Snacking with Coco Bakes Gluten Free Sourdough Bread

Some of you know how much I love Coco Bakes. Her gluten free sourdough bread is the best I’ve tried. 

It is organic, sprouted, gluten free, vegan, naturally leavened bread. I love to top it with avocados, eggs, or just plain olive oil and lemon. 

The Bread Ingredients:  organic sprouted sorghum flour, organic sprouted oat flour and organic tapioca flour and sea salt and a drop of xanthan gum.

Coco Bakes with Italian Tuna and Vegan Cream Cheese Recipe:

After toasting a slice of Coco Bakes,  spread a layer of vegan Kite Hill Chive cream cheese on the bread. Top with Tonnino Tuna Fillets with Jalapeño and arugula. This is the one of the most delicious snacks for a Sunday afternoon!