The Powerful Plant With The Botox Effect

The Powerful Plant With The Botox Effect

We’ve all been tempted with a little tweak here or there, so when I found a natural ingredient at the cutting edge of cosmetic science known as ‘topical botox,’ I knew I wanted to formulate with it. 

I discovered this ingredient when I was formulating holi (lift), our new lifting and firming serum. I wanted to create an effective serum with zero downtime that delivers powerful results and specifically targets mature and aging skin. My goal was to formulate the ultimate youth elixir that works for all skin types and honors the beautiful and inspiring women who I often feel are overlooked in today’s skincare market. The more and more I looked into the science behind this patented product, the more I was blown away by the way it acts similarly to a shot of botox sans the shot. This ingredient has been tested in-vitro and in-vivo and the science is there to back up the magic. Because of this, incorporating this ‘natural botox alternative’ into holi (lift) made perfect sense. So, what ingredient am I talking about? The summer snowflake plant! 

The leucojum aestivum bulb extract is divine. This plant, which was recently patented in Australia, is known to be the first to bloom after the melting snow (which explains the name) and the back story is so beautiful. Many plants go to ‘sleep’ in the winter and the summer snowflake is based on the Dormins technology platform that uses natural extracts from plants in their dormant stage to slow down cell proliferation in the human body. What is so remarkable is that the extract works by telling our cells to slow down, go to sleep, and hibernate to help delay the aging process. 

So, how does it act like botox? In addition to slowing down activity within the skin, the plant naturally produces neurotoxic substances to defend against herbivores and pathogens. When these neurotoxic substances are formulated into a topical product, they transfer this defense mechanism from the plant to our skin. The extract gives us the power to freeze away our facial expression lines, NATURALLY! Similar to how botox is a neurotoxin, the summer snowflake plant works on our skin and facial muscles in the same way by blocking muscle contraction and reducing movement.

It does this by: 

  • Slowing down cell proliferation of keratinocytes, the innermost layer of the epidermis.
  • Increasing superoxide dismutase (SOD) expression in keratinocytes.
  • Reducing muscle contraction in the face.

In testing, the extract at 1.5% blocked muscle contraction in a co-culture muscle nerve. Because the effect lasted up to 24 hours in the study, the company behind the extract claims that it is comparable to long-term botox.

But the benefits don’t stop there. And even better, they aren’t just for mature skin! This is why holi (lift) is a product for everyone.

Additionally, the bulb of the summer snowflake is also said to:

  • Slowdown aging thanks to the Dormins technology effect.
  • Help with pigmentation. Data shows it does this via melanin synthesis inhibition and slowing melanocyte proliferation within the body, face, and skin. 
  • Boost the skin’s antioxidant defense mechanisms. This slows down skin aging thanks to the induction of SuperOxide Dismutase (SOD) production in the complexion. This inherent defense mechanism helps to protect the skin from oxidative damage because of its high antioxidant content.
  • Reduce and/or improve age spots due to the slowdown of cell proliferation.

This plant has a long list of powerful benefits and I love that it delivers science-backed, patented beauty sleep for the skin. I am so excited to be formulating with such a beautiful ingredient with freezing prowess to deliver fresh and flawless skin. 

Jena x