The Problem With Root Canals

The Problem With Root Canals

By @jenacovello @simpleorganix

A note from Jena...

My Dad has been on a holistic, alternative path for 40 years.  Back in 2012, I attended a holistic medical conference that one of his best friend’s was giving in Toronto.  His name is Gerry Smith and he’s a holistic dentist who was curing terminally ill patients of cancer once he removed their root canals, extracted the tooth and cleansed the mouth with homeopathic medicine.  His patients were in the audience. I was amazed. Root canals can cause major infections that enter the bloodstream. The worst part is that there isn’t any pain or noticeable side effects that allow someone to know that their root canal is infected... 

It was over a Century ago when Dr. Weston Price, along with the Mayo Clinic jointly disclosed the toxicity of a root canal procedure. Although many studies since then have proven the potential links of root canal and diseases such as MS, brain, thyroid, heart, lung, kidney and liver disease, Auto-Immune, and Cancer, there are still none however to prove the procedure's safety. Today over 40 million root canal procedures a year are done in the US alone. 

 A root canal procedure consists of: 

  • removal of decay 
  • removal of the nerve in the center of the tooth (blood supply) 
  • removal of the pulp which surrounds the nerve that goes from under the crown of the tooth to the end of the roots in the jaw. (oxygen supply) 
  • removal of any abscess or inflamed ligament in the jaw. 
  • an attempt to sterilize the cavitation using sodium hypochlorite which is shown to miss up to 50% of the bacteria. 
  • canal is filled with a rubber-like material. 
  • canal is sealed shut with a filling often containing heavy metals and or posts. 

 Because a root canal cancels the blood and oxygen supply, the tooth is now a dead piece of bone in the jaw often referred to as a “zombie” tooth. The cavitation becomes susceptible to housing microbes which mutate into anaerobic bacteria that thrive in this environment. DNA testing performed on retrieved crushed root tips showed root canals contained 53 different species of anaerobic bacteria. It is said that all of these species have what is referred to as chemotaxins, a magnetic attraction, and preference to different tissues found in different organs in the body. This process becomes especially convenient when given the ability to travel through the bloodstream and other parts of the body via microscopic pathways made available by the root canal. According to Dr. Gerald Smith, we house up to 3 miles of these pathways referred to as “tubules” in each tooth. As these microbes travel down these tubules and into the lymphatic system, one of the most common places they settle in women is the breast. 

 According to statistics, 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer over the course of her lifetime. In fact, many doctors in Europe now insist that any and all root canals should be removed completely before treatment begins. According to Dr. Issels, a world-renowned German Doctor treating cancer patients for 40 years, 97% of all cancer patients had root canal-filled teeth. A similar statement was also made by Dr. Thomas Rau, the head of the Paracelsus Cancer Clinic in Switzerland. He examined records of the last 150 women who had been admitted to his clinic for breast cancer treatment and found that 147 of them had one or more root canal procedures done on the same meridian as the original breast cancer tumor. 

It is also widely suggested that in order to avoid regression of breast cancer and other diseases, the origin where the microbes are breeding must be resolved. A study by Dr. Weston Price removed a root canal tooth from a person who was suffering from disease and surgically inserted the tooth in a rabbit. The rabbit developed this same disease whereas the human patient was quickly cured. 

 Some things that may help remedy previous root canals: 

  • Seek a biological dentist via
  • Seek a “mercury safe” biological dentist if any heavy metals are involved. 
  • Integrate ozone therapy for proper sanitization.
  • Integrate BioEnergetic testing to establish safety with the dental materials, as well as testing for microbes present in the system. 
  • Integrate a Rife Machine weekly to eradicate pathogens in the system. 
  • Look into Thermography testing for hotspots. 
  • Immune building diets, nutrition, vitamins and herbs. 
  • Opt for extraction performed correctly (removal of membrane and ligament) by a biological dentist in place of a root canal procedure. 
  • Proper remedy of previous cavitation areas/extractions. 
  • Properly chelate and detox heavy metals, radiation, and microbes with the help of a well versed professional only after all heavy metals have been completely removed. 
  • Seek dentist familiar with Safety with oral and whole body meridians. 
  • Oil pulling & other natural oral practices. 
  • Removal of fluoride from the system. 

 Because many dentists and doctors alike state that oral health is essential to general health at every stage of life, a proper oral diagnosis may be a powerful tool when trying to heal from disease. 

By Jena and Natasha M.