Look Inside the Agent Nateur Ageless Malibu Beach House

Look Inside the Agent Nateur Ageless Malibu Beach House

Since the beginning of Agent, I began sharing my journey with endometriosis, adenomyosis and estrogen dominance and the ways I work on feeling better and healing myself. I’ve shared my IV routines, workouts, doctors, myofascial release experts, diet and more. So for the last few days of summer I wanted to physically share my wellness routine in Malibu with a lovely group of people.

When I moved to Miami during the pandemic, my nervous system was fried. My cat had just died and my adrenal glands were stressed and fatigued. One of the best things I did for myself was move by the ocean. Not only did it help me sleep better, but it also calmed me the F down. The negative ions that the ocean emits are powerful, and I actually wrote about it here.

This is one of the main reasons that I chose to host the Agent Nateur activations in Malibu directly on the water.

When I started Agent with my first deodorant, I had no idea what the brand would evolve into. I just began sharing what I did on a daily basis for my chronic pain. I saw how much small tips were impacting other women with similar stories and I still am so grateful that I can give my gift to others with all that I have learned. It truly is the silver lining to this disease.

The event was organized to celebrate and share some of these ways I take care of my health through functional medicine. It was a privilege to invite some of our loyal friends of Agent Nateur and give them the opportunity to try our soon to be released formulas as well as our new holi (crème) - our filter face creme moisturizer. 

Our guests were treated to a day of cupping, myofascial release, lymphatic massage, sound healing, private dinners, product showcases, quality time together and movement by the ocean and I’m going to run you through the whole event. We had some wonderful women join us including Addison Rae, Zizi Donohoe, Nadia Cohen, Sophie Haig, Aimee Osbourne, TyLynn Nguyen, Whitney Port , Lauren Preston and Courtney Trop

As a warm up to the event, on Monday I organized a work out with Rob Par, Madonna’s ex personal trainer of six years who toured with her for Blond Ambition, (as well as training Sharon Stone and Demi Moore for Indecent Proposal) After training with Rob consistently and hard at least six days per week, focusing on my pelvic floor in particular- I have had nearly zero period pain and wanted to share his method with my friends. Chef Sam Talbot cooked for us afterwards. Sam is INCREDIBLE - he is the chef at the Surfrider Malibu Hotel and also an author. He cooked the most divine meal -  tuna ceviche with lime, coconut and pineapple. A little gem salad with burrata, stone fruit, and persian cucumber pesto and organic chicken salad with candy cane grapes, yellow beets and roasted garlic aioli with toasted sourdough. It was so delicious!

The following day the Agent Nateur Ageless Beach House was in full swing. We started the day with our
holi (mane) x @erewhonmarket smoothie. I loved seeing so many of you drinking this! I developed the recipe with Erewhon to be a deliciously creamy, beautifying smoothie that tastes like sea-salted peanut-butter caramel that will help bring your skin and hair game to the next level! We added our supplement holi (mane) to this - as well as organic bananas, peanut butter, lucuma, maple, dates, chia seeds, almond milk, cacao nibs and more! It was honestly so delicious. Once everyone drank their smoothie, we then had facials from Gina Mari, the facialist to the stars. Gina is a skincare expert with a unique approach to skin renewal and preservation and she was named “Top Celebrity Facialist in Los Angeles” by Allure Magazine. I knew she was perfect for the event because she loves green beauty and also specializes in leaving her clients with radiant, flawless and healthy skin. Gina started our facials with our Agent lactic acid wash because the girls were already make-up free. She then followed this by technical microdermabrasion and our holi bright mask before applying holi (water) with a sprinkle of holi c. We then completed an oxygen therapy before applying our new holi creme, followed by holi oil, our holi glow eye and lip serum. It was a full face of Agent products. 

Later that afternoon, we had my friend and nurse Charles Capraiel from Vita life MD (founded by my Doctor, Dr. Dominique Fradin Read) join us to do the IV drips. Dr. Dominique Fradin Read is the most incredible woman (you can read more about her here). She is a French board-certified medical doctor in preventive and anti-aging medicine and has been such a huge part of my wellness journey and helping me return to health. Charles is Dominique’s nurse and so when I found out that Charles was available, I knew that I wanted him there to support the event.

Vita life IV’s have been a game changer for my health, skin and body. I love IV drips because they bypass the gut and stomach and go straight into the bloodstream for maximum absorption. With traditional supplements they have to go through your digestive system and this means that they have to be broken down and you have to wait for access to them. With IV drips, the body absorbs everything it needs and much quicker.

Charles gave me and my guests a powerful immune IV which included Vitamin C, B6, B5, B complex, B9, B12, calcium gluconate, magnesium chloride, zinc, multiple minerals, niacinamide and more. After that, we did a dose of glutathione - the master of all antioxidants which is a powerhouse for your cells that supports detoxification, toxin release from cells, as well as strengthening them too. We had to make sure we were drinking lots of water before and after the Glutathione IV so that your body can move these toxins out of your body.

It was a day of IVs because we also then did NAD IVs. These are something you hear me talk about all the time. You can read more about NAD here as well as my fascinating interview with Dr David Sinclair, head of Anti-Aging at Harvard, where he referenced NAD and more - here. I have never experienced more energy than I have when I take NAD and it also is incredible for fertility, preventing deterioration or aging of our internal organs, brain and cognitive health, dementia prevention, energy levels and more.

I personally use NAD for more energy for my workouts (I honestly have not ever worked out this hard, it gives you crazy energy!) as well my fertility, and pain management if I have an endo flare. People always ask me what are THE most powerful things you can add into your wellness routine and for me, NAD is up there. It bought my period back and it has helped me with chronic pain flares more than anything else. I truly love NAD and the power that it holds.

Later that day, we did beachside pilates led by my dear friend Liana Levi, the founder of the Forma Method LA. Liana is one of LA’s best kept secrets. Liana runs a hardcore referral-only personal Pilates studio called Forma Pilates in LA and NY and she trains Hailey Bieber, Kaia Gerber, Kendall Jenner and more.. Liana has made one of the best workouts in the whole of LA (maybe even the world) and she is so incredible and her body is literally unbelievable. She is inspiration alone to show you what low impact, intentional pilates can do to chabge your body. This session was so, so incredible - particularly being beach side and being out in nature.

Once we had completed this session, we then had a sound bath by the ocean in Malibu led by Arlene Uribe from@wearesacredlight who hosts the most beautiful love-infused crystalline soundbaths. Arlene led us through an incredible sound healing where we relaxed, restored and rebalanced our energy fields. Arlene had us all write down our intentions for the full moon and what we wanted to let go of. Sound baths are incredible for you on so many levels, with the vibrations of the sound waves helping to deepen relaxation, calm the nervous system, lower stress and anxiety, help to re-align our energy fields and even helping to increase detoxification of the body,

After that, we ended the night by ordering Taverna Tony for dinner and spent some quality time with Liana and with everyone who did the work out and the soundbath.

On Thursday, my friend Tarek’s great company called Kinetix365 showcased some of my favorite treatments that I personally have used to heal my own body. I wanted to showcase cupping because it has been so powerful in helping me with my pain (I refuse to travel without my cupping set - read more about that here). Myofascial release has been incredible for me too as a pain management technique, particularly when endo or my period pains seize up my pelvic area or when I have worn the wrong type of footwear and it has triggered sciatica (you can read more about how everyone’s pain triggers are bioindividual but you should look at what is on your feet here).

I also love lymphatic drainage which gets the lymphatic system moving with light massaging flow-based techniques instead of the deep pressure massages that people tend to go for. Lymphatic drainage is a huge part of my body detoxing properly and I know it helps give my face and body the glow that I feel so lucky to have nurtured. I really wanted everyone to experience these if they hadn't already - and the feedback was incredible!

On Thursday afternoon, it was time for the Agent Nateur Master Class. I invited everyone over to try the new products and talk through how and why I created them, as well as how to use them. I am so excited that we have now launchedholi (créme), the newest Agent Nateur face moisturizer that feels like velvet but is a light matte cream that gives a filter-like finish. It’s the perfect clean moisturizer, it isn’t isn’t greasy or oily (and yes, one day I will formulate a heavier cream, I promise!), but this product is incredible for giving you a filter finish every day, You can shop yours here. We also spoke through the new body balm and holi (wash) and I’m so excited for people to extend their Agent routine to their body too. It’s just as important as your face!

holi (body) is the product that is going to give you the foundation of a radiant glow for your entire body. It’s a foaming oil body cleanser, a body wash and natural exfoliant, packed with organic bioactives, formulated with warm woody notes and florals to gently revive all skin types and powered by lactic acid. I’ve included face grade actives into this new holi (body), because I don’t believe that the skin on our face is the only skin that deserves the best quality, anti-aging, skin-health preserving ingredients or treatment. Lactic acid is a gentle exfoliant that washes away all remnants of dirt and pollution on your skin to reveal youthful-looking, firm, luminous skin (as well as helping to fight against acne, sun spots, aging, wrinkles and redness too). holi (body) is also full of peony root extract, a nourishing botanical that offers antioxidant benefits, calming aloe leaf, that is deeply hydrating and rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants as well as other organic bioactives like daisy extract, cyathea medullaris leaf extract and Algae extract from New Zealand. These work together to make sure that holi (body) acts as an incredible moisture retainer for the body.

My second new product, body (balm) is my newest lifting and firming treatment creme that works to deeply hydrate, nourish, moisturize and deliver smooth and glowing skin, day through to night. When we say nothing delivers ageless skin like our body (balm), we mean it. This thick, luxurious, balm-like texture melts into the skin and leaves a velvety, glistening finish that LASTS.  Formulated specifically for the driest skin and full body application, body (balm) is made with hydrating plant extracts and skin-nourishing oils, alongside powerful, trademarked and patented face-grade anti-aging active ingredients IBR-TCLC®, PhytoSpherix™ and IBR-Chill™, ingredients that are proven to work, and that set it apart from competitors.

The rich, liquid balm-like texture of body (balm) melts onto your skin for ultra hydration and a sexy, moisturizing and glistening glow. This product is unbelievable, it is the ultimate head to toe nourishment for velvety skin.

Finally, a huge thank you to our florist, VINE Los Angeles who made some incredible arrangements for the beach house.

I just want to say thank you to everyone who came to visit the house during the activation, as well as everyone who helped make this event possible. We had such a special few days


Jena x