holi (mane) is here. Get to the know the ingredients in the hair supplement that changed my life.

When it comes to the health of the hair, skin, and nails, collagen can make a huge difference in terms of their strength and appearance. Collagen, a structural protein, is the most abundant protein found in the body. It’s the glue that holds your body together. It’s what keeps your skin plump and youthful looking, hair thick and shiny, and nails strong. It is said that with age, collagen production declines, so supplementing with collagen as you get older can have some serious health and beauty benefits.
That’s why we’ve formulated a kosher marine collagen and pearl powder supplement for the hair skin and nails. Marine collagen provides the body with a highly bioavailable type 1 collagen, while pearl powder assists the body in creating new collagen. The formula is tasteless and odorless so you can easily add it to your smoothies and salad dressings for an added beauty boost.

Marine Collagen
Marine collagen is far superior to other forms of collagen due to its highly bioavailable type 1 collagen. This is important, as type 1 collagen is the most abundant source of collagen found in in the human body. In fact, 70% of the skin is made up of type 1 collagen. This is the type of collagen you want if you’re interested in preserving your hair, skin and nails.
Marine collagen also has the smallest particle size and lowest molecular weight among all types of collagen and is absorbed up to 1.5 times more efficiently than other types. Its rich in 8 out of 9 essential amino acids, including glycine and proline, which are two of the building blocks for collagen. Proline is especially important for the stimulation of collagen synthesis and its antioxidant properties prevent cell damage from free radicals. You also don’t have to worry about heavy metals as they are not stored in the bones of fish.
Benefits of supplementing with marine collagen include:
• Increased skin firmness and elasticity.
• Reduced wrinkles and fine lines.
• Reduced scaring. Collagen is an important component of wound healing.
• Stronger, longer, shinier and thicker hair. The growth of hair follicles relies heavily on the collagen matrix within the dermis. If collagen is deficient, the thickness and total number of hair follicles you have can be reduced.
• Increased skin and hair hydration. Collagen supports the sebaceous glands which are what keep your skin and hair moisturized.
• Increased nail growth and strength. Collagen strengthens the nail beds.
• Stronger bones, joints and ligaments and improved joint mobility and flexibility. Collagen makes up 90% of the matrix of our bones and gives structure to our joints, ligaments and tendons. Increased collagen levels leads to strong bones, joints, ligaments and tendons.
• Repairs intestinal lining to heal leaky gut and IBS. Proper intestinal healing requires an increased collagen supply and the amino acid, glutamine, which can be found in marine collagen.

Pearl Powder
Pearl powder has some serious super powers when it comes to the hair, skin, nails and bones. It contains a substance called nacre, which is able to cause the regeneration of fibroblasts and osteoblasts, which are essential to the formation of new skin, collagen and bone tissue. Fibroblasts are “builder stem cells” and stimulate rapid wound healing, as well as the formulation of new skin cells and collagen cells, keeping skin youthful by increasing suppleness, tightening the skin and reducing sagging, wrinkles and sun damage.
Osteoblasts are the stem cells responsible for new bone formation and regrowth. During a 1992 study by the Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle in Paris, France, researchers studied the osteogenic properties of nacre by placing nacre chips on a layer of human osteoblasts. They found that the osteoblasts that were near the nacre chips proliferated and then attached themselves to the chips. Even more incredible, the osteoblasts formed a complete sequence of new bone in the presence of nacre.
Benefits of supplementing with pearl powder include:
• Increased collagen production. Pearl powder contains a complex protein called conchiolin which promotes healthy collagen production and has similar effects to keratin, which is one of the proteins found in skin and hair that is able to improve hydration, speed up cell metabolism, increase circulation and repair damaged cells.
• More even skin tone. Conchiolin also beautifies the skin by toning it and inhibiting melanin production.
• Clearer, more youthful skin, reduced skin redness and an improved circulatory system. Pearl powder’s cooling and calming properties support the liver meridian, which rules the skin. A clean liver is key in keeping the skin youthful, clear and even.
• Youth and longevity. Pearl powder boosts antioxidant levels of superoxide dismutase (SOD) and glutathione, which are two of the most potent antioxidants in the body. SOD aids in DNA protection and repair and helps to reverse many diseases and combines with other nutrients to discourage a process called peroxidation, one of the most damaging types of aging in the body. It also aids in preventing the development of melanin, which is what creates freckles and other skin discolorations.
• Increased calcium levels. It’s the richest source of calcium on the planet (up to 80% by weight) and is absorbed twice as efficiently as conventional calcium supplements.
• New bone growth, increased overall bone density and increased mineralization, which is stimulated by pearl powder’s highly biocompatible trace minerals.
• Mood support. Pearl powder elevates GABA levels in the brain. GABA is a neurotransmitter that has a calming and relaxing effect on the brain and body. It also stimulates various receptors in the brain related to serotonin which regulates happiness and mood.