My Morning Routine (And How To Incorporate Lift)

My Morning Routine (And How To Incorporate Lift)

I often get asked what my morning looks like and the truth is I haven’t mastered starting it without reaching for my phone yet (although I’m working on it!) so the first thing I do is grab my phone and check my texts. Honestly, I hate my emails. My inbox really drives me insane and gives me anxiety so I try not to look at it first thing in the morning so I can start the day without getting stressed out. Once I skim through my phone and check what is going on, I usually start the morning by playing relaxing music - something like Sade, Bjork, The Weeknd or Y2K trance. These are some of my favorites. Next, I’ll head to the kitchen and drink a big glass of filtered water (never tap water and I’m writing on this soon for you). I have been avoiding coffee entirely recently because of its effect on my skin. I truly LOVE coffee, but I know that it gives me rosacea and I see a visible difference when I avoid it and cut it out of my routine. Instead, I have been drinking celery and lemon juice again and I really find that this helps my digestion and my skin too. I then follow my celery and lemon juice with an almond matcha latte (always mixed with my collagen and pearl powder combination holi (mane)) as well as mixed with MSM (my new supplement that’s launching soon!), cinnamon which helps to regulate my blood sugar, maple syrup to sweeten it and a pinch of pink salt to help restore and manage my mineral levels. In the summer, I will make a holi (mane) watermelon and passion fruit mint smoothie instead (you can find the recipe on my Instagram here). 

Most days, I try to avoid eating fat before noon (aside from the almond milk in my latte). I don’t love most of the Medical Medium’s tips, but this is one of his tips that I find to be extremely helpful. You can read more about why I don’t eat fat before noon here but for me, I’ve noticed that I have better energy and it helps me maintain the weight that I like. I think this is because I’m giving my liver a break in the morning without it having to work on digesting the fat too.

If I don’t eat immediately in the morning, then I wait until I have food to take my daily supplements, which right now are Xymogen D3K2, Iron Glycinate and Solgar CoQ10. I am also temporarily taking Lovebug Probiotics, Global Health B12 Blend, Vit’all zinc and Thorne NAC too.

Now let’s talk about my skincare routine. I believe that the skin becomes immune to products over time and this is why it’s really important to not use the same products constantly for a long period of time. I used retinol for over ten years and now I have completely stopped peeling when I used it. I used to enjoy peeling because I had fresh baby skin once the peel was finished but I don’t see the same results now. If I do still use it, I try not to hydrate when using a retinol because, similarly to getting a chemical peel, I believe it’s better to allow the skin to dry out and turn over. That being said, I keep my morning routine pretty fixed, but at night, I do alternate my skincare routine (but I’ll talk about this with you later). 

For me, holi (bright) is the best replacement for retinol and it is called ‘botox in a jar’ for a reason too! If I used holi (bright), our resurfacing glass face mask the night before and slept in it, I will rinse it off first thing in the morning in the shower or the bath. I generally don’t cleanse my face in the morning either unless I slept in my makeup or really feel that my face needs it. I think you can cleanse too much so I avoid doing a morning cleanse.  

When my skin is still damp straight out of the bath or shower, I apply holi (body) (our ageless body serum) followed by (body) balm (our newest ageless body treatment créme). I literally feel like I am in HEAVEN when I apply these two products to my body! Next, my face. Once holi (bright) has been washed off (if I used it), I always start the morning with our holi (trinity) set. I use this religiously every single day and I have done so without fail since I launched it. The holi (trinity) is made up of our coveted holi (water), holi (c) and holi (oil) and these work so well together. For me, these are the foundational products in the Agent Nateur collection and suitable if you’re 20 or 70, irrespective of your skin type.

For the holi (trinity), I’ll apply the holi (water) in combination with holi (c) followed by our newer products of holi (lift), our ageless lifting and firming serum, and holi (crème), our filter face crème. I then finally seal everything in with holi (oil). I always make sure to treat my neck, chest, hands and wrists at the same as my face too.

Next, make up. My makeup is pretty simple. I pencil my brows with a Dior pencil in the color Blonde, and I shape them with Anastasia followed by our Agent Nateur Lash & Brow Serum. I wear a matte lipstick and lipliner from Huda called either Wedding Day or Terracotta, and I will also use a tinted SPF that I have been developing for a while. This will be released in 2023 and I can’t wait! I’m also really into the new cream bronzer from Chanel right now. 

Then, like every other girl I look in my closet and say I have nothing to wear and head to my office to get the day started!