless body serum called holi (body) is incredible for its skin tightening effects and my newest product, body (balm) has been formulated with powerful, trademarked and patented active ingredients that tighten skin against cellulite too. But most of all? My super power against cellulite is STAIR CLIMBING!

I find that understanding what cellulite is can help you understand how to eliminate it (and why things like stair climbing can really help). Research studies show that cellulite is caused when fat cells strain against connective tissue and then the fat cells break through and become visible from the outside of the skin and body (that’s the dimpled effect that we all know too well). What this means is that two of the key drivers behind cellulite are high fat levels and weak dermal tissue and this is where topical products can help, particularly if they prevent excessive accumulation of fat in the cells (reducing the likelihood of fat breakthrough), stimulate the breakdown of fat cells already accumulated or through increasing the epidermal thickness and skin barrier.

Understanding how your lymphatic system ties into cellulite is really important (and again, why stair climbing can be so effective). Research now suggests that an overloaded lymphatic system (basically an accumulation of substances that it is supposed to be removing) can lead to toxins and byproducts actually flowing out into the interstitial spaces in the subcutaneous tissue, contributing to cellulite too.

What this means is that keeping your lymphatic system moving is really important and this is part of why I am a HUGE advocate and supporter of climbing stairs. My biggest tip for cellulite reduction is exactly that: climbing thirty flights of stairs a day, at least 3 to 4 times a week. It is something that I implemented into my wellness and fitness routine that I saw made a significant difference in my cellulite levels and I think it is a really strong technique that can help anyone struggling with cellulite. The National Institute of Wellness says that stair climbing burns at least 10 calories a minute and it also has the added benefits of specifically working and targeting the areas that tend to get hit with the most amount of cellulite.

Stair climbing gets your lymph moving, stops lymph stagnation and also gets your heart rate up and your circulation pumping too. This helps with vasodilation and increases blood flow around the body. Stair climbing also makes you feel powerful, fit and healthy and you can really feel it in your glutes and legs when you are climbing. Studies have looked into the effects of descending and ascending exercise on body composition and confirmed that it increases body composition, as well as a reduction in pro-inflammatory factors within the body.

I like to supplement my stair climbing with other types of workouts that blast the fat deposits that drive cellulite. These include: side lying leg lifts to target and tone the outer thighs (lie on your side, propped up by your elbow and do 10 - 15 reps and repeat), back kicks (also known as donkey kicks - start with 15 reps and repeat on each leg) and also squats (make sure you have a PT help you with your technique on these to avoid injury, especially if you are adding weight).

To supplement stair climbing, I also recommend:

  1. Dry body brushing before climbing - this can help to increase blood flow to the body, stimulate the lymph and increase blood flow to the areas you brush.
  2. Sweating before or after climbing - sweating in an infrared sauna is my favorite because with wavelengths longer than visible light, infrared light penetrates deep into the body and helps to break down fat cells which are part of the driver behind cellulite.
  3. Lymphatic drainage massage - this is a great way to keep the lymphatic system moving and I personallyI love a lymphatic drainage massage. They are also a really great option for people who are not great at body brushing.
  4. Investing in a rebounder - adding a daily rebounding workout into your daily routine can be extremely effective and again supplement stair climbing. The rebounding movement stimulates the lymphatic system and helps to improve circulation, reduce inflammation, and move toxins throughout the body.
  5. Hydration is critical - dehydration causes thinner, weaker skin and this weakness again has a greater tendency to show the cellulite pushing through from the fat below. A high quality water source is critical to stay hydrated. I never drink tap water.
  6. Diet - Stay away from fried, processed or white-based carbohydrates. I swear that there is a connection between eating potatoes and cellulite levels too. Try cutting out potatoes and see what happens. It worked for me.
  7. And finally - our very own body (balm), our skin tightening, ageless body treatment créme.

I really wanted to create a product that left you feeling tight, firm and confident after using and body (balm) does just that. So what’s in it? IBR-TCLC®, an active, potent, natural tomato extract in body (balm) has been clinically proven to restore the elasticity of your skin while also maintaining the skin’s firmness - two key factors that help prevent the appearance of cellulite. Studies are also showing that argan oil - another ingredient in body (balm) can have an anti-cellulite effect and this is due to it being considered a ‘skin lifting oil’ that has a ‘significant effect’ on skin elasticity as well as smoothing and tightening of the skin too. The skin tightening effects of IBR-TCLC® and argan oil are supplemented by another active, PhytoSpherix™, a patented, clinically-backed active ingredient that naturally re-energizes and fuels the skin. What is most interesting about this product is that it has been proven to stimulate cell growth as well as the production of hyaluronic acid and collagen. Research is also showing an increasing amount of evidence that strong, healthy collagen levels in the body can effectively fight against cellulite too.

So, apply body (balm) as a loving, nurturing, daily ritual and get climbing those stairs to keep your lymph moving. I’m sure you will see a difference.

Love Jena x