Jena’s November Edit

Jena’s November Edit

Along with questions about Agent Nateur, and my personal healing journey, I often get asked about everything from my workout routine, to what I’m wearing, to my favorite restaurants all around the world.

I love letting you into my life and I am so honored every time that you ask these questions, which is why I wanted to share some of the things that I’ve been loving on a monthly basis with you all.

This month, I’m sharing with you my personal trainer who’s to thank for an incredibly positive change in my workout routine, a sneak peek into the supplements I swear by (which I’ll also be launching  with Agent Nateur soon), as well as my go-to restaurant in LA. Plus, I had to include my two newest products body (balm) and holi (wash) which are now finally available to order.

Fitness: My personal trainer, Rob Parr

One night while watching Blonde Ambition for the nine millionth time it dawned on me that Madonna had the best body in the world during that time period. I researched who she was working out with in 1990 and hunted him down on LinkedIn while I was in London. His name is Rob Parr and he is an addictive trainer. He trained Madonna for 6.5 years, 7 days a week, along with Sharon Stone, Naomi Watts, and Demi Moore for Indecent Proposal.

I started working out consistently during the lockdown, but in just one month’s time, Rob tightened and toned me better than anyone. He also brought circulation to my pelvic floor which brought me major pain relief. He is the nicest guy in the world, and I’ve learned so much from him about the basics of fitness and smart eating.

Thanks to Rob, I genuinely wake up excited to workout most days. I've been pain free from endo and adenomyosis for nearly seven months!

Supplements: MSM

MSM is one of the supplements I swear by and which I’ve been taking since 2009.

MSM, otherwise known as Methylsulfonylmethane, is a stable sulfur compound that is naturally found in humans, animals and plants. I’ve been taking it due to its effects in relieving joint pain, reducing inflammation, and boosting collagen production.

Many of you will already know that the production of collagen within the human body declines from our 20s onwards. By choosing MSM, which is a key player in the body’s ability to produce collagen, you can revive collagen production after its decline. Plus, if you start taking the supplement from a young age you might even be able to delay the signs of aging before they begin. This boost in collagen production can be beneficial for repairing acne-damaged skin, smoothing skin, and reducing wrinkles - what’s not to love?!

Stay tuned because I’m getting ready to launch Agent Nateur’s own MSM supplement very soon.

Restaurants: Jon and Vinny’s

We all like to be naughty sometimes, and one of my favorite things to do in LA when I’m in a rebellious mood is to eat at Jon and Vinny’s.

I just can't get enough of them! My favorites are the spicy vodka pasta, the gem salad and the chicken cutlet which is prepared Milanese style.

Agent Nateur: body (balm) and holi (wash) 

Last but not least, I’ve been using Agent’s body (balm) and holi (wash) without fail on a daily basis. Because who wouldn’t want to have the sexiest skin ever?

When I was creating holi (wash), my chemist told me that I was going to have issues adding as much oil as I did, but…it worked! Introducing holi (wash), Agent’s ageless resurfacing foaming oil body cleanser. I use it in the knowledge that it gently decreases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles all while keeping the skin deliciously hydrated.

And, I didn’t stop there, next up is body (balm) Agent’s newest lifting and firming treatment creme. I love to use it on damp skin as the texture glides perfectly as you pour it onto the body, it feels like you’re giving yourself a massage! Your body will glisten for hours after applying it. It truly is magic in a bottle! I know that you’re going to love it too.

What are you loving this month?

Love Jena x