Facial Cupping

By @simpleorganix
One of the most sought after secrets amongst women is how to keep their skin and face looking youthful. The demand for solutions to aging has been in existence for thousands of years. Anywhere from Cleopatra’s famous rosewater toner to Marie Antoinette’s cognac, egg, powdered milk, and lemon face mask. But one of the most interesting techniques that were used in ancient Egypt, China and Greece that has come in full swing is facial cupping.
If you read our blog about all of the amazing benefits of cupping, then you are familiar with many of the healing properties of using suction on direct skin in order to enhance circulation and release tension.
Facial cupping is known to enhance the following:
  • skin elasticity
  • reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • stimulate cells responsible for collagen production
  • reduce puffiness and discoloration under eyes
  • product absorption
  • tighten and brighten skin
  • improves complexion and scars
  • increase oxygen-rich blood circulation
  • detoxes pores and regulates oil production, unblocks follicles
  • tone brow, jaw and neckline
The technique gently pulls through different sections of facial tissue, while the suction separates the skin from the bone as it moves along the forehead, cheeks and jawline. The suctioning also helps work the fascia tissue in the face and neck. The fascia is a sheet of connective tissue covered in a gel like material made primarily of collagen beneath the skin. What the suction is doing is actually drawing fresh blood into the area of skin underneath the cup that saturates the surrounding tissue helping it oxygenate and rejuvenate. The vacuum-like suctioning separates many different layers of tissue in the skins surface while creating a micro traumatic experience that triggers inflammation. The inflammatory response then floods the area with oxygen, white blood cells, platelets, and other healing aids that help rebuild and restore skin tissue. Because the face is lubricated, this motion keeps suction moving to avoid breaking of any blood vessels and bruising that body cupping often creates.

Quite often facial cupping therapist will focus on lymphatic drainage located in the jawline, under chin and neck area. This massage is referred to as facial lymphatic drainage massage. Lymph Nodes are glands that filter microbes before they can travel to other parts of the body. Think of them as prison systems set up in different areas waiting to capture the bad guys. Cupping these areas may help strengthen the immune system by aiding in the draining and detoxing of any congestion in these glands.

Manually cupping and massaging the lymph areas may help reduce swelling and puffiness in the face as stimulating the muscles encourages the glands to drain their fluids and detox. Lymphatic drainage massage also helps in clearing blockages and stagnation in those areas that restrict healthy formation of collagen. Some of the other benefits of this technique include:
  • clears stagnation
  • drains lymph nodes
  • expels congestion
  • loosens adhesions
  • strengthens immune system
  • helps lymphatic fluid flow
  • balances PH levels
  • cleans the blood in the area
  • clears colds, flu, virus and infection
  • relieves allergies
  • treats TMJ (jawline and neck to relieve pressure)
  • relieves thyroiditis (congestion found in base of the neck)
  • relieves sinusitis congestion found on sides of eyebrows, nose and down jaw and neck to drain
Pellequr Spa in Beverly Hills is one of Jena Covello’s favorites sources for Cupping Lymphatic Facials. This amazing 80-minute session includes:
*Deep ultrasonic cleansing/peeling
* High-Frequency Extraction 
*Ampoule Concentrate
*Cupping Lymphatic Drainage Treatment
*Acupressure and Face Lymphatic Massage
*Second Masque (Peel-off Contour Mask)
*Oxygen Spray
Although technology has advanced, it seems that the beauty regimens that still continue to work the best are the ones used thousands of years ago. And even though centuries old healing methods continue to be the best-kept secrets amongst women, lucky for you, we love to share all of our health and beauty tips.

By Natasha M