Jena's Low FODMAP eating plan: Day 3 of 7

Jena's Low FODMAP eating plan: Day 3 of 7

Last week I talked about the Low FODMAP non-restrictive eating plan that’s made a difference with digestion, pain and bloating. You can read more about it here

I’m sharing a realistic 7 day eating plan so you can get a feel for how I eat. I call this an eating plan because I don’t feel starved, I feel fulfilled and excited to eat these meals that leave me feeling satisfied sans the bloating. Losing a few pounds is an extra benefit!

Notes about my supplements

The first thing I ingest when I wake up is a Quinton electrolyte but that’s only if I feel sluggish and if I’m suffering from adrenal fatigue.

Each morning I start my day with a glass of water and Xymogen’s GlutAloeMine to help with digestion. Use this info to order Xymogen products:

Referral Code: drwillcole

Practitioners Last Name: Cole 

Right before eating brunch, I take digestive enzymes from We Care, B12, vitamin D3 K2 from Xymogen, 1000mg liposomal vitamin c and 400mg vitamin E from Dr Mercola

Before bed I take 5 magnesium pills at the same time every night. This significantly helps my adrenals and hpa axis along with the Quinton. I can't stress the importance of going to sleep early and rising with the sun consistently every day. 

Day 3:


Green Soup recipe here


Gluten Free Low FODMAP Fried Eggplant

Cut a medium sized eggplant in thin circular slices

In a bowl mix 3 eggs with salt and dip the eggplant slices in the batter so they are covered evenly on both sides.

In a separate bowl pour 2 cups of tapioca flour and mix with salt.

Dip the egg battered slices of eggplant in the tapioca flour and cover evenly on both sides.

On medium high heat, add a generous amount of avocado oil and fry on each side until brown. Add extra salt and garnish with fresh mint. (The mint gives it a delicious flavor!)

Sautéed Zucchini and Pignoli Nuts

Sliced two zucchinis into half moons

Sauté avocado oil on medium heat. Once warm, add the zucchini, 3 tablespoons of pine nuts and salt to taste. Cook until lightly brown. Once cooled, add 6 mint leaves.


Tonight I'm keeping it light and easy. I'm buying a cooked roast chicken from Whole Foods and I'll eat it with my zucchini. Save half of the chicken for tomorrow so I can share my favorite chicken soup recipe with you. It's the best chicken soup I've ever had!