Why magnesium chloride is a superstar player in our new holi (bath) formulation

Why magnesium chloride is a superstar player in our new holi (bath) formulation

I'm so happy that the reformulation of our holi (bath) rose-infused calming coconut milk bath is now live and available to buy on the Agent website. I have been working on reformulating this holi (bath) product for nine months now (I was determined to develop it into a product I am obsessed with), and I succeeded! I love it, I use it every day, and I know that you will love it too.

holi (bath) is packed full of a really luxurious blend of ingredients. Would you expect any less from me?! It has full spectrum antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory benefits, it is hydrating and calming, and it's the dream of soothing tired muscles (honestly, it's a pro at muscle recovery). The great thing about the bath soak is that it doesn't just work on the inside of the body; it also works incredibly well to nourish and nurture the outside of your skin too.

As well as helping you develop stunning skin, this product supports detoxing and your body's natural detoxing processes too. This powerful detox support comes from the magnesium chloride in the product that I chose. If you take daily magnesium (a big yes from me and my team of health experts here at Agent), you'll know that there are around 11+ different types of magnesium out there on the market, so why did I choose magnesium chloride rather than the tons of other types of magnesium? Keep reading to find out.

Introducing Magnesium Chloride

The magnesium chloride I formulate with is known as 'Nigari Salt' - a type of magnesium salt that is easily assimilated and absorbed by the body.

Magnesium chloride is extracted from seawater or salt lake water, and when the extraction process is complete and when the water has evaporated, the magnesium chloride crystals remain. This is then the part of the product that I formulate with. It is so delicate and beautiful, and that's part of why I love this product.

This 'Nigari Salt' enters the body super quickly - more so than other types of magnesium and this is one of the reasons I also love it. The science-backed benefits of transdermal magnesium absorption are powerful and well studied. This means that magnesium chloride is absorbed through the skin easily and quickly, which means max benefits from the soak but in minimum time, which is super helpful for our busy day-to-day lives.

Magnesium does a ton of things within the body but mainly helps with:

  • Muscle, joint, and body pain;
  • Leg cramps, muscle spasms, restless leg syndrome, sciatica, etc;
  • Sleep issues;
  • Stress and anxiety;
  • Migraines and headaches;
  • PMS symptoms;
  • Skin conditions and more

Magnesium chloride, however, goes one step further, and it has benefits that other types of magnesium don't. The benefits of our specific magnesium chloride that we use in holi (bath) include:

  • Efficiently reducing magnesium deficiency. Magnesium salts like nigari salt are thought to be the most effective at treating magnesium deficiency because they are soluble in water. They are easily absorbable within the small intestine and then travel into the blood before being transported around the body.
  • Reduction in headaches and migraines - magnesium deficiency is connected to migraines, so consuming and absorbing highly absorbable magnesium like magnesium chloride can help fight these migraines and headaches.
  • Decreasing blood pressure - recent studies have shown that consuming about 350mg of magnesium daily (or treating yourself to a holi (bath) a day) can lower both systolic and diastolic blood pressure.
  • Bone strengthening & osteoporosis reduction - magnesium chloride has a role in fixing calcium into the body's bones. This is thought to delay and reduce the onset of weak and brittle bones, known as osteoporosis.
  • It supports weight loss - because it helps the body absorb fats and sugars and helps to speed up the fat-burning process within the body.
  • Blood purifier - magnesium chloride is thought to regulate the body's pH and act as a blood detoxifier, adding to the already powerful detoxification benefits of taking a hot dip with holi (bath).
  • Removing toxins and heavy metals from a cellular level and from within our blood - magnesium chloride is effective at pulling heavy metals from the body (like lead, mercury, and aluminum which are in a ton of products that we come into contact with on a day to day basis) so I love that holi (bath) also helps to pull out heavy metals!
  • Anxiety reducing and nervous system balancing - magnesium chloride is a great daily addition to your mental health and self-care routine because it helps to keep your nervous system calm, balanced, and regulated.

As well as the above benefits, magnesium chloride is also helpful for muscle recovery. So whether fitness and intense training is part of your routine, or whether you are more of a hot girl walk and pilates kinda girl, magnesium chloride can work for everyone in terms of its rejuvenating properties for your muscles.

When you exercise, your body's magnesium levels drop pretty quickly and quite noticeably because magnesium is a key electrolyte that is involved in the contraction of muscles and the communication required to get your body moving and grooving. Magnesium continues to be used up by the body after your workout, too, because it reduces inflammation in the body, reduces cramping and spasming, replenishes your red blood cells, and helps to refill the body with oxygen. So taking magnesium before or after a workout or as part of our training routine is a vital part of keeping your muscles supple and not seized up. So for anyone who gets a lot of exercise into their day-to-day life, I always say that a soak with holi (bath) is a perfect addition to their exercise routine.

As well as helping to restore your muscles, magnesium chloride is also powerful in terms of what it can do for detoxification within the body and at a cellular level. Magnesium chloride works by stimulating cellular activity within the body so that toxins in the body get removed from the cell and then moved into the bloodstream, ready to then be flushed out of the body (something that the sweat from exercise will help with too).

So, despite so many different types of magnesium, after a lot of investigation, adding a high-quality, delicate & fine magnesium chloride to my new holi (bath) formulation felt like a sensible and natural choice. I believe that it is the best type of magnesium to be absorbed by the body, which means that the significant effects are much quicker to be experienced than with other soaks. True mind, body, and soul nourishment every time you take a soak.  

After the bath, I always recommend taking some time to yourself to massage your full body with holi (body) for a self-connection, love, and worship ritual. You deserve it, and it is the perfect ending for your holi (bath) experience before settling in for a dreamy, calm, and regulated night's sleep.

Let me know how you guys get on with the new formulation.

Love Jena x