Getting to the Source of your Health Concerns with a Biofield Analysis

Getting to the Source of your Health Concerns with a Biofield Analysis

Have you ever had a blood test done to figure out why you’re feeling so bad only to have your labs come back completely normal? This is actually not an uncommon occurrence and just means that the biochemistry hasn’t become detectable yet. Rather than taking a look at the physical body, it’s actually more beneficial to view the electromagnetic field around the body. That’s because before any biological changes happen within the body, they can first be detected in the body’s biofield. We spoke with Dr. Sonny Nijjar and Dr. Shaili Parmar of Satya Health to learn about the exciting field of proactive medicine and the latest in biofield technology.

What is the biofield?

The biofield is the bioelectromagnetic field around our body. It is composed of light and sound. This field has been measured to be around every cell in our body and the entire body as a whole. It emanates at a range of 5-8 ft from the body, though it likely extends far beyond that. This field can be thought of as our own “atmosphere”.  Just like the earth's atmosphere it holds electromagnetic waves which circulate and eventually assimilate into our body as information for a biological response. The science is clear that our fundamental biological processes are signaled through this electromagnetic circulation into our body, activating our genes. 

How can the biofield be used in preventative medicine?

Repeated meticulously conducted scientific experiments have concluded that biological changes will always be preceded by changes in our electromagnetic field. This means that any change in our biology can be first detected in the biofield before it becomes physical. Now that we’re able to visualize the biofield, we can target these areas of concern before any physical illness has a chance to set in. Our belief is that this goes beyond preventative medicine and is better defined as proactive medicine. 

Can you tell us about the technology you use to analyze someone’s biofield? 

The biofield viewer is a technology which detects the different signals of light intensity coming from our body and circulating into the field. Every cell will emanate different amounts of light depending on the degree of health or illness it is encountering. If you were to take a plant and cut the stem you would see a large amount of light “leaking” from the cells. This is similar to what happens in our bodies when we experience stress, we “leak” light and by returning coherent light back into those cells, we achieve wellness. 

Can you explain how someone who is not feeling well but has normal labs can benefit from a biofield analysis? 

Labs are looking at biochemistry and biochemistry is a downstream consequence of the electromagnetic interactions between our biofield and our cells. We often see there are incoherent electromagnetic signals (stress) that are causing symptoms for a person with completely normal labs. This just means that the biochemistry has not yet become detectable, but if the stress continues, we start to see changes in our chemistry. The good news is that it’s never too late. If we change the signals in the field our biochemistry/physiology can change in miraculous ways. 

What kind of treatments are usually prescribed to heal the biofield?

Electromagnetic therapies have been around for generations. These therapies utilize the understanding that light and sound have specific patterns of flow in our bodies and by changing the patterns we can change our biology. Light therapies, sound therapies, acupuncture, yoga, reiki, massage, craniosacral therapy, meditation have all been designed to interact with the flow of our biofield. The advantage we have now by visualizing the biofield is we can be very targeted in how we recommend these electromagnetic therapies.

How does moving energy within the biofield affect or change the physiology?

Our genes are first signaled by the electromagnetic flow from our field into our body and then it becomes classical physiology or biochemistry. By intervening at the level of the biofield we are actually signaling our genes in new ways which results in a change of physiology. Coherent electromagnetic signals activate our genes for wellness. Incoherent signals activate our susceptible genes that result in illness.

Can you give an example of how someone with adrenal fatigue might benefit from a biofield analysis and what treatments would be prescribed? 

The adrenals like every organ in the body are regulated by the cellular interactions that occur first at the level of light or electromagnetism. If we provide coherent electromagnetic signals to our adrenals, they will produce adequate amounts of hormones to support us throughout the day. We have seen remarkable shifts in adrenal health using biofield sound tuning to resynchronize the electromagnetic signals to the adrenals. People with adrenal fatigue can recover their adrenal function within days without needing any specific supplement or diet plan.

What is one of your coolest success stories in treating a patient’s biofield?

The coolest stories come from people who really understand the primary nature of their field. We’ve had several clients who have focused on our energetic recommendations for their health and suddenly they find themselves in the relationship of their dreams or they get that job they’ve always wanted. The fact is that our health is holistic and by focusing on the energy of our field we invite coherent interactions into all facets of our lives. This has the power to transform our health and our entire lives.