@eatyourbeautyblog says this is one of the most important supplements she takes and I agree...

@eatyourbeautyblog says this is one of the most important supplements she takes and I agree...

This is the one supplement I was missing from my regimen that helped both me and my mom with energy and brain fog. I love the brand that Jaclyn recommended to me. -Jena

By @eatyourbeautyblog 

Vitamin B12 is one of the most important nutrients for our health. Without it we wouldn’t survive. Yet the majority of the population is deficient in this critical, life-giving nutrient. If you think your B12 levels are fine because you eat meat, think again. The vitamin B12 made by an animal is specific to that animal and can’t be used by the human body.  That’s why even if your blood test shows that your B12 is high, you could likely be deficient if you aren’t supplementing with it. Because the vitamin B12 you ingest from animal protein cannot be utilized by your body, it stays suspended in your blood which is what can make your blood test indicate your levels or normal or high when you are actually deficient. 

There are two reasons you can become deficient in vitamin B12. Either a liver issue, which most people have due to viruses and toxins, or not enough elevated biotics. Elevated biotics are what Anthony William, the Medical Medium calls the microscopic life-giving organisms that cover the leaves and skins of raw, unwashed (or lightly rinsed) organic produce. The probiotic film found on elevated biotics are very different than the probiotics you find in fermented foods and supplements. These elevated biotics are able to survive the digestive process and make it to the ileum, which is the final section of your small intestinal tract that creates the vitamin B12 essential for your body’s functioning. 

Even just eating one unwashed or lightly rinsed apple you picked in an orchard, or a piece of kale from your garden, can make a world of a difference in your digestion and overall health due to the elevated biotics ingested. That’s because elevated biotics are critical for the body’s vitamin B12 production. If you don’t have access to a garden, growing sprouts in your kitchen is a great way to consume elevated biotics. In fact, sprouts are one of the best possible sources of elevated biotics.

While nothing can compare to the body’s own production of vitamin B12, supplementing with the right kind of B12 can be life changing. The right kind of B12 includes a blend of both methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalamin. Methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalamin work together synergistically to boost absorption and bioavailability. They work as a team, complementing each other in a way that boosts each enzyme’s unique properties. While methylcobalamin is important for the eyes, heart, nervous system, adrenals and methylation; adenosylcobalamin supports the central nervous system, spleen, pancreas, liver and endocrine system. Adenosylcobalamin plays and important role in energy production and maintaining stable energy levels. It also plays a key role in metabolizing certain amino acids and hormones, maintaining overall metabolic and endocrine health. 

Vitamin B12 is necessary for thousands of the body’s daily functions and it’s critical when dealing with any health condition or symptom. A deficiency in this key vitamin can cause symptoms such as fatigue, nerve damage and neurological problems such as depression and memory loss. Vitamin B12 is essential for the following functions:

Energy production


The nervous system

Supporting and repairing the endocrine system

Boosting mental and emotional health

Regulating mood

Supporting mental sharpness and alertness

Preventing memory loss

Improving concentration

Strengthening the immune system

Assisting with red blood cell production

Protecting against neurotoxins from viruses 

Strengthening neurotransmitter chemicals

Keeping homocysteine levels down

Reducing inflammation

Helping with liver cell communication

Helping to keep the liver out of stagnation


Both Vimergy and Global Healing Center make high quality B12 with the right blend of methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalamin.

When consuming elevated biotics from the leaves and skin of unwashed or lightly rinsed produce, use your judgement to avoid ingesting toxins and harmful pathogens. Obviously store bought produce must be washed. But growing your own produce or even buying and lightly rinsing produce from a trusted organic farmer at your local farmer’s market can be a great way to increase your levels of elevated biotics. If you don’t have an outdoor space for a garden, try growing sprouts in your kitchen.

It is best to avoid Vitamin B12 shots as they do not contain the right blend of B12. Also, according to Anthony William, vitamin B12 has to be taken orally in order to be effective. When taken orally it gets absorbed into the digestive system where it’s “tagged” and made active and bioavailable, so that when it enters the bloodstream, it’s in a form that the nerves and organs accept.