The seasons change and so should your skincare

The seasons change and so should  your skincare

Sometimes I feel like we spend so long perfecting our skincare routine (what products are right for me? Are these products REALLY clean? Does this product work with this product?! Which one should I use first?) that when we finally get it right, we think we've completed the skincare game, and this is where the journey ends.

The truth is that the changing seasons get so overlooked in how we need to tailor our skincare routine to our lives, and today, I want to talk about it. 

The skin (the biggest organ in our whole body) is always exposed to the environment around us. So whatever it comes into contact with (water levels, toxins, pollution, skincare, air conditioning, bacteria, viruses, and more) makes skin the first responder. And as the seasons change? All of these factors change too, with our skin constantly trying to keep up.

The summer months often have more humid days, and humid climates *can* help hydration levels of the skin leading to softer, supple skin because the humidity can help moisture stay within the skin barrier (making it stronger than in the winter months). However, as the seasons start to change, the air around us starts to cool, the air gets drier, sometimes even the wind starts to pick up and we start to shift from air conditioning to heating, and this can mean that our skin barrier starts to function differently because of the changing stressors around it. These changes mean that the skin can become more sensitive to temperature changes and become tight, dry, and dehydrated (mainly if you stop drinking as much water as you did in the summer months when things were hot hot). 

With this shift in weather, our skin has to adapt, and so should our skincare routine. So here are my top tips for transitioning your skincare, as the seasons transition too. These are the gems that I wish someone had shared with me before.

1. Make sure you are using a gentle cleanser -  one big issue with dry skin in fall and winter is that people are trying to love and cleanse their skin but often use cleansers that strip the skin of its natural oils. Some cleansers interfere with the natural skin barrier and increase the likelihood of irritation, dehydration, and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Also, so many cleansers today are full of surfactants that also have long-lasting effects on the hydration of the skin and the skin's barrier, so I see people going wrong with their cleanser choice, which can have short, mid and long-term impacts on skin health. For me, an oil-based cleanser is the best solution, and this is precisely why I formulated holi (cleanse). holi (cleanse) glistens and glides on (and makes your makeup glide off too) in a way that I have not experienced with another cleanser. You feel like you are deeply hydrating your face even though you are actually cleansing it. The formulation is beautiful and contains calming plant extracts and premium oils rich in vitamins, amino acids, and antioxidants. It effortlessly lifts environmental pollutants, makeup, and oil from the complexion while also helping to nourish, nurture and hydrate your skin barrier when it needs it the most. I couldn't imagine winter without this product if I'm honest. Shop your oil-based cleanser here

2. Next, find yourself a moisturizer that is right for you - as fall approaches, I like to shift from holi (oil) in the summer months (to give you that incredible summer glow) to also incorporating a moisturizer to increase hydration, suppleness and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as protecting your skin against the changing elements. We've finally launched holi (crème) our filter face moisturizer. It is a super-luxurious moisturizing product that has been created to instantly breathe life into any skin, even the most sensitive or acne-prone. This product is formulated without petroleum (as well as without fragrance or essential oils). It is formulated with a revolutionary patented, eco-certified, environmentally-friendly emollient that glides onto skin, delivering a protective, nourished, filtered, matte finish, all while being powered by six revolutionary trademarked active ingredients. This formulation is powerful yet calming, and the cucumber distillate is really important for my skin as the seasons change. It is so calming and soothing when wind or heating starts to irritate my skin. You can buy yours here.

3. Increase your daily dose of hydration - for me, hydration as the heating system kicks in is more important than ever, and hyaluronic acid is my go-to for daily hydration. From the Agent range, I'm looking at holi (water), our pearl, and rose hyaluronic essence. holi (water) is so beautiful. It is formulated with organic plant extracts, precious minerals, and natural acids to improve the skin's elasticity, tighten pores, and gently remove dead cells to reveal a hydrated, dewy glow. It is a thick, beautiful, ultra-moisturizing toner that is so perfect for the changing seasons because it exfoliates, plumps, tightens, brightens, hydrates, and firms the appearance of your skin. I love to combine it with holi (c) for a double power dose of life and vibrancy as fall approaches. I truly love how thick this product is in comparison to so many other thin, thin toners and essences.  

4. Power your skin with peptides for some extra nourishment - I think it's essential to go above and beyond your normal routine when the seasons change. During these times, and as winter approaches, I like to stay away from intense peels and acids - and now more than ever am I grateful for my' botox in a jar' resurfacing glass face mask - holi (bright). One of the secret ingredients in this glass resurfacing mask is the french silk peptides, and they are my favorite for my transitional skincare! They absorb moisture deep into the skin and totally overhaul your skin tone, giving it the most unique and amazing glass, smooth silk-like feel, as well as working to reduce redness, inflammation, and irritation of the skin. The awesome thing about peptides is that they also act as messengers - they actually communicate with your body to encourage it to produce more elastin and collagen, so this mask is both restorative and protective and is SO perfect for the transition into the fall and winter months. The French silk peptides are also anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antibacterial, basically a miracle ingredient and one that you NEED in your shelfie line up this fall.  

5. Finally, add vitamin C for when you stop wearing sunscreen - now, we know that we should all wear SPF every damn day, but if you let this slide in the winter sometimes, you're not alone. It's easy to forget the SPF when it's freezing outside, and even though I try my hardest to always SPF-protect, I love that vitamin C works as a double-up to combat SPF rays that are still present in the winter. It can also help fight skin pigmentation, uneven skin tone - and more. Our dry powder holi (c) is the best on the market - top quality; it doesn't oxidize, and so much more. Mix this with your holi (water) for the best duo out there.  

So, these are my top tips - an oil-based nourishing cleanser, skin barrier nurture & protection, hydration, hydration, hydration, deep care with peptides and vitamin C top-ups are my top 5 transitional season face care tips. Alongside these there are also some really simple things you can do to hack your way to better skin this fall. Make sure you apply products to damp skin (this can be the ideal foundation to help extra absorption of your hydrating products). You can also look into a humidifier if you are really seeing the impact of changing seasons on your face. 

And finally? Don't neglect your hair! Hair is equally important, and takes the hit from changing seasons, so remember that hair (silk), our peptide-based soft, soothing, hydrating hair serum uses french silk peptides, hyaluronic acid, and monoi - as well as many others - to hydrate, revive and soften your hair, without the use of harsh silicones. This can help the hot-to-cold change in temperature that your beautiful mane is going to experience as the days get colder, shorter, and darker.  

Love always,

Jena x