Attracting love with Shiva Rose

Attracting love with Shiva Rose

For Valentine’s Day we’re talking all things love with Shiva Rose. Shiva answers our questions on how to bring in romantic love, to ways we can practice self-love. Shiva’s namesake skin care line is synonymous with sensuality and gorgeousness. She is dedicated to bringing beauty to women in a way that is nourishing and nurturing. Shiva is also our partner in holi (Rose) N4 déodorant, which is made with heart opening, rosa damascena essential oil. Rosa damascena is often used in aromatherapy to cultivate feelings of self-love, acceptance and compassion.

Can you suggest a ritual to bring romantic love into our lives?

For bringing love into your life I would suggest making yourself a bath worthy of a queen. All love starts with self love💗 I would use some salts to release any past heartbreak. Rose petals to bring in romance. Rose quartz crystals to place in the bath. Add a few drops of a rose oil (if straight EO then dilute with an oil like almond or jojoba)

Then play this mantra: So Purkh which heals past wounds and brings in your heart mate.

What is the best self love advice you have received?

The best self love advice I’ve heard is you can only allow as much love in, as you feel for yourself. Meaning, we attract in whatever vibration we are omitting. Some of this may mean unconscious patterning so I would say doing hypnosis work or journaling can help unravel old stories, old wounds. Truly when we are happy and fulfilled on our own, and don’t need anyone, we will be more able to meet our mate. They can’t save us or make us happy. We can be complete and then with another complete person we can create a vision for a beautiful life. Of course life has it ups and downs even once in relationships. I would say the ultimate goal is to not let anyone come before your relationship to self and source. That should always be priority even before your partner. I’ve learned that the hard way and so my vow to myself has been nothing comes between myself and source . . . Ever.

Do you believe we find romantic love when we aren’t attached and looking?

I do think there is a surrender aspect to finding love. As I said earlier when we are totally sufficient and fulfilled on our own we begin to become so attractive to others. I know we all get lonely, we are social creatures, but try to put that energy in healing yourself, the world, an animal . . . Abraham Hicks talks a lot about how not to dwell on the thing we want. But rather begin to enjoy life and then like a magnet those things come. I’ve rarely met a partner when I was yearning for one. It was always when I was completely ok with the blessings in my life, and then boom I meet someone.
You are love don’t forget . . .

Complete your ritualistic love day with our sensual holi (body), holi (bath) and our beloved holi (sex)