WTF is EZ water? Is science re-thinking what true hydration really is?


Is everything you ever thought about hydration totally wrong? Considering 99% of the molecules in our body are water molecules, and our body is almost 70% water, it would be a pretty big deal if we discovered a new type of water that lived inside our cells, right?

Right. And that’s exactly what has happened. A new discovery has been made, and it’s that there is a specific type of water in our cells. It’s called EZ water.

So why should we care about this discovery? Let’s get into it.

EZ water is a really special type of water that forms and exists inside of the cells within your body. It’s like a charged battery and this EZ water is thought to be able to store energy and also move energy around to other cells that need it, to power what they need to do. It moves within cells and 'spreads out' when it comes close to the edge of the cell. When it does this, it creates potential energy that sparks tons of processes.

EZ water is powerful stuff. It makes your mitochondria stronger (so your cells and body can produce more energy). It’s also a hella powerful antioxidant, helping to protect you against the day to day life we live in where toxins and free radicals are hiding from us. It helps to slow down aging, it helps to speed up recovery, it helps to drive our performance and it also is thought to increase our resilience to stress, emotional trauma and more.

This EZ water is known as the fourth phase of water. Think ice, liquid, gas and then another. 

So, how does a fourth phase of water work? 

When water freezes, it doesn't just go from liquid to ice, it actually goes from

liquid ----> to EZ water ----> to ice

And in reverse, it doesn't just go from ice to water, it is thought to go from

ice ---->  to EZ water ---->  to the liquid form of water.

So, this fourth type of water is found between the current three stages of water that have been identified.

It’s thought to be thicker, more structured, better ordered, and more alkaline than 'normal' water. It is thought to hold a negative charge (an electrical charge) and thought to be able to hold energy (and maybe information) within this fourth state.

This EZ water is more static than flowing. This is good news because you would not want EZ water in the cells within yourblood because due to the thickness and viscosity, it would make the blood more sticky, more likely to clot and potentially less likely to flow in the way it needs to. That means that the power of EZ water is what it can do WITHIN the cell, rather than where and how it can move.

Considering that 99% of all molecules in the human body are thought to be water molecules, any new type of 'water' that maybe can store information, memory, and charge is an extra exciting discovery.

The cool thing about EZ water, being explored by Dr. Gerald Pollack and his team at the University of Washington is that the critical component that creates EZ water is specific frequencies and energetic wavelengths that impact particular types of surfaces. What this means is things like infrared rays and ultraviolet light can impact traditional water and help shift it into EZ water.

EZ water is important for the body because every cell in our body has a negative charge (already proven by science) but we live in a society of some very damaging positive charges.

Anything with a negative charge (like EZ water) is potentially one of the most powerful antidotes to today's destructive and damaging environment (full of things like pollution, pesticides, herbicides, environmental toxins, trauma, stress, etc). All of these impact how our cells function and EZ water can help offset these damaging effects.

So, how can we get or create EZ water for our bodies?

We can get access to more EZ water by ingesting it directly in a structured, stabilized form - or by giving our body the type of energy it needs to create EZ water within our cells.

So you can buy EZ water?

EZ water is going through the patent process at the moment, and current testing is already claiming that a new, purified and stabilized EZ water will be bought to market that:

Has an increase in life force energy;
Increases the absorption of other minerals and elements in the body; and
Fights against toxins within the body.

This product has not yet come to market, however. So, until this is possible to purchase easily and accessibly, the second way you can get access to EZ water in this new, fourth form is by creating an environment outside of our body that can help the body to produce more charged structured water inside.   

You can create an environment conducive to the development of EZ water through things like:

Light therapy - i.e. spending time in the sun and/or interacting with infrared treatments that deliver light frequencies to the body that can penetrate deep into your cells.  
Oxygen therapy - oxygen is thought to increase the creation of EZ water by the body so that high-potent oxygen sources can be potentially helpful in the quest for EZ water. Energized oxygen is the way to go, however, because traditional oxygen therapies can often overload the body past its physiological oxygen threshold. Energized oxygen (delivered through filtered room air after undergoing a process to energize and activate it) can deliver oxygen that is more easily absorbed by your cells. This, in turn, is thought to assist with the creation of EZ water.
Chia seeds - interestingly, soaking chia seeds in high-quality water is thought to build EZ in the casing around each seed, which then enters the body and can be used by the body and our cells. Chia pudding, anyone?; and
Minerals - minerals like copper, magnesium, calcium and zinc are all thought to build EZ water levels within the body, so, incorporating a high-quality mineral supplement and/or adding high-quality Himalayan pink salt to your diet daily can help the body to create EZ water.


You can also buy machines that can help structure and ‘EZ’ your water. One of these options is to buy a Somavedic Device hereto help you restructure your current drinking water into EZ water so all of the water you consume is in this powerful cellular hydrating state. As part of the Agent Army, you can use the code ‘thepotentplant’ for a 10% discount and can learn more about the Somavedic Device here. Another option is the Kangan Water Machines. These come with a hefty price tag but have a cult following worldwide, so if you want to look more into these and how they might work for you, head here.

So far, the research is considered controversial by some. It goes against a lot of what science has proven about water, biochemistry and the body. For example, the scientist behind EZ water even goes as far as to say that maybe everything we know about cellular energy, mitochondria production and ATP function might be wrong. Even though it's controversial, it makes sense because we have been interested in the function within cells that store emotional trauma, memories, and past experiences for a long time. It is well understood that a lot more experimentation and evidence is required on the topic, but we're pretty stoked about what will come next in this discussion around this incredible discovery of EZ water. 

Whatever your budget allows, there are tons of ways you can incorporate more EZ water into your body and into your life. It’s a truly powerful discovery and I can’t wait to watch this fourth state of water come into the mainstream over the next few years. It’s going to be revolutionary - so let’s get ahead of it!


Jena x