holi (sex) - an extra-loving step for vaginal dryness

holi (sex) - an extra-loving step for vaginal dryness

Today, the global stage is seeing more conversation around female pleasure, self-connection, and self-intimacy than ever before - and at Agent HQ, we are here for it - but an area that we still feel remains under-discussed is the challenges that women face around vaginal dryness and intimacy challenges when going through menopause or with more general hormonal issues.

Something that the world also needs to know more about is how our intimate oil, holi (sex) is so much more than just a lubricant. Our founder Jena created it for women whose hormones are out of balance from antibiotics, pharma meds, menopause, synthetic hormones, and more.

It’s a true elixir of intimacy, self-pleasure, and self-connection with the ability to help anyone experiencing vaginal dryness of any sort.

And most importantly? There is not a chemical in sight.

Back to basics - what causes Vaginal Dryness?

Intermittent vaginal dryness can be caused by nervous system dysregulation, or, ultimately, a lack of feeling ‘safe’ with a romantic partner (the body is always talking to us, we just have to listen).

Outside of the realms of arousal though, more long-term and chronic vaginal dryness is often driven by an imbalance in hormone levels - particularly the low hormone levels of estrogen that we see when a woman enters menopause.

What is often going on when this happens?

Like we said - estrogen is the culprit. It’s the hormone that (amongst many other things) helps maintain the vagina’s lubrication, wetness, elasticity, and thickness (yay for estrogen!) - so low levels of this can cause thinning, drying, and even inflammation of the vaginal walls.

This thinning, drying, and inflammation is known as atrophy and can cause irritation, pain and can seriously hinder day to day life of those who suffer.

There are also other less known side effects, however, such as irritation of the vulva (the external female genitals), as well as an increased urinary frequency or even repeated UTI infections (the worst!).

Vaginal dryness is painful - physically and psychologically - and can be a major barrier to intimacy between partners - as well as living your best life inside and outside of the bedroom.

And it is always estrogen that causes this?

Normally, yes, but not always.

Vaginal dryness is normally hormonal driven - particularly in the years leading up to menopause, and during the menopause itself, but there are other causes as well.

Childbirth and the post-childbirth period is one of them - a time when many women experience hormonal imbalances (with their estrogen levels falling).

It can also be experienced during periods of excessive stress, during breastfeeding, during intensive cancer treatment, and/or as a side effect of pharma medications (particularly anti-estrogen drugs but some others too - always be sure to read the side effects before engaging in any new medication).

I’m suffering - what should I do?

Go down the traditional route of going to see your doctor and you’ll likely be advised to look into internal or external vaginal moisturizers that help build up the vaginal tissue, as well as lubricants to reduce discomfort during sex.

If menopause is in full swing, however, - you might be told to look into estrogen creams and tablets (inserted into the vagina as pessaries) or even a vaginal ring that releases a low dose of estrogen over a 90 day period.

These, to some extent, can help - but at Agent, however, we are not always into anything ‘traditional’ - particularly not with regard to prescription medication, or vaginal exposure to lubricants that have toxic side effects long after their use that pose considerable risk to reproductive health.

Cue, holi (sex). The most beautiful, natural alternative to vaginal dryness.

holi (sex) - tell us more

Our founder, Jena, wanted to create a luxury lubricant that was so much more than just a lube. She wanted her Agent Army to be able to revere their most intimate areas - whether in a relationship or alone.

From coconut oil to sweet almond oil, rose and jasmine oil, sandalwood, vanilla & more, the formulation is so sleek and beautiful - a combination of luxurious oils clinically proven to be safe and effective as a lubricant, with the natural extracts making intimacy even more sensual.

It’s a true elixir and paired with the holi (body) oil, you couldn’t get a better combination.

And the best news? This product is likely a solution for anyone dealing with the challenges around vaginal dryness too.

How does it work?

It is absorbed into the skin - wherever you use it, like a dream, due to the combination of oils used to formulate this smooth, sleek product.

Let’s get into the ingredients

Coconut Oil is an organic oil that has been chosen for the formulation as it is clinically proven as a safe and effective lubricant. This is the ingredient that is arguably going to be most helpful for anyone struggling with hydration or lubrication issues - or even vaginal atrophy.

Sweet Almond Oil contains vitamins and nutrients that back up the coconut oil and hydrate and lubricate the genital area and beyond. This edible emollient gently tingles and warms the skin while offering long-lasting moisture and pleasure. Absorbed quickly, the effects, however, are long-lasting.

Rose and Jasmine Oil are commonly used in aromatherapy to open the heart chakra and cultivate feelings of self-love, acceptance, and compassion and so this is a critical part of the product. Perfect for use in a 1-1 setting, to reconnect with yourself, and deliver yourself all of the pleasure you need and deserve. 

Sandalwood Oil has an earthy aroma that promotes calmness and harmony while supporting the third eye chakra. This oil helps to foster a deeper connection with the self - and ultimately, whether you’re alone or in a relationship, this is one of the most important things for ultimate pleasure.

Vanilla Oil has a sweet aroma that is believed to be a natural aphrodisiac as it may lower the feelings of stress and relax the body.

holi (sex) is a super special product

It might sound cheesy but for our founder Jena - it’s an extra step in self-care - and one that she formulated to help anyone struggling with dryness in their most beautiful, intimate areas.

Jena’s favorite routine is pairing it with holi (bath) and holi (body) - spending an evening with herself - and allowing herself to indulge in a really luxurious, caring self-love ritual.

Purchase holi (sex) here and try for yourself.