The Power Of Rose Damascena For Anti-Aging

The Power Of Rose Damascena For Anti-Aging

Rose damascena oil (also known as rose oil) is one of the most exquisite and therapeutic essential oils in the world and it is INCREDIBLE for anti-aging. It is moisturizing, hydrating, anti-inflammatory, full of powerful antioxidants that protect skin against free radicals as well as being acne fighting and helping the skin to produce more collagen and hyaluronic acid too.

Most rose used in skincare is formulated with rose absolute which goes through a process where the roses are washed with hexane which makes it harsh to the skin. I only use rosa damascena oil (also known as bulgarian rose). It contains more than 300 compounds and is one of the most complex natural substances on Earth. Its complex, rich molecular composition makes it one of the most beneficial, nourishing, essential oils for skin and anti aging and this is why I formulated rose damascena into our holi (oil) youth-illuminating face serum, rose water and oil into holi (water), our pearl and rose hyaluronic essence, our holi (body) ageless body serum and lifting and firming body creme treatment body (balm)

Formulating rose damascena into products isn’t as easy as it sounds. Around 3,000-3,500 kg of fine rose petals are needed to obtain 1 kg of rose oil. The distilling process is a very slow, long and time consuming one that also makes exquisite high quality rose oil very expensive but I continue to formulate with it because I never cut costs when it comes to anti-aging and I will always source the highest quality ingredients for you and the Agent line. 

The main reason I formulate with rose damascena is because of the power it holds for anti-aging. It’s great for fighting acne because it’s antibacterial and naturally astringent meaning it inhibits bacterial strains that live and grow on the skin. People think oils will make their acne worse but this isn’t the case. In 2010 a study showed that Rose Oil was able to completely destroy Propionibacterium acnes (the bacteria responsible for acne) after only five minutes of a 0.25 percent dilution. Apply rose oil every day through holi (oil) or holi (water) and you could completely clear problematic bacteria from your skin surface.

I also love that rose damascena stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid within the skin (a natural humectant that holds up to 1000 times its weight in water). 1 gram of hyaluronic acid can bind up to 6 liters of water meaning that it can be considered as the ultimate hydrator which helps slow the aging process of skin. Rose also promotes collagen production within the body, which leads to an increase in fibroblasts and extracellular matrix proteins in the skin, as well as a decrease in metalloproteinase. These fibroblasts found in the various layers of the human dermis produce a host of extracellular matrix proteins that enhance skin health and slow skin aging. Rose also helps to slow the anti-aging process by scavenging free radicals through its antioxidant content as well as contributing to a healthy, supple and strong skin barrier and barrier function.

Thanks to the rose damascena profile being full of essential fatty acids and vitamins that help nurture optimal skin health, rose oil’s anti-aging power is also complemented by how it works to soften and hydrate skin. Some of the key anti-aging ingredients in the rose oil profile include: 

  • Vitamin A - found in high concentrations in rose oil, helps to increase cell turnover rates (much like a retinol) and fight the development of wrinkles before they start and while they are developing
  • Vitamin E - with natural antioxidant properties that can help prevent cell damage and early-onset aging
  • Omega-3 fatty acids - that help to prevent premature aging and 
  • Zinc - an essential nutrient for maintaining balanced, glowing skin and that can also help with healing scars. 

Some people consider rose to be the ultimate anti-aging elixir. An incredible study looked at the anti-aging effects of rose-flower extract on the mortality rate of male and female flies. The study confirmed that the antioxidant properties of the rose flower extract could have contributed to the lengthening of the life span of the flies in question. Is this the ultimate definition of anti-aging? 

The benefits feel nearly endless and that is why I’ve formulated rose water into holi (oil) - our incredibly luxurious face oil. The rose damascena is the star ingredient in this formulation but it works synergistically with the vitamin C, helichrysum and calcium in the holi (oil) meaning that all of the ingredients penetrate more deeply into the skin making the entire formulation more effective. 

I’ve also formulated rose water into holi (water) which is what makes this product so special. It is such a thick, luxurious and beautiful essence. I love using rose in this formulation because I know it won't cause irritation to the skin, it instead hydrates, soothes and helps give the skin an amazing glow alongside the high molecular weight hyaluronic acid.  

If you haven't already added the anti-aging benefits of rose oil to your skincare routine, start today by adding holi (oil)  holi (water) holi (body) and body (balm) to your AM and PM routines. Rose damascena is stunning.

Love Jena x