Our Sensitive Deodorant Is Back And Reformulated!

Our Sensitive Deodorant Is Back And Reformulated!

I’m really excited to have re-worked and re-formulated our h o l i ( s t i c k ) sensitive deodorant for you and the new formulation is now live on our website. I made a couple of changes to the formulation and I’m happier with it than ever before.

One of the major changes that I made is that I removed baking soda from the formulation because I wanted to keep this formulation as gentle as possible and I started to learn more about how baking soda can be irritating for some people, especially those with sensitive skin. It’s used a lot in natural deodorant formulations because of the antibacterial properties of the baking soda that help to control bacteria growth and neutralize odor BUT some people can experience redness and irritation when using a deo with baking soda in it. I don’t see many people talking about why this is but it is because of what baking soda actually does to your pH balance. 

While the more exposed skin our body sits at a pH of around 5.5 (considered to be acidic, the pH balance of the armpit is actually 6.5-7 which is acidic and neutral). It is these differences in the pH levels that can cause a reaction and this can be made worse along with constant movement, rubbing, as well as shaving and sweating. So, why do some people have a reaction and some don’t? It really depends on how unique we all are and that your body might have a different pH to someone else.

The pH of your body and your armpits can also change and fluctuate too. The pH can be affected by things like your hormone levels, your diet and your age and gender too, and with so many of these factors changing regularly, some people might even find that sometimes the baking soda irritates you and sometimes it doesn’t. I didn’t want to risk anyone getting irritated from an Agent product so I reformulated the product to not only keep it all natural and aluminum free, but to create a new version of the product without baking soda. I also added two new ingredients .

Leucojum Aestivum Bulb Extract is a vegan, clinically-backed, trademarked extract hailed as ‘nature’s ultimate antiperspirant’. The bulb of the summer snowflake flower contains something called alkaloid secondary metabolites and while this sounds complex, it is these amazing alkaloids that have muscle relaxing properties (much like Botox!). Because of the muscle relaxing properties of the alkaloids, scientists started to think that they might have a reduction on sweating too by reducing the activity of the sweat glands in the armpit.

The manufacturer completed double blind trials using an under-arm cream containing the extract. They applied the cream to the armpit area twice a day for a week and then the participants would hold cotton balls under their armpits in different conditions (ie. hot and humid vs. less hot and humid). The cotton balls were weighed before and after the condition changes and any differences in weight would show how much sweat was released from the participant and, in turn, how powerful the Summer Snowflake Extract was on stopping or reducing sweating.

The study found that after seven days, there was an average reduction in sweat of 36% from the participants in the study. This means that each person actually sweated one third LESS with the cream extract than without the cream extract and they were able to conclude that this was thanks to the Summer Snowflake Extract slowing the muscle contraction within the armpit.

During the research, the study also found that the extract helped to control wetness in the armpit area by actually absorbing moisture too which made the extract even better suited for a natural deodorant. When I started learning about this clinically-backed, trademarked active, I realized that if I am using trademarked and clinically-backed actives in the rest of my line for face (and now body too), why am I not in the deos as well?

I continued to research what else I could put in the new formulation and I decided to also add Cleavers Extract to the formulation. Cleavers Extract is a herbal extract with the natural ability to function as a powerful deodorant to reduce sweating, excess odor or moisture from the armpit. It works perfectly alongside IBR-Snowflake®.

The new formulation for our sensitive deo is still really soft, yet rich. The new additions of IBR-Snowflake® and Cleavers Extract pair perfectly with the original coconut oil, avocado butter and sandalwood oil in the formulation. The non-nano zinc oxide is a gentle and mild astringent with natural cleansing properties that acts as an alternative to aluminum (one of my non-negotiables) and the this ingredient also works to calm irritation from shaving as well as eradicating under arm pathogens that can lead to odor too. The arrowroot powder is also rich in essential minerals like potassium and calcium and this also works to absorb oils from the underarm area as well. 

The glide is also completely different and softer. The sensitive formulation continues to go on clear, leaving no white marks or yellow stains on you or your clothes. The formulation is non-greasy and non-sticky and it smells divine too. With sensual, natural notes of Sandalwood Mysore, Coconut and Jasmine (and all other fragrance being derived from essential oils, absolutes and isolates), this new, unique, sensitive formulation remains perfect for even the most sensitive skin types and delivers a gorgeous, balanced fragrance with notes of flora and spice that help you to keep fresh, dry and odor-free all day, naturally.

This product is more effective than ever. You can buy yours here.

Jena x