Manifesting And Generating Wealth With Kathleen Cameron

Manifesting And Generating Wealth With Kathleen Cameron

Success means something different to everyone. But achieving that success requires effort and embodiment. What if success moved past financial abundance and involved mental attunement, spiritual growth, and even our emotional wellness? It can, according to Kathleen Cameron, mom, CEO, Chief Wealth Creator, 8-figure entrepreneur, and international best-selling author. In just three years, Kathleen has built a $20 million-dollar business and shares her knowledge and expertise with those who want to learn more. 

Kathleen launched Diamond Academy Coaching Inc in January 2020, impacting thousands of lives and generating millions in income with her coaching programs and supporting courses. She has co-written a slew of books, penned her own book, guest appeared on numerous podcasts and TV stations, and just recently launched her own podcast called The Manifested Podcast with Kathleen Cameron.

With her determination, unwavering faith, and powers of manifestation, Kathleen has helped over 100,000 people attract more love, money, and success into their lives. 

Here, Kathleen spoke to us about true success and the ways we can shift our perspectives, the power of manifestation, and how our limiting beliefs may be holding us back from the life we truly deserve. 

What’s your background and how did you pivot to where you are today?

I was a registered nurse for 12 years. I worked in high-level executive positions, yet, I always desired to work for myself one day. I held this image and in 2019, I left my nursing career to grow my small business, which boomed! In January of 2020, after finding and studying with Bob Proctor, I launched my coaching business. In the first seven months, I made a million dollars. The first year I made $3 million, $12 million the second year, and I am continuing to grow and help others do the same.

What does success mean to you?

Success is a very personal and individual thing. It’s based on one’s desires and wants in life. Most people aspire for success that think they should have nice cars, a house, etc. What people really want is freedom, time, happiness, fulfillment, peace, and calm.

What are some ways we can shift our perspective on how we view money?

Money is a spiritual idea, but many of us believe it is a physical thing. People also believe that if you have money, you will have everything you want in life and that will make you happy, but there are many unhappy rich people.

Money comes and goes in circulation the more we use it. Money comes to you based on the perception that you hold. Therefore, if you think in lack and limitation, you will lack in money. If you think prosperity, you will be more open to receiving. The “feeling” of wealth generates more wealth.

What are your thoughts on manifestation, and how can we guide our lives using this practice?

You are always manifesting. Your magnet is always on. Most people are manifesting what they already have. In conscious manifestation, you make a decision to manifest something you have never had before and become a version of yourself you have never been before. It’s about creating a new experience in life instead of recreating the old.

In your opinion, what is holding us back from living the life of our dreams?

What we have been programmed to believe becomes our truth, which is what we create from. So, if we can replace limiting beliefs with empowering beliefs, then we can change it all. But this can only be done by ourselves. No one else can do this for us.

What are some easy steps we can incorporate to live more abundantly?

The first step is to see the abundance around you. When you are a vibrational match to what you seek, that’s how you bring it in. If you want to be happy, you must be happy now.

Start spending money with joy. For example, when paying bills, be grateful for the ability to pay those bills. Be in the energy of gratitude. You have to change the energy from a lack and limitation mindset to a more positive one. Start doing daily abundance meditations and constantly live in gratitude.

What is your advice for those looking for the secrets of success?

You must look within. It is within you. Become the best version of yourself. Be the most inspired in spirit, the most grateful, and the one who helps others. The more value you give in this world, the more you will be compensated.

What can we expect when taking Diamond Academy courses with you?

Diamond Academy Coaching brings spiritual awareness and inner growth to your life while helping you find fulfillment through manifestation and self-discovery. With support and guidance, you will find your path toward a more meaningful relationship with yourself and success in all aspects of life so that you live a life of joy.

What advice would you give your younger self?

To dream WAY bigger. To stop giving so much credibility, so much importance, and so much weight to what you look like. What you look like has absolutely nothing to do with life and success and helping to change the world. Spend more time having fun and being grateful for all the incredible people you have in life. And lastly, stop thinking about how flawed you are.