My Mom's skincare routine

My Mom's skincare routine

My mother has the most stunning skin and she’s much of the reason I became so fascinated with effective actives that create ageless skin. I watched her apply Retin-A since I was a little girl and noticed throughout my life that my mom wasn’t getting any botox or fillers but she also really wasn’t aging. My friends were obsessed with her skin in high school but even more so now. My mom is proof that you can have gorgeous skin at any age if you take care of yourself. She turns 65 in September and is so stunning. I interviewed her because many of you ask about her routine.

What is your favorite anti aging product that has been most effective? Prescription strength gel Retin-A .1% and EltaMD sunblock or Neutrogena Sheer Zinc Mineral sunscreen. I use it on my face, neck, chest, arms and hands since I was 16. I started using Retin-A in 1973 originally for acne. I went off of it in my early 30’s and then noticed some fine lines and wrinkles at 36, so I went back on.

Did you notice a vast difference when you began using it again at 36? Yes, it completely changed my skin. It turned over and the cycle of peeling and shedding began which created new skin and new collagen. But my diet and working out is just as important.

How often do you use Retin-A? Three times a week at night. Now I use the brand called Altreno which is a bit more moisturizing.

Then when I began using your holi (c) I saw another huge difference, especially after spending a lot of time in California. When you introduced me to the dermatologist Julia Hunter who treats skin from within, I was in my early 50’s and it was life changing. Traditional MD’s told me to begin taking statins and medications for high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Julia put me on magnesium, which would be good for my heart. I cut out all dairy and some oils to lower the cholesterol and never needed the statins and medications. I changed my diet and began using some of her skincare.

What is your diet and workout routine? I start my day with water and MSM then a half hour later I drink kombucha with holi (mane) then I make a green juice every day for breakfast with Swiss chard, green apple, ginger, turmeric, lemon and parsley or cilantro. Then I enjoy my strong French press organic coffee with dark cocoa powder and Ceylon cinnamon. Then during the day I eat some nuts for a snack or salmon with the skin. I also love sardines and eat them daily. I like fresh salads. For dinner I eat white organic jasmine rice and another small piece of fish. I love to make a broccoli or cabbage slaw. I always need a little piece of dark chocolate.

What's your workout routine? 90 sit-ups and an 8 pound weighted ball. I do 90 squats and I stopped running because you said it accelerates aging so now I do a fast elevated walk on the treadmill for 10 minutes then 10 minutes on the elliptical. Then I finish with head stands or hand stands.  

What did you notice when you began using the holi c? I saw more clarity and tightness. The French patented calcium definitely lifted my skin. I also want to emphasize that staying away from wine and alcohol majorly improves the skin and delays aging.

What are your favorite Agent Nateur products?  

The acid (wash) lactic acid brightening cleanser. I wash my face and then rinse it off. Then I reapply the acid wash and leave it on for the night.

I love the holi (water). I use it every single day with either your holi (c) or The Ordinary vitamin c powder. I like to mix it up so that my skin doesn’t become immune to the product. The goal is to irritate my skin to get it to turn over.

I love using the holi (oil) at night. It plumps the thin skin under my eyes.

You kept calling me asking me for more holi (mane) and I knew it was a special product because I know that you’re a tough critic. What improvements did you see in your hair and skin? Well to begin, I don’t wash my hair a lot but when I do wash it, there’s less shedding. My hair feels the way it did in my 20’s. My hairstylist said my hair is twice as thick as it was five years ago. My hair began shedding in my late 20’s. I lost half of my hair. I became a vegetarian and it was falling out tremendously. I was weak, my parathyroid was off and I wasn’t getting enough protein or taking the right supplements. My hair now has the same thickness and texture as my early 20’s. It also feels more hydrated and softer. 

Do you notice a change in your skin with holi (mane)? Oh my gosh yes! My skin and nails. My nails are so long and strong. Whenever I go to get a manicure they ask how my nails are so strong and healthy.  I noticed my skin is more clear and vibrant and not as dry. 

What are your favorite supplements? I noticed a major difference when you suggested the B12 drops since I don’t eat much protein, but now I eat more salmon.  I was getting so much brain fog which I think had to do with wearing the mask and stress at work. I felt cloudy and out of it. The B12 took these symptoms away and made me feel clear. 

Every single day I take MSM since you told me about it years ago. It is a life changer. I have zero joint pain. I was running up to 5 miles a day until you told me to stop. I ride my horse twice a week and my knees and hips have no pain. When you’re dismounting from the horse you can hurt yourself but my joints feel so strong.


D3 and K2

Vitamin C 


Sometimes CoQ10


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Me and my mom, 24 years old....

My mom and me when she was 31. We both have John Sahag haircuts.

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My mom at my high school graduation. 41 years old...

My mom and brother in Miami in 2004. 48 years old...

My mom's 53rd Birthday...
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