Your favorite makeup remover may be doing more harm than good

Your favorite makeup remover may be doing more harm than good
I can’t think of a better feeling than removing my makeup at the end of the night. Taking care of my skin is one of my top priorities. When we sleep at night our bodies are in a major recovery mode, and the skin is no different. If our skin isn’t cleansed properly at night, it will hinder its ability to rejuvenate and repair at its peak levels. Why? When makeup is left on your skin it prevents free radicals from leaving the body. Understand with the accumulation of free radicals in the body our skin is left more prone to acne, breakouts and our pores become clogged leading to accelerated aging and the development of wrinkles. Therefore, removing your makeup at the end of each day with the right product is one of the most important things you can do for your skin!
The best advice to keep a youthful ageless complexion is to clean your skin thoroughly before going to bed and making sure you are using the right makeup remover as not all products are created equally! Most cleansers and makeup removers leave residue on the skin that are made up of chemical compounds that are just as harsh as the makeup you are removing! Some of the most common active ingredients found in makeup removers are surfactants, which dissolve makeup, as well as solubilizers and emulsifiers, which get rid of the additional oil and dead skin. One of the most common cleansing agents found in your standard makeup remover is sodium lauryl sulfate, which is highly damaging to the skin barrier! Makeup removers are also jam packed full of preservatives to prevent bacteria and other microorganisms from growing. These are sometimes formaldehyde-releasing chemicals and parabens. Then there are the added fragrances, which can also be problematic to our skin and can cause allergic reactions; and alcohol, which is extremely drying and can cause irritation. So it’s easy to say, choosing the right makeup remover is so critical to the health of our skin!
What do I use religiously to cleanse my skin at night? My holi(cleanse) doubles as an amazing makeup remover. holi (cleanse) works to remove dirt, oil and makeup while clarifying the skin of pollutants and alleviating dryness all while protecting the skin's sensitive skin barrier. Made with only the finest ingredients, this formula contains luxury oils and organic plant extracts that I have personally thoughtfully selected for their potency, purity and quality of origin. Most importantly these ingredients are safe and effective, help alleviate sensitivity, ease redness and help to reveal your skin’s natural luminance!
Have you tried my holi ( cleanse) yet? If you are using traditional cleansers and makeup removers on your skin, it’s time to double think what these ingredients are actually doing to you! Take it from me, more harm than good!
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