Vogue calls holi (body) one of the best moisturizers of 2022

Vogue calls holi (body) one of the best moisturizers of 2022

Skin is the first shield against external environments, and in the summer months, it REALLY takes a beating. Something I think is fascinating is that we always believe that the skin on our face is more sensitive and less able to repair itself than the skin on our body. We pile on SPF 50 when we go out in the sun and then nourish our face with oils and serums afterward, but the skin on our body gets so overlooked. When do you grab for anything other than a moisturizer or an after-sun?

The truth? The skin on your beautiful body needs extra support - and deserves it, too - and that's one of the reasons I created our ultra-hydrating, holi (body) that will help give you the best-summer-skin-ever.

People always ask me (year-round) how I get the 'that girl' glow (particularly in the summer months), and the answer is this body oil. It acts like natural retinol for your body, and one of the reasons I developed it is because I found that my body was getting dry from cross country, transatlantic flights, and AC and moisturizer just wasn't doing the trick. Then, when I started spending the summers in Europe, the sea, sun and chlorine exacerbated this problem even more. As a result, I lost my glow, and I wanted it back - but better.

holi (body) is a sumptuous blend of luxurious oils that absorb quickly for a satin, dewy finish. In addition, this ageless body serum is enriched with vitamins, antioxidants, and natural organic compounds that visibly firm and smooth the skin (which is exactly what you need when you're out there in a bikini). 

Today, I'm going to take you through some of the specific ingredients that explain why this ageless body serum will overhaul your skin this summer.

First up, organic helichrysum is incredible for sun exposure. It is amazing for helping with sun damage and helping tissue to recover after getting burnt. Studies have also shown that this potent flower extract has 'efficacy against UVB-induced inflammation-related gene expression' and that it can protect the skin not only from pollution but also from 'UV induced oxidative stress' with free radical scavenging properties similar to Vitamin E. This means that it can help to block UV rays, in turn helping to protect against skin cancer (don't forget your sunblock, though!). This therapeutic oil also contains diketones, compounds that regenerate skin to deliver a youthful-looking glow. It's perfect for post-sun regeneration - particularly if you end up spending a little too long in the sun.

Next up, the superhero Vitamin C. Not only do we know that it is a powerhouse antioxidant and can neutralize the destructive impacts of a ton of environmental stressors (like AC and pollution), but for the summer months, its antioxidant power helps to neutralize the effects of UVA and UVB rays - making it protective, as well as restorative. The Sodium ascorbyl phosphate that we formulate with is a strong yet gentle form of vitamin C that is readily absorbed by the body, and it has also been clinically proven to brighten skin appearance and skin texture and reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots (caused and exacerbated by sun exposure).

What I think is equally fascinating is the studies that have explored how the power of Vitamin C only increases when you pair it with sunscreen - something I did not expect at all!

This study linked here is one example that confirms the antioxidant power of Vitamin C as a 'photoprotectant' but that the photoprotection can be maximized when combined with sunscreen. As always, go with a non-toxic sunscreen - and stay tuned for an Agent suncream coming to market one day soon!

Next up, Rosehip oil. Abundant in essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamins A and C, these natural ingredients also make this body oil the perfect post-pool self-care act. Studies have found Rosehip Seed Oil is super at reducing the appearance of age spots, as well as repairing damage caused by sun exposure. This ingredient helps to decrease skin discoloration and promote a more uniform skin color while also fighting against sun damage. Win win.

The truth though? One of my favorite medicinal ingredients in our holi(body) might be Oryza Sativa - a Japanese rice bran oil rich in vitamins E and B, omega 9, and fatty acids. Again, packed full of antioxidants, an incredible study looked into the sun protection factor of Oryza sativa extract and it confirmed that "O. sativa extract has antioxidant activity and protection against ultraviolet rays and has the potential to be considered as a new sunscreen agent". If that isn't powerful stuff, then I don't know what is. This ingredient also gives you the most incredible luminous glow, exactly what you need as you get ready to go and enjoy the balmy summer evenings.

Holi (body) is a special creation and is the ultimate product to help you with dry, damaged summer skin. It gives you sunkissed, silky, and soft skin just like your body craves after a long day in the sun - and just like you deserve during the best months of the year. 

Use this oil after your shower or even put a few drops in the bath to leave your skin barrier feeling nourished and supported.

It is the one thing that you will truly regret if you don't pack it in your suitcase.

Read the Vogue article here.

Have a summer to remember & buy it here.


Jena x