Nateur Cooking with Shauna Faulisi

Nateur Cooking with Shauna Faulisi

Ultimately, what you put in your body, shows up on your face. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite wellness experts to share their go-to recipe for glowing skin.

Name: Shauna Faulisi

Instagram: @shaunafaulisi

Job Description: I'm a celebrity wellness chef and holistic nutritionist. I see both private clients and create online guides and group courses as I'm passionate about making wellness approachable and accessible for all.

Eat this for: My signature Glow Smoothie is my go-to recipe for setting up your hormones for success. I designed it to be a daily tool for hormone balancing by kicking hunger to the curb for hours, which allows for food freedom so you can focus on all the other things going on in your life. Clear, glowing skin is also a perk!

Time & Place:  I love it as the first meal because it sets the tone for the whole day by keeping cravings at bay. It curbs hunger and fills you up for hours, so you don't have to think about food while you're busy working and doing other important things. I love turning it into a smoothie bowl and having it for dinner sometimes too!

Skin Food: Greens, water, sleep. Repeat.

Relieving Recipe to treaty anxiety: Soups are a wonderful way to help ease anxiety. Things like coconut yogurt and sugar-free mousse are great, too. Anything that allows your eating to slow down, and uses a spoon. Scooping and sucking are some of the most primal motions that help us to feel at ease and calm. When it comes to food, sometimes it’s not the item, but the motion we crave. Often when we're feeling anxious, we are drawn to things like chips and nuts because they can be consumed fast and anxiously. But really, the slowing down and scooping is what's going to help counteract this. Learning to decipher those cravings will give you a lot of insight into your emotional needs.

COVID-19 Silver Lining: I recently got to a place of acceptance. I'm now embracing this time alone, and dare I say it, enjoying it, and have really leaned into going with the flow of my moods and how I feel. I've let go of the idea that I "should" be super productive during this time, and in turn, I've been doing some of my best work, without the pressure I tend to put on myself. I'm loving this new relationship with my work and myself.

On a more extroverted level, I'm excited to see how we interact with one another after this is over. This is (hopefully) a once in a lifetime, shared, universal experience that I believe will forever change the way we interact and treat one another—especially people we love and care about. I'm really looking forward to participating and experiencing that.

Skincare mantra: Nutrition, hydration, sleep, and SPF as the base...keep the rest simple.


  • 1 c of water
  • 1/2 c unsweetened vanilla almond milk
  • 1 serving vanilla or chocolate protein powder
  • 1/4 c frozen blueberries
  • 1 large handful of spinach
  • 1/4 avocado
  • 2 tbsp ground flax seed
  • A few dashes of cinnamon

 Blend & enjoy!

*Feel free to add more liquid if you like it less thick.

Add hemp seeds and/or cacao nibs at the end to encourage chewing in the mouth which helps with digestion

*Add your favorite superfoods like astragalus root powder, cacao, reishi etc.

If you’re feeling hungry within two hours after drinking this, try adding another scoop of protein powder, more flaxseed, and 1/4 more avocado (equating to 1/2 of an avocado).