Where does stress live in the body?

Where does stress live in the body?

Are you feeling burnt out? Having chronic health issues that never seem to go away? What is actually happening in your body that is leading to this state?

When our stress response is activated our adrenal glands kick in and secrete the main fast acting chemical adrenaline. When that stress continues another main stress hormone called cortisol is then released into your blood. If your stress levels remain elevated these chemicals become toxic in excess. Cortisol is continually released until reserves are depleted. Then the body systems no longer operate at optimal function.

Where is your stress coming from? Most of us think that mental stress is the only type of stress, and of course that one is a big one. It's more often that we have a combination of stressors running in the background and these can be anything from chemical, physical, infectious or emotional stress.

Some of these stressors include:

TRAUMA - Most of our trauma is deeply rooted in our subconscious mind. This means that until we do the work, that stress response is always hidden under the layers of our coping mechanisms

CHRONIC INFECTIONS - These infections can be oral infections, SIBO, leaky gut, bacterial dysbiosis and even things like parasites and mycotoxins. 

TOXICITY - Toxicity build up can be from stagnant drainage pathways. Think about your cells, liver, lymphatic system, kidneys , lungs and the colon and even EMOTIONS. These are all part of a drainage funnel we have that helps move wastes out of our bodies. Our health is dependent on free flowing wastes and toxins that can move out of our bodies! Every emotion is tied to an organ function. If we cannot process our emotions your organs stop working as they should be. Think about lungs and unprocessed grief, and liver with unprocessed anger.

ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTANTS - We are living in a toxic soup.

ALLERGIES - These cause a constant state of inflammation in the body

BLOOD SUGAR IRREGULARITIES - Things like infections, emotions, diet, chemicals, stress response, gut health, health of the liver and gallbladder can all lead to blood sugar dysregulation.

Before you can regulate your nervous system to heal, you need to understand all the underlying causes of your stress and burnout. Addressing all factors that are creating chronic stress on the body systems is necessary to reach homeostasis once again. Sometimes it's not as obvious to identify the root cause of what's triggering stress in the body. Stress is not always mental. The solution is not always as simple as just “relax”, but there are ways we can support the body system in these times.

I specifically created my holi (youth) formula to help with this. I formulated holi (youth) with holi basil which prevents increased cortisol levels with any type of prolonged stress in the body. Holi basil helps to sooth our adrenal glands as it helps create a state of homeostasis in the body. This magical herb is also shown to protect against infection, helps balance our blood sugar levels, lowers cholesterol levels, helps ease inflammation in the body and protects our stomach lining!

Where is your stress coming from? Support the body while getting to your root cause with our holi (youth) formula.