A day in the life of my supplement routine - morning, noon and night

A day in the life of my supplement routine - morning, noon and night

I get asked all the time which supplements I take and my favorite brands. I have tried so many supplements, treatments and therapies over the years and for me, these are the best of the best. I’m going to run through them and tell you what I take morning, day and night - and then tell you what I take when I think I might be getting sick or have a sore throat.

I’ve linked all the supplements and I’ve also got you a referral code for the Vitamin D from my friend Will Cole. This is a supplement brand that is normally only available for practitioners.

I hope this is helpful for you to build out your daily supplement routine!

And also, if you’re struggling from COVID, or a loved one is, head here for everything I took for my own personalized COVID protocol but always speak with your doctor first.

Love Jena x


Morning Supplements

First up, for my adrenals, I take Isotonic Quinton Minerals to remineralize my cells because stressful day to day life depletes these which in turn depletes our ‘inner ocean’ and impacts our cellular function. Every dose of Isotonic Quinton Minerals sends up to 78 minerals and trace elements to your cells all over your body. It’s also a gentle daily detoxifier that helps support cellular, electrolyte balance, sleep, relaxation and the immunity system.

Every morning, I’ll also take holi (mane) blended in my smoothie recipe (which you can find here in my ‘No Fats before Noon’ article). I've also been taking a secret supplement since 2008. I can’t tell you the name of it yet but it works in combination with holi (mane) and I’m releasing it later on this year, so get excited and stay tuned!

In terms of supplements:

I’ll take the B12 Blend from Global Healing which is my favorite B12 blend. You can get it on Amazon. I find that it heals any brain fog almost immediately and this is an absolute must if you’re vegan (you also need methyl and adeno if this is you). This product gives me incredible energy.

Iron is important to me too (because it helps me with my heavy periods and endometriosis). I take the Xymogen Iron Glycinate because this helps me with my heavy periods and endometriosis.

I take the anti aging supplement called NMN every day to support and increase my fertility and this supplement also helps with the endo pain more than anything I’ve ever tried. I use the brand Vitalife MD. I also take NAC alongside this, not only because it works synergistically with NMN *and* is a precursor for glutathione, but also because it reduces inflammation which helps me with my endo.  Go for the Vitamin Shoppe NAC.

I also will take the CoQ10 Thorne every morning as an essential nutrient for cellular energy, immune, brain, heart and health function. It’s also amazing for helping with headaches and packs some major antioxidant support too. It is great for fertility and egg production and I love the Thorne Q-Best 100™.

Vitamin D is crucial to my daily supplement routine too.

I take a vitamin D3 K2 combo. You can only buy it through a practitioner and with a practitioner code but my good friend Will Cole shared his code with me for my followers so you can buy! You need to register here using referral code ‘drwillcole’ and practitioners last name ‘cole’. Head here for more information on Vitamin D and the power it holds for your immunity (as well as so many other things).

I take Touchstone Essentials zeolite to detox heavy metals from the body. A side benefit is that it helps with period cramps. I have a code you can use for a discount if you click here

I also take the anti aging, anti-inflammatory supplement called Resveratrol, I buy mine from a pharmacy in Paris but David Sinclair said to make sure the powder in capsules you take are grayish in color.

Finally, the Leaky Gut Defense is a really important part of my day. This is one of my favorite products ever for leaky gut, it is concentrated extract of L-Glutamine, Licorice Root (deglycyrrhized), Aloe Leaf & Arabinogalactan. I find that it really helps my leaky gut and digestion (particularly when I’m in the States where I find this more of a challenge). Anytime my stomach is upset or I have to take a Motrin or NSAID I always take this. I also find that it cures constipation and is amazing if you have to take antibiotics. I buy it on Amazon. Interested in the connection in your gut-skin axis or the connection between your gut and your immunity? I wrote blogs for you here and here.

On and off I will take systemic enzymes too. These help break down scar tissue in the body and helps you recover faster if you've had surgery. It's also amazing for endometriosis. The brand I take is Vitalzyme.

In the afternoon…

I’ll take the Olly stress gummies which are a combination of GABA,L-Theanine and Lemon Balm which help to work as a gentle sedative and relaxant, helping to calm the nervous system.

When I am in LA I do vitamin IV drips with Vitalife MD. They create an anti-inflammatory blend with high doses of magnesium, vitamins C and all of the B's. Then I do a glutathione drip followed by either an NAD shot or drip. 

At night time…

I take sublingual melatonin. A sublingual format means that it can be applied under the tongue and it gets released directly into the bloodstream, making it more bioavailable and helping it to get to work quicker. It’s also been shown to be protective against the COVID virus.

Lately I have been sleeping SO much better, I have also been taking Nordic Naturals Melatonin Gummies which are DELICIOUS, ACTUALLY WORK and THEY ARE SUGAR FREE! I combine in with two capsules of Bioptimizers Magnesium. The BioOptimizers is my favorite for sleep and keeping your digestive tract moving. It actually has 7 major types of magnesium in it and I think most people only get 1-2 if they are lucky.  I also had the founder on my podcast a couple of years ago. 

For when I’m getting sick…

If I’m getting sick, Eidon Ionic Mineral Liquid Concentrated Zinc & Quantum Health TheraZinc are the two things I will grab for first. The Eidon Ionic Mineral Liquid Concentrated Zinc is the best Zinc I have ever found. You can buy on iHerb. I also love the Quantum Health TheraZinc (formulated with Zinc Gluconate). It’s for immune support and is a throat spray and I honestly think it cures a sore throat faster than anything I’ve ever tried.