Treat Your Neck Like Your Face

Treat Your Neck Like Your Face

I always want people to understand that it’s not just your face that you need to take care of; it is your neck and decolletage, too (and even your hands and wrists!). There are so many products that are focused on the face, but it seems that the neck gets lost in the skincare equation. The neck and decolletage area are just as susceptible to aging (and sometimes can be one of the first areas to show), so it deserves just as much attention as your face. You might have seen the recent photo that was doing the rounds on social media of a woman who had used SPF and skincare on her face her whole life but not on her neck. The difference between the two areas was crazy.

Skincare experts say that you should not look at these two areas as two separate areas. Instead, you should consider your neck and your décolletage as an extension of the skin on your face. It shouldn’t get left out and just forgotten.

A foundation of neck and décolletage care is protection, and for me, this means sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen (I can’t wait to launch my SPF product soon!). UV rays and the sun are the primary drivers of aging (fine lines, wrinkles, sun spots, sagging skin and more). Once you have shielded your face, neck *AND* decolletage, you can look to skin care for the area that can help deliver you a beautiful, supple finish all over. I am going to run you through my top tips to protect this critical area, as well as the Agent products that I recommend to help.

 First up:

  • Cleanse - cleansing your neck and your face is essential because remnants of makeup application and environmental pollutants will impact your neck and decolletage area just as much as your face. My holi (cleanse) oil-based cleanser is an excellent option for a full face, neck and decolletage cleanse. It glides on and cleanses in the most luxurious way. Make sure you cleanse the entire area, removing with the gentle muslin that comes with the cleanser in upward motions up your neck and decolletage with warm water.
  • Exfoliate and refine - now, you probably haven’t exfoliated your neck but this should be exfoliated too. Exfoliation of your skin exposes new, healthy skin and allows your product to sink in and not just sit on layers of old skin. Follow cleansing of your neck and decolletage area with acid (wash). This is the perfect exfoliation pick in my range. The exfoliation is delivered through lactic acid - an acid that sounds harsh but is one of my favorites. It is a gentle exfoliant that dissolves dead skin cells without irritation. It is clean, green and great for resurfacing your skin. This daily cleanser is infused with premium organic ingredients that brighten the appearance of the face, neck and decolletage and work together to refine texture and smooth out signs of aging. This product will help to exfoliate your neck and chest area, as well as leaving it silky, supple and smooth too.
  • Hydrate with an essence - hydration is such an important part of any skincare regime and again the neck area often gets overlooked. One of my favorite products for ultimate hydration is our holi (water) - a lush serum that uses organic plant extracts, precious minerals, and natural acid to improve the skin’s elasticity, tighten pores and gently remove dead cells to reveal a hydrated, dewy glow. One of the best ingredients in this formulation is the Pearl powder, that is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Its high content of amino acids, antioxidants, and calcium improves skin’s elasticity to tighten and tone, helping the complexion feel firmer and more lifted. It also works perfectly alongside the hyaluronic acid in the product. Combine with holi (c) for an elevated experience, and make sure you bring this all the way down to your decolletage too. If your skin feels dry or tight, you are using too much Vitamin C.
  • Moisturize & oil- the skin on the neck and chest can dry out, mainly if the area is on show to air conditioning, lots of sun, wind or even winter weather and going from hot to cold. When you apply your new holi (créme) filter finish moisturizer for a boost of instant hydration and health, make sure you hydrate your neck and upper chest area, too and don’t just focus on your face. This hydration-locking and nourishing product is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive of acne-prone skin, so if you are worried about moisturizing a chest area prone to acne, this product should be good for you. If this is the last stage in your face, neck and skincare routine, you can use this as the perfect primer before you start to apply any makeup application too. After applying the holi (créme) filter face moisturizer, I add a couple of drops of our best-selling ageless face serum,holi (oil), to my face and decolletage too.
  • Finally resurface - if you want to take things the extra mile, you can deeply nourish your neck and decolletage by applying my holi (bright) as a separate neck treatment mask. Do this with the adorable brush that comes with the product and apply it in upward strokes. You can either leave this on overnight or you can do a quick neck mask - leave it on for 15 minutes then remove it. As many of you know, this product gets called ‘botox in a jar’ and is the product that has stopped me using P50 and retinol in the way that I used to. So, it's the perfect neck mask.

Once you have your skincare for this area sorted, my other top tips include:

  1. Protect your neck and decolletage from direct sunlight - at all costs! For me, a sun tan is not worth the wrinkles.
  2. Sleep on your back - It seems crazy that the way you sleep can affect what your skin looks like, but lying on your side will wrinkle your decolletage, particularly if you are female because of the weight of our breasts. It can be hard, but if you can try and fall asleep on your back, it will slow down the aging and wrinkle process and maybe even stop them from forming in the first place.
  3. Consider your bedding - very soft satin or silk bed sheets, or very high-quality content, are also thought to help reduce friction with the skin as you sleep—any excuse for new hotel-like bedding, in my opinion.
  4. Keep hydrated - like with any part of the body, skin health is, in part, tied to hydration levels. If you are dehydrated, you are more likely to see fine lines and wrinkles forming in your neck area. Stay hydrated, and click here to read more about the importance of cellular health in keeping your neck and decolletage looking as beautiful as your face.
  5. Soak the skin - once a week, I love to slow down and take a holi (bath) to help keep my skin soft, supple and smooth. Laying low in the bath will allow this to also cover your decolletage. holi (bath) is packed with an incredible array of minerals - including magnesium, potassium, sodium, calcium, sulfates, and more. It’s deeply hydrating (improving and enhancing the skin barrier), anti-inflammatory, and naturally antibacterial (so it cleans the surface of the skin well and gently) so it is also a great way to not only soothe the skin but also to help fight any acne or breakouts in this area. My top tip: nourish yourself with holi (body) when you get out.
  6. Supplements - ensuring that your body is creating enough collagen and elastin is a great place to start. Start the day with my holi (mane) smoothie and the combination of four types of collagen as well as pearl powder and nacre will help. Our collagen is the highest quality, non-agglomerated, derived from NON-GMO, deep-sea caught kosher cod, pollock and haddock and also has all four types of collagen (1, 2, 3 and 4) in this blend,

What else would you add to this list?

Holi (lift) is also launching in December, and as soon as this lifting and firming face serum is available to pre-order, that will be a final product to help support the care of your beautiful neck, chest & decolletage.

Love Jena x