Amphetamines in Tap Water

Amphetamines in Tap Water

One of the things that I discovered was the importance of water and the role it played in my healing journey. I tested positive for lead poisoning in 2017 in California due to taking baths and showers with unfiltered water. Although we talked about the lead contamination in California tap water, new research is now showing that the problem goes much further than that. Contaminants like heavy metals, hormones and pharmaceuticals are being measured in significant numbers in groundwater sources all around the United States. Samples collected from a thousand different sites by USGS, a governmental organization that studies ecological hazards contained 21 different hormones and over a 100 different pharmaceutical and over the counter drugs.

I had an Asyra diagnostic exam in 2019, but this time I tested positive for amphetamines.  My practioner told me nearly every patient was testing positive because amphetamines are now being found in the tap water.  You can read about the asyra machine here.

These contaminants are being excreted into the water system after the drug is ingested by hundreds of millions of people. Because every human metabolizes drugs differently, many of the unused chemical compounds are being released via body fluids through toilet and shower drains. This also includes the unused drugs people are flushing down drains and toilets on a regular basis. There is also no way of knowing how long these drugs have been building up in the environment and what role they play in the publics general health. Using different water filtration such as reverse osmosis, under and over counter filtration systems such as Berkey may help remove heavy metals, fluoride, microbes, VOCs and pharmaceutical drugs, however it does not remove amphetamines from drinking water.

Amphetamines are central nervous stimulants that are used in multiple pharmaceutical compounds to treat things like ADD, ADHD, depression and narcolepsy. They are also used illegally as a stimulants in street drugs such as meth and MDMA which are classified as schedule 2 drug because of their high potential for abuse. Several recent studies on multiple stream sites showed that the presence of amphetamines in the water systems had affected the aquatic organisms, bacterias, algae and insects, changing the delicate courses of these natural Eco-systems. This leads us to believe that daily exposure to these chemical compounds through drinking water would play the same role in the human terrain as well. Here are some of the known health effects of amphetamines:

  • Because they are a stimulant, amphetamines increase heart rate and blood pressure, although they return to normal when they are no longer in the system, daily use of contaminated water may become serious long term.
  • Regular exposure to amphetamines is known to increase the risk of heart disease due to arterial blockage that restricts blood flow to the heart muscle and often times results in damaged or dead heart tissue. This damage outlives the drugs exposure.
  • The chemical compounds in amphetamines is also known to create cerebrovascular problems that increase the risk of stroke.
  • Other chemicals like alcohol, caffeine, cocaine and opioids have also been known to increase the toxicity and damage of amphetamines. Because all of these other stimulants have been found to be present in the water systems as well, this may potentially increase the negative affects.

 Although scientist are now experimenting with future decontamination methods such as UV radiation and ozone based oxidation processes, some of the things we can do to help counter the affects of amphetamines in our water systems are: 

  • Locate local water filtration services that provide regular water analysis reports and lists on contaminant removed through their process. Many multiple step filtration systems can offer up 99.5% contamination free quality water.
  • Clean, Organic and healthy diet and lifestyle.
  • Eating antioxidant rich plant foods and citrus.
  • Heart healthy regimen rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin D, Magnesium, CQ10, Folic acid, Potassium and red and green colored plant foods.
  • Staying active through walking, sauna, dancing, yoga and rebounding to stimulate detox and sweat pathways.
  • Meditation and Chakra balancing to calm the heart organ, central nervous system and balance the energy body
  • Addressing emotional wellbeing, stress and fight or flight mode.
  • 528 and 852 hertz sound healing frequency addresses heart and central nervous system.
  • Removal of processed foods, pesticides and hormone disrupting chemicals from food, plastic and beauty products.
  • Deep Breathing, chiropractic spinal adjustments and massage techniques to help oxygenate the blood, calm central nervous system and stimulate the lymphatic system.
  • Liver, kidney and heavy metal detoxing.
  • Water, shower and bath filtration systems for the home.
  • Healthy sleeping patterns in dark room, reduction of EMF exposure and artificial light.
  • Grounding, salt water, walking in nature, nature sounds and sunshine.
  • Chanting YUM to stimulate heart chakra, healing mantras and positive affirmations.

It is said that the human body is composed of 60% water, however every aspect of human health responds collectively to our lifestyle. Even though there are many things in our environment that we are unable to control, keeping a positive focus on the things that we can is a sure fire way of staying strong in our healing journeys.

By @jenacovello and Natasha M

Image by @gelcream