Give The Gift Of Good Hair

Give The Gift Of Good Hair

With the Holi (Locks) And Hair (Silk) Combo

With the holiday season around the corner, I love gifting thoughtful items that my loved ones will still be enjoying or benefiting from months down the line. Gifting the combination of holi (locks) and holi (silk) does just this. It is the ultimate hair-care combination and I’m going to tell you why. One is a styling serum and one is a treatment oil and *both* work for the long-haul.

hair (silk) is our first-ever serum for styling, smoothing, softening, and repairing hair. It is a jasmine & amber-infused lightweight silk peptide glossy, styling, serum that delivers strong, smooth, and shiny hair, while also protecting your hair against future damage. It's formulated with french silk peptides (my favorite), hyaluronic acid, and monoi oil as well as an incredible trademarked active ingredient called Beracare ARS Hair Serum™ (among others) that is a natural complex packed with properties that promote the look of hair follicle revitalization and hydration of the scalp. What is really special about this product for me is that the serum is both restorative and protective. It works with your hair over time, not just for a day, so you are gifting something that will help to nurture the lucky recipient’s hair long after the party season is over.

holi (locks) is the other hair product I would recommend. Backed by advanced hair science, we have created a strengthening treatment oil (not a styling oil) that delivers the ultimate strength, growth and length for your hair. It’s formulated with four scientifically proven, patented, active ingredients that I believe makes this strengthening serum formula totally unique. These actives combined with
an array of anti-hair fall, shine-inducing compounds allow holi (locks) to overhaul your hair health. It stimulates and encourages healthier looking hair. It promotes the look of hair growth by fighting and reducing hair breakage and also works to overhaul scalp health which can help with the development of the appearance of longer, thicker and healthier hair.  

Together, these products are a dream. I love this combination and how they supplement each other. I always advise my friends and family to restore their hair overnight with holi (locks) (sleep in it like you would a hair mask while also applying to your scalp and massaging through to the ends). Then, when washed out the next day, they can style and finish their hair with hair (silk). More recently, I’ve also saturated my hair from scalp to ends with holi locks for an hour or so before my shower. I then wash with shampoo and then mix another half dropper full with my conditioner.

The best thing is that both hair (silk) and holi (locks) are silicone free which means that they are able to hydrate, revive and soften your hair, without synthetic, artificial, man-made and non-natural ingredients that damage the long-term health and hydration of your hair. When you understand that silicones build up on the hair shaft over time, leaving residue that can block moisture hydration and product from getting into the hair, you realize that the silicones in your hair products are actually damaging your hair.  Using silicones in the mid or long-term means your hair will likely get duller, less shiny, less vibrant, and also more dehydrated and weak due to the lack of moisture getting to it (because they act like protective barriers to the hair shafts). Silicones were something I didn’t want to formulate with so, instead, I’ve formulated these products that give you the look of strong, smooth, soft and shiny hair, with nourishing oils, restorative proteins, and replenishing conditioners instead. These key ingredients that help to deliver the ultimate, silicone-free gloss, include the hydrolyzed silk proteins, high-molecular weight hyaluronic acid, Beracare ARS Hair Serum™, crambe abyssinica seed phytosterol esters, monoi oil, passiflora edulis seed, pumpkin seed, the Hibiscus rosa-sinensis plant and more.

Buy the perfect holiday gifts for healthy hair with Agent.

Purchase holi (locks) here and hair (silk) here.

Jena x