Ozonated Olive Oil

Ozonated Olive Oil
As we learned about all of the amazing benefits of Ozone Therapy written in our previous blog, it’s easy to understand why Ozonated Olive Oil has caught everyone’s attention. Activated oxygen is quickly finding its place in many different healing applications, but when it comes to skin, scars and beauty....of course we are going to want to dig a little deeper.
Ozonated Oils were being used as early as 1904 under the name “Glycozone”, market by the famous Nikola Tesla. Although it is just now receiving recognition in the United States, it has been utilized in Europe and other countries around the world for many years to treat epidermal (skin) symptoms such as:
  • Insect bites/stings
  • Stimulation of skin cells
  • Eczema/Rashes/Dermatitis/Seborrhea/Razor burn & bumps
  • Sterilizing & Cleansing/Topical Antibiotic/First aid
  • Face moisturizer/restorer (worn minimum of 20 minutes)
  • Psoriasis/Skin Yeast
  • Acne/Cystic acne
  • Wrinkles/Fine lines/Age spots
  • Wounds/Scars/Sores/Ulcers
  • Cellulite/Sore muscles
  • Gum disease/Oral Infections
  • Sunburn/Burns/Cuts
  • Cold sores/Herpes virus/Ringworm
  • Bacteria/Fungal/Viral infections
  • Swelling/Inflammation/Redness
  • Fissures/Hemorrhoids
  • Great for animal wounds, safe to lick
An article published in 2003 showed that Ozone Olive Oil activated NFkB which is a protein complex that controls DNA, cell survival, and the cytokines that regulate inflammatory and immune response. This then increased levels of transforming growth factors which play a critical role in tissue remodeling and wound healing. Because ozone has anti-bacterial, viral, fungal and anti-inflammatory properties, all skin conditions that accompany pain and skin damage continue to display successful healing.
But not all ozinated olive oils are created equal. Using activated oxygen is a very sensitive process that requires care and knowledge. Some of the things to look out for when considering different companies are:
Oil: Although Olive Oil is the most popular carrier oil, other oils such as coconut (more antibiotic properties), hemp, avocado (easiest absorbed by face), sunflower and jojoba may also be used. Always opt for organic oils and extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Color: When oil is Ozonated correctly it will take on a completely clear/off white hue. This ensures the oil has been bubbled/infused for a long period of time using oxygen saturation. If there is still any visible color (especially with extra virgin olive oil which is very green/yellow) this means it has not been Ozonated correctly.
Viscosity: The oil should be thick and dense like a balm. This ensures that the oil has been bubbled/infused for a long period of time to completely saturate the oil with ozone correctly. A liquid Ozonated oil will only contain about 10% activated oxygen saturation where as a more dense paste or balm like oil will contain about 50% or more. The more dense the product is, the longer it will last, potentially up to 12 hours on skins surface.
Quality/Purity: Always ask and opt for a company that only uses a Cold Plasma Ozone Generator to inject and saturate their oil. Because ozone is hard to stabilize, CPOG ensures a pure oxygen injection and saturation. Most companies utilize a cheap ozone injection method with a Corona Discharge Ozone Generator. The CDOG method may lead to contamination as well as a poor quality product that should often times be avoided.
Odor: Ozone creates a unique odor that can be identified in the air right before a thunderstorm. This odor is often compared to a chlorine scent and is a great way of identifying a quality product. There is no taste accompanied with this odor, so it is safe for pets to lick off their wounds.
Container: The product should always be marketed and packed in a dark glass, ozone resistant and well sealed container. This ensures quality, purity and protection from sunlight. Because this might hinder seeing the color and density of the product, a reputable brand will provide pictures and information of the actual oil product itself.
One of our favorite features of Ozonated Olive Oil is the way it prevents premature signs of aging on skin by acting as a potent antioxidant. This component has been shown to prevent oxidation on skin surfaces. It can also be used as a makeup remover to cleanse the skins surface and post sun exposure moisturizer as a means of fighting off cancer causing cells.  Additionally, olive oil contains vitamins such as A, D, E & K, all of which benefit and work synergistically with the activated oxygen to aid in the healing process.
This amazing topical can also be massaged into sore muscles and irritated painful skin. It quickly acts as a natural antioxidant which allows toxins and lactic acid to be released from pores. This then cleanses the skin, reduces inflammation and encourages cellular healing and restoration immediately.
Once again, let’s hear it for oxygen and it’s many amazing benefits. Oxygens brilliance brings me to one of my favorite quotes... “Money isn’t the most important thing in life, but it’s reasonably close to Oxygen on the ‘gotta have it’ scale.”