Nateurious Podcast Episode 106: Carlos Tanner on discovering your purpose and healing w/ Ayahuasca and plant medicine

Nateurious Podcast Episode 106: Carlos Tanner on discovering your purpose and healing w/ Ayahuasca and plant medicine

When Carlos Tanner attended his first ayahuasca ceremony in 2003, his entire reality shifted. In this intimate conversation, he shares his transformation journey from rock bottom as a drug addict to conceiving the Ayahuasca Foundation in Iquitos, Peru, where he is now the program director for retreats and courses that alleviate suffering through the use of psychotropic plants.

This thought-provoking episode of Nateurious offers a thorough understanding of ayahuasca and its physiological effects on the body and brain. You’ll learn the science behind how it amplifies our sensory abilities, granting us access to another dimension where we can interact with a wider spectrum of colors, sounds, and visions. By entering this hypersensitive state, we are presented with an opportunity to revisit traumatic experiences and past lives, explore the inner body, and have beautiful premonitions. This shift in perspective gives us the power to adjust our response to formative events in our past so that we can ultimately find the root cause of our pain, release it, and heal.

I am a testament to the life-changing healing that can occur by drinking ayahuasca in a safe, guided ceremony. Before my first ceremony in 2014, I felt depressed and was soul searching to find true purpose and meaning in my work. My experience guided me down a new path of clarity and gave me the ability to trust my own intuition and let go of what wasn’t serving me. In the couple weeks that followed, I embraced my calling for holistic wellness and began developing my first natural deodorant. Today, I attribute the success of Agent Nateur, my ability to overcome trauma, and my renewed appreciation for life to this mysterious, highly-respected plant with powerful healing properties.

After decades of stigma and misinformation surrounding psychedelics, scientific studies are now unveiling the effectiveness of ayahuasca in treating post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression, and childhood trauma. As states across the U.S. move toward the decriminalization of psychotropic plants, we are ushering in a future of intuitive healing, expansive awareness, meaningfulness and deeper levels of happiness and gratitude.

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  • Ayahuasca’s transformative effect on ancestral genetics
  • The link between ayahuasca and miraculous physical healing
  • The founding of the Ayahuasca Foundation 
  • The Noya Rao Dieta and other disciplinary practices to increase sensory perceptibility
  • Five plants with high-consciousness levels in the spiritual dimension
  • The negative environmental and spiritual impact of consuming pork
  • The spiritual connection between humans and their pets
  • Why magic mushrooms are the future
  • What to expect at the Ayahuasca Foundation programs, retreats, and courses
  • Our natural intuition vs. modern Western medicine
  • Transforming our pain into our power


Ayahuasca: A psychoactive brew made of ayahuasca vine and chacruna.

Hypersensitivity State: A natural state that occurs when we experience intense fear. Drinking ayahuasca also creates a hypersensitive state, allowing us to access past trauma, interact with the spiritual realm, and expand our awareness.

Epigenetics: The study of gene expression and ancestral DNA. Ayahuasca may have the ability to impact the way our genes are expressed by changing our response to trauma.

Morphogenetic Field: An unseen field surrounding all living organisms that transmits information through our subconscious.

Noya Rao: An extract from the roots of the Noya Rao tree occasionally consumed in tandem with ayahuasca.

Noya Rao Tree: An enlightened bioluminescent ‘tree’ found in the Amazon. Only six are known.

Noya Rao Dieta: A low stimulant diet that increases sensitivity and perceptibility to plant spirits. 


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