One of the best holistic dentists in Beverly Hills answers our questions: Dr. Grace Verishnina

One of the best holistic dentists in Beverly Hills answers our questions: Dr. Grace Verishnina

Did you know that the vast majority of chronic degenerative diseases begin with problems in the mouth? We spoke with Dr. Grace Verishnina of Beverly Hills BioDental to learn about the benefits of a holistic approach to dentistry. We discuss everything from amalgam filling removal, to root canals and PRP, as well as the latest in diagnostic technology.   

How does your office differ from a traditional dentist office?

Beverly Hills BioDental is a dental office for health-conscious patients. We truly believe in correlation between chronic illnesses and dental etiology. The vast majority of chronic degenerative diseases begin with problems in the mouth. The blood supply in the mouth will take any toxins to the lymphatic system and take it down to the thyroid, thymus, and rest of the body.  

Our advanced technologies lead to more efficient patient treatment. A proper diagnostic is the first step to a healthy life. We use a new generation 3D imaging machine,  safely capturing so much data in just seconds without any sensors in the mouth. This leads to much more accurate diagnoses of cases that are silently jeopardizing a person’s health and causing chronic fatigue syndrome, weak immunity, autoimmune diseases. These common cases that we discover include failed root canals, silent chronic infections in jaws and sinuses and foreign or fatty inclusions in the bone from previous surgeries where cavitation revisions needed. 

We’re focusing on optimal health by getting rid of all leaking defective restorations and mercury contained fillings that react with saliva. Saliva is an electrolyte and in the world of iPhones, 5Gs, it reacts with metal mercury alloys, so the restorations will act like EMF small antennas. It may cause headaches, fatigue, and many other health issues.  

Beverly Hills BioDental is a metal-free dental office, and we work only with biocompatible, aesthetic, non-toxic materials. Biocompatible means your body won’t recognize it foreign and therefore will not have any negative response to it. We hope that people will choose wisely about what they put in their bodies.

Also, our futuristic-designed practice is stress free, pain free, and a spa-like environment—not the dentistry most people are used to. 

You are known for using minimally invasive treatments. Can you tell us about the technology you use that allows for your treatments to be minimally invasive?

We love to preserve your tooth structures and won’t shave them down too much, even though it means more precise, hard work on our end. With our 3D high end technology and doctors’ expertise, we know exactly the minimal amount of preparation that is needed for a porcelain or zirconia restoration. Our technologies also allow us to deliver porcelain and zirconia restorations the same day you come in, no need for a temporary crown or temporary filling, no second appointment for a crown or ceramic restoration delivery, completely hassle-free.

What are the benefits of using lasers to treat gum disease? 

Did you know that gum and bone disease affects approximately 80% of adults and is a growing epidemic in our society? Research shows that oral bacteria, which may infiltrate our body through cuts and bleeding in the mouth, have been linked to a number of other diseases such as cardiovascular disease, rheumatoid arthritis, low birth weight of the babies, diabetes, etc. At Beverly Hills Biodental, we use an extremely high-tech laser to reduce more than 90% of oral pathogenic bacteria in our patients after just first use and help stop the infection before any physical destruction of gum or bone around your teeth occurs. The laser decontamination process is PAINLESS and FAST. At Beverly Hills BioDental, we not only remove calculus and diseased tissues (your normal cleaning), but also eliminate the cause of underlying gum problems (infection, bleeding, etc). We highly recommend that you take advantage of this service as part of your routine dental cleaning; your body and your health will be very thankful for it.

Can you tell us about the benefits of laser teeth whitening?

Laser teeth whitening is fast (about 20 min process plus 20 min preparation time) and that’s why there is no damage to tooth structures and no sensitivity. Result depends on the patient's enamel thickness but will be noticeable in every case with laser whitening. Home teeth whitening and other whitening, all change the structure and property of teeth enamel due to longer exposure time, and that’s why teeth become more sensitive. 

What is the body connection to keeping a root canal in the mouth and why is it best to extract the tooth?   

Root canal teeth are dead teeth, dead organs in your body. Teeth are similar to other organ systems in your body. They also require a blood and nervous supply, and lymphatic and venous drainage. Root canals, however, are dead teeth, and these dead teeth typically become one of, if not the worst, sources of chronic bacterial toxicity in your body. 

Our teeth have roots with main canals and thousands of side canals (not accessible even with a microscope) which have dead nerves left behind in those spaces. With no more active immune system inside, the tooth becomes the perfect cave for anaerobic bacteria. Anaerobic bacteria are a common cause of infections. Anaerobic bacteria survive and thrive in root canal treated teeth and produce highly toxic metabolites. The dead tooth decomposes over time, anaerobic bacteria which do not require oxygen will thrive and excrete toxicity from digesting necrotic tissue that leads to chronic infection. At Beverly Hills BioDental we truly believe in correlation between chronic illnesses and dental etiology. The vast majority of chronic degenerative diseases begin with problems in the mouth. The blood supply in the mouth will take any toxins to the lymphatic system and take it down to the thyroid, thymus, and rest of the body. This toxicity will invade all organ systems and can lead to a plethora of diseases such as autoimmune diseases, musculoskeletal diseases, depression to name just a few.

Can you tell us about how you incorporate PRP once the tooth is pulled?

At Beverly Hills BioDental we use PRP after tooth extractions and revision surgeries to repair bone defects. The PRP is produced in the office while the patient is undergoing their procedure. The amount of blood used is minimal, and is drawn directly prior to surgery. Dental patients who have received PRP injections report less pain immediately after surgery, and no dry socket. There are many other benefits to using platelet-rich plasma in dentistry, including faster healing. Application or injection of PRP speeds up recovery after dental surgery by stimulating the body’s natural healing process. In bone grafting procedures, PRP therapy has improved patient outcomes, as bone morphogenic protein (BMP) is increased by its use. BMP helps grow new bone at a faster rate than traditional methods of bone regeneration. PRP therapy is safe because a patient’s own blood is used to create PRP, so disease transmission is not a concern. PRP has also been seen to reduce instances of infection, thus minimizing the need for antibiotics and painkillers.

How long does it take before an implant can be done?

In dental trauma cases when the tooth is hopeless, but there’s no tooth infection and enough healthy jawbone is present, we prefer to place a dental implant the same day a tooth is extracted. However, some cases require waiting about 4 months after tooth removal because after a bone graft and membrane placement we need some time for newly formed bone to mature.  

Why do you use only Zirconia implants?

We stopped placing titanium implants in 2017 after educating ourselves about titanium toxicity and its correction to many health problems. At Beverly Hills BioDental we place only metal free biocompatible zirconia implants. 

Zirconia Implants are good because the material is inert. Titanium, like all metal, corrodes, rusts , leaks, and contaminates surrounding tissues. Our main reason for switching to Zirconia was the reduction of chronic inflammation. Zirconia implants, a non-metal, ceramic biocompatible material, have not been documented to cause allergic reactions in patients. Zirconia interacts favorably with the human body and is non-toxic. On top of that, the beautiful white color of zirconia looks natural and very aesthetic, allowing us to restore perfectly and fulfill all patients’ expectations. 

You offer ozone therapy. What conditions can this treat? 

We use ozone therapy after all surgeries such as extractions, implant placement, cavitation surgeries, surgical revisions. Ozone neutralizes the bacteria, fungus, viruses. Also, we use ozone water in our units to prevent any possible bacterial development.

Some experts say it’s safer to leave amalgam fillings in if they are intact as removing them exposes the body to mercury. Do you agree with this? 

There’s no intact amalgam fillings after placement. They intend to corrode in order to fill the spaces between tooth structures and fillings. Mercury vapor gets released on a daily basis during brushing, when we chew, or consume food and drinks. Why would we place a known Neurotoxin in our body in the first place? 

There are countries that banned amalgam fillings in the 80s. When I was a student at UPenn Dental School I was shocked to see hundreds of amalgam filling placements as a requirement for graduation. I am proud of starting a revolution at UPenn which led to the removal of amalgam placements from graduation requirements. I’ve never placed a single amalgam filling in my life. Hopefully amalgam fillings will be banned in the US, especially now that we have so many non-toxic alternatives to it. 

We had a patient with severe migraines and “very intact amalgam fillings”. Her doctors were telling that it’s safer to leave them. Her blood analyses were showing highly toxic levels of mercury and her doctors were trying different heavy metal detoxes, but nothing was helping her. We were her last resort to try to get rid of the dangerous level of mercury toxicity in her system. When we told her that her severe migraine is most likely correlated with her amalgam fillings, her and her doctor were very skeptical. Few months after safely removing her amalgam and restoring her teeth with ceramic biocompatible materials, she emailed us her blood result showing no mercury toxicity and mentioned that her migraine is gone, and she couldn’t be happier. She mentioned that her doctor was shocked and she’s glad that she has her blood results from before and after mercury fillings removal, because otherwise her doctors wouldn’t have believed her. We strongly believe that the safest thing you can do for yourself is to rid your body of the toxicity that is mercury, regardless of how intact it is in your mouth, and we ensure that our removal process is safe for the patient.

Our cells surface has the  MHC complex which is necessary for cell self-recognition and the prevention of the immune system targeting its own cells. If MHC code is changed, our “self-cell” will be attacked by its own immune system. The self-cell now becomes a non-self-cell. Toxins from heavy metals in dental materials, primarily amalgam (consisting of over 50% of mercury), can bind to our cells and change the MHC code. If the cell in question is in a muscle cell, this can result in fibromyalgia or MS, if it’s in a nerve cell, this can trigger ALS or Alzheimer’s disease.  

Can you explain how you safely remove amalgam fillings?

We isolate the area, administer an oxygen mask, and use a special vacuum. 

Sucking up the mercury particles and vapor before it gets to our patient is critical. We use copious amounts of cold water, make a few small cuts and remove large chunks of amalgam. It greatly reduces mercury aerosol and exposure to patients. In our office, we have a special air purifier from NASA that cleans the office by removing 99% of mercury vapor in the air, along with any viruses and microbes. We use a Detox rinse, Chlorella algae, after mercury removal to absorb any mercury leftover. It’s very important to follow safety amalgam removal protocol. 

What treatments do you offer for TMJ? 

We use  physical therapies and laser for TMJ treatment, and in more extreme cases, we use Botox injections.