Nateur Cooking with Lydia Carron: Mediterranean Millet Salad

Nateur Cooking with Lydia Carron: Mediterranean Millet Salad

 Eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring. It’s still possible to indulge in your favorite foods, while nourishing your body at the same time. Here we share whole-food delicious recipes that will leave you feeling and looking incredible and not to mention, insanely satisfied!

 Name: Lydia Carron

Instagram: @lydiatreatnutrition

Job description: Registered Dietitian (RD)

Favorite dish to serve at a dinner party: It depends on the time of year, but I love to make a parsnip and fennel mash - almost like mashed potatoes. Some of my friends and family prefer the fennel-parsnip over potatoes that they actually request to have it instead! Fennel is great for digestion. And the two ingredients have so much flavor, you only need to add a dash of cream (or none at all, whatever your preference).

Favorite skin food ingredient and why: Watermelon! You get about 20% of your daily fluids from foods. Watermelon is almost 90% water. It’s also high in potassium, which is an important electrolyte. If we all remember our 8th grade science classes, electrolytes help to maintain fluid balance. Pro-tip: add a little salt on your watermelon to enhance the sweetness and increase the electrolyte content. Staying hydrated is incredibly important for nutrient absorption and digestion. When everything is working smoothly in the system, your skin just GLOWS!

Top three Instagram accounts for inspiration: @vbfitlifestyle @sydneynavid @paolaatlasonwellness@roots_to_leaves– I know it’s four but they’re equally my favorite for inspo!

Must-have cookbook: Tate’s Bake Shop Cookbook (They’re well-known for the cookies. But there’s not a single recipe that isn’t perfect.)

Three kitchen supplies you can’t live without: Colander (not just for straining pasta, but for rinsing canned beans and legumes!), sharp knives (safer than dull ones), air fryer (saved me when I was without a stove for two years!)

Three things you always keep in your refrigerator: lettuces (arugula, spinach, mesclun, romaine), dijon mustard, lemon

Favorite online shop for kitchen supplies and / or specialty food items: for cute bowls and kitchen-ware and Thrive Market for deals on specialty food items. 

Go-to quick, healthy meal: sourdough, avocado, tomato, sea salt

Favorite healthy treat: medjool dates with almond butter and chocolate chips OR almond flour tahini cookies

Skincare mantra: Less is more. Boring, but it’s true.

Eat this recipe for: This is a whole-grain take on a traditional Mediterranean couscous salad. I used millet instead of cous- cous. Millet is a grain that is naturally gluten-free. I am always telling my clients to utilize different grains in their cooking, since grains are high in B vitamins. Your body needs B vitamins to turn glucose into energy it can use (ie B-vitamins are ESSENTIAL for a revving metabolism). This salad contains hydrating cucumber and tomato, protein in the form of feta and chickpeas, and healthy omega-3 fats in extra virgin olive oil. This salad is the ultimate skin food. Did you know that every single one of your cells is surrounded by a membrane made of fat? You need good fats for hormone and cellular health. This salad also gets better the longer it marinates in the dressing. Add more in-season herbs to boost the flavor! I like to use this salad as the base for a savory breakfast bowl with avocado and eggs, but it’s also delicious on its own! 

Recipe: Mediterranean Millet Salad

Salad Ingredients:

4 medium tomatoes, chopped small

1 large english cucumber, chopped small

1 can chickpeas (drained) 

1 cup uncooked millet

1/4 cup chopped mint

1/2 cup chopped basil

1/4 cup chopped parsley

1/2 cup chopped olives

1/2 cup feta (crumbled)

Dressing Ingredients:

1/4 cup EVOO

3 tbsp lemon juice

2 tbsp red wine vinegar

1 tsp lemon zest


Boil two cups of water. Add 1 cup dry millet with 1 tsp salt. Bring to a boil again. Turn down to simmer and cover for 20 minutes or until liquid is gone. Put it in the fridge to cool down or cool down at room temperature.

Prepare all other ingredients. Add to the chilled millet. Enjoy!