Dr Zach Bush's Ionbiome (Formerly Called Restore)

Dr Zach Bush's Ionbiome (Formerly Called Restore)

In the 1940s, farmers had already begun complaining about pesticides stripping the soil of all of its natural minerals. Essential minerals and nutrients such as Sulfur, Fulvic acid, a chemically active compound that contains antioxidants, flavonoids, hormones, fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals, and Humic acid, which have the ability to remain in undisturbed soil for centuries and deliver nutrients and minerals to plant roots, that keep the soil fertile and plant foods healthy have been slowly suffering. 

Fast forward 80 years later with the addition of plastic pollution, environmental toxins, and antibiotic warfare, modern farmers have dubbed this as the “sick soil” era. If we dig a little deeper, it becomes apparent that we have become a direct reflection of what’s happening in nature. Disrupting the nutrients in the soil disrupts the food quality and in turn, disrupts what the human immune system relies on. And most importantly the very fragile and important terrain of our gut and brain. Even with the removal of refined sugars, processed foods, and eating organic, it simply may not be enough to maintain these key minerals in today’s day and age. Because glyphosate destroys all fungus and microbes immediately, everything coming in contact with it suffers. 

The over usage of pesticides has completely disrupted the fragile microbial community that has been building for millions of years. According to the Founder of Biomic Sciences, Dr. Zach Bush, the last 60 years especially has displayed a steady loss of biodiversity in the human bowel bacterial ecosystem. This is why one of my favorite supplements Restore was created. I have been using and talking about Restore for over a year, I discovered it while listening to Rich Roll and Zach's podcast while I was ironically driving through glyphosate sprayed fields in Iowa. It has the potential to help nourish, balance, and restore the integrity of the modern day gut and immune system. The active ingredient in RESTORE, Terrahydrite™, is one of the many complex elements we spoke of that are mimicked in nature. This rare material mineral layer that Dr. Zach Bush has created allows the gut to diversify its microbial gut population. 

Because commercial pesticides and GMO crops in our food systems are so prominent in the standard diet, it has injured the tight junctions of the gut wall and permanently wiped out ancient microbes on the earth and in the gut. Ideally, these junctions should be protected by over 20,000 different species of gut microbes and good bacteria enzymes they create. When functioning properly, this very fragile system is in constant communication and protection of the immune system, cells, DNA and brain. When the flora is compromised, it may be triggered by gluten, soy, corn, wheat, and sugar causing symptoms of IBS, Leaky Gut, Auto-Immune Disease, Metabolic dysfunction, neurological issues, hormonal problems, and allergies.

The natural trace minerals and amino acids in Restore help bring back balance and strengthen the tight wall junctions of the gut within the first 18 hours of usage. Although derived from the same foundations of Humic and Fulvic acids, Terrahydrite™ is said to be safer and easier on the body to absorb and utilize.

Some of the many benefits of integrating Restore as a daily supplement include gut health, hydration, immune function, restore communication within bacteria in the gut, mitochondria, and cells, combat environmental exposures, enhance mental clarity, and improve neurological function, eczema, gluten intolerance, bloating and gas, hormonal issue, and nutrient absorption. 

Although science has just recently discovered that a good portion of the immune system is found in the gut, nature has known this for millions of years. And Restore may help bring some of that nature back into the system safely and effectively, allowing the body to begin its natural overall healing process.