Agent Man Anthony Lillio

Agent Man Anthony Lillio

Agent Man [ey-juhnt man] Adjective

A man who embodies the spirit of truth, authenticity and ingenuity. He lives his potential, embracing his unique gifts and shining his light to consciously create a better world. As an Agent of beauty and inspiration, he is a man admired by our founder, Jena Covello.

Meet Agent Man, Anthony Lillio. The Los Angeles based celebrity stylist is a master with color. His love of fine arts developed at a young age, and his experience with oil painting and graphite led him to eventually work on his favorite medium, hair. He’s mentored with some of the most talented stylists and colorists in the industry and his clients include actress, AnnaLynn McCord as well as our founder, Jena Covello.

Name: Anthony M Lillio II

Instagram: @thelilliotheory

Daily Uniform: I believe fashion is an extension of self-expression that evolves day to night every day. With that said, an item I’m really into at the moment is a printed button up or a graphic sock

AM ritual: My mornings start with a stroll with my good’est girl Frances (puppy), followed by an iced espresso with muscovado sugar and oat milk, and then I schedule a run though with my assistant. All while listening to my FAV 90’s divas.

PM wind down: After each day I like to save 30 minutes of silence to clear the day’s energy, cook dinner and pop my favorite CBD gummy right before my eyes shut.

Something that helps you stay in a positive mindset: I hate sounding woo woo but gratitude for all that the universe allows me to contribute to the world.

 A life changing realization that you’ve had: It’s ok to say “no”.

A wellness expert who has significantly helped you: My favorite part of life is the souls the universe puts in your path. My mother Luisa has my heart. She’s the guide that taught me the lessons I didn’t know I needed to learn, the cheerleader always in my corner and the strength I look to when I need it the most. Next would be two teachers that significantly impacted my life from elementary school. Miss Sweeney, my third-grade teacher, gave me a space to be different and praised it. And Miss Miller, my science teacher, opened my eyes to the beauty that is earth.

Favorite wellness/beauty book: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, and Talking to Strangers by Malcolm Gladwell.

Go-to stress remedy: Singing at the top of my lungs to Mariah Carey.

Supplements you can’t live without: CBD

Three things you’re really into right now: the practice of manifesting, finding the perfect basic tee, and cooking.

Top three favorite online shops: Nordstrom, Mr. Porter and Uniqlo

Your ultimate indulgence: Picking a date, booking the flight, and walking a new road.