The Asyra Machine: Connecting The Physical And Emotional Body

The Asyra Machine: Connecting The Physical And Emotional Body

Have you ever heard of the saying that everything is energy and energy is everything? Modern technology has recognized that humans are electromagnetic beings and have been using diagnostic machines that correspond with energy such as MRI, EKGs, and Ultrasound for years. However not many know about the Asyra machine and its unmatched prognosis when it comes to not only energetic testing but also energetic balancing as well. It is said that the Asyra is the most advanced bioenergetic testing device on the market today and approved by the FDA as a class two medical device. A study conducted by the University of Utahs Alternative Medicine Department with the Asyra on 1800 patients yielded a 97% correlation with blood test chemistry. Those stats are astounding for non-invasive testing.

 The Asyra system uses bioenergetic electromagnetic signals. Frequency from the computer encounters a molecule that shares its same frequency and records it. Asyra software contains digitally encoded information relating to an intricate range of physiological, physical and emotional factors that have been compiled for the last 30 years. The signals are output by the Asyra hardware as electromagnetic signals during testing while the patient holds safe low voltage brass cylinders, whereas then, the response of the body to those signals is recorded. Basically, the program asks the body a question and obtains the response directly from the body’s own physiology using energy. Through the process, frequencies relating to specific issues such as cancer, allergies, digestion, etc are output. If any of these frequencies create a disturbance to any energetic component, cellular component, tissue, organ, emotional, the negative response will be registered by the patient’s body through the program.

 The Asyra runs a response test on meridian points connected to the major organ systems and can be used to possibly identify disease and emotions within the body. Each Asyra session begins by holding a metal prong in each hand.  These prongs connect to the meridians like other energy balancing systems. It determines the stress points so that those can be the first points of healing. It then suggests remedies related to the emotional body, chakras, homeopathic, herbal remedies, physical therapeutic modalities, foods to avoid, adjustments, environmental modifications, supplements and the frequencies to use if you're being treated with a rife machine.

As both modern technology and science discover the connection between mind, body and energy, Traditional Chinese Medicine has discussed removing barriers from the bodies energy fields to assist in healing for thousands of years. Although the focus is always on chemical balance, vitamins, minerals, diet and lifestyle, many holistic practitioners believe that none of these function properly when there is miscommunication within the body's energy field. The Asyra helps to communicate and check in with these energy fields. Another way of looking at it is that a healthy organ cell has a different frequency than a diseased organ cell. If the unhealthy frequency can change to a healthy frequency and be maintained, the cell may begin to heal itself and other cells around it.

According to the creators of the Asyra technology, it is not so much a diagnostic tool but more so a tool to ‘discern’. This process may help assist a holistic practitioner in treating the patient's root causes of disease instead to the effects. Many practitioners are finding the real value of a bioenergetic testing to help reveal and identify underlying patterns that are able to help change the dynamics of the entire system. This non-invasive and inexpensive test can be another great tool that can be utilized to further assist anyone on their path to healing. Make sure you find a practitioner in your area well versed in this amazing energy technology.