What's the difference between our two face cleansers?

What's the difference between our two face cleansers?

Hey, Jena here.

Great question about the cleansers because we sell them individually and as a cleanser duo.

 We've got two key Agent cleansers:

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The original 'holi (cleanse)' 

holi (cleanse) is an oil-based cleansing formula that emulsifies dirt, oil, and makeup. At the same time, the calming plant extracts really help to reveal your complexion's natural luminance and give you a real cleansing glow.

It is a super luxurious oil-based cleanser that helps your makeup to glide off and I find that it pulls off everything from my face in the evening, no matter how much makeup I have on.

One of my favorite things about holi (cleanse) is that it comes with the cutest white muslin cloth. I love it because it helps you effortlessly remove whatever is on your face without scrubbing too hard or causing any damage to your skin in the cleansing process. 

Nearly everyone can use this cleanser as part of their cleansing routine, but I always advise people with super oily skin or who struggle a lot with acne or unpredictable skin to maybe go for the acid (wash) cleanser instead.

The 'acid (wash)' cleanser

This is the product that some people say totally changed the complexion of their skin like no other product!

The acid (wash) is our lactic acid and peony cleanser that resurfaces the skin, hydrates your complexion and works on wrinkles and fine lines too. It's a game-changer that helps remove all remnants of makeup, dirt, and pollution from the day - but also goes a little deeper than the holi (cleanse) with its exfoliating power from the lactic.

I love lactic and lactic acid - it's not harsh like it sounds - it's actually clean and approved for green beauty - and is the only acid I will formulate with because it's the only one that is clean enough.

The lactic acid in the acid (wash) is mild and doesn't strip the skin, maximize pores or destroy your skin barrier (like glycolic acid does over time) - and maybe salicylic too. I'm still on the fence about that.

The acid (wash) is super nice to use; it gently foams when you use it. There is zero downtime, and the formulation also contains a lavender flower water base that hydrates the skin, as well as cleansing, leaving your skin silky, supple, and revitalized alongside the resurfacing.

This is a great product for anyone who struggles with acne, bad skin, or breakouts - and works really well for people with other types of skin who are just looking to go a little deeper with their cleansing.

Can you use them together?

For sure. If it works for your skin type, you can definitely use both but again, if you're acne-prone, you may want to avoid the holi (cleanse).

I love using them back-to-back as part of the Agent Cleanser Duo where I use the two cleansers to implement my 3 step cleanse:

It gives me a full cleanse and ensures that no residue is left behind.

I'll do this 3 step cleanse with the cleanser duo twice a week - normally in the evening, as I'm not the biggest fan of cleansing in the morning.

The other 3 days I just cleanse normally then use the game-changing holi (bright) mask and on the final 2 nights - I indulge in the holi (trinity) combo.

I hope this is helpful!

Jena x