Agent Woman Mélanie Calzada

Agent Woman

[ey-juhnt woo m-uh n]


A woman who embodies the spirit of truth, authenticity and ingenuity. She lives her potential, embracing her unique gifts and shining her light to consciously create a better world. As an Agent of beauty and inspiration, she is a woman admired by our founder, Jena Covello.

Meet Agent Woman, Mélanie Calzada. The French facialist and beauty expert is passionate about skincare and believes in a holistic approach when it comes to caring for the skin. Trained in the famous, Brazilian Renata Franca method, Mélanie offers body and face massages in her private apartment in the heart of Paris.

Name: Mélanie Calzada

Instagram: @melanie.facialist

Daily uniform: I like to look effortless but elegant, so I have a pretty minimalist and timeless wardrobe. In winter: a pair of boots, high-waisted raw jeans and a beautiful woolen coat.

AM ritual: I start by waking up my skin with a little peppermint floral water, I use a tongue-cleaner (it's an Ayurvedic medicine secret ;)) and I take my beauty supplements with one (or more) huge glass of water. Then I sweat on my treadmill for at least an hour.

PM wind down: Make-up or not, double-cleansing followed by my night skincare routine as soon as I get home. In the evening, I turn on my essential oil diffuser and drink herbal tea on my couch with a podcast, book or TV show. When I go to bed, I put on a 10 to 20-minute guided meditation.

Feel-good song: Candide Crushby Therapie TAXI.

A mistake you’ve learned from: Losing myself for love.

To your younger self: Whatever you dream of doing, just start it. Boldness has genius, power and magic.

A wellness expert who has significantly helped you: Valérie Espinasse, micro-nutritionist specializing in food intolerances. Through precise diagnosis and tests, she really helped me realize certain foods caused inflammation in my body and rebalance my diet. Meeting her opened my eyes to the true impact of diet on health, well-being and beauty.

Favorite wellness/beauty book: Skincareby Caroline Hirons, a real bible of knowledge. It gives you the keys to understand and take care of your skin.

Go-to stress remedy: A few drops of CBD oil under the tongue to soothe the nervous system.

Supplements you can’t live without: Aime Skincare Pure Glowhas really helped me purify my skin; it hasn't left me for 2 years now. It contains, among others, turmeric, zinc and spirulina.

Three things you’re really into right now: Entrepreneurship podcasts, Indian lentil dhal and my ionic facial sauna.

Top 3 Instagram accounts for inspiration: @mybeautyfuelfood for holistic lifestyle tips, @natachabirds for her poetic universe and @sofiaelarabii to travel.

Your ultimate indulgence: Anything chocolate, and shoes!