The Power of Pearl for Longevity (and more)

The Power of Pearl for Longevity (and more)

For a very long time, pearl has been a treasured ingredient in China. Part of the reason is that it is considered a 'potent antioxidant' and 'superb longevity superfood' that battles age degeneration and cellular aging and helps to prolong your lifespan. When I learned that pearl powder (as well as nacre powder - the inner layer of the pearl) could literally help you live longer (as well as supporting the functioning of your body. building out your hair, skin, and nails in a way you've never seen before, and enhancing the quality of your life?) I knew I needed to share this product with the world. 

I love to put science and clinically backed studies against not only my own opinions but also my formulations. I love this ingredient so much that you can already find pearl powder and nacre powder in some of my best-selling products, including:

  • holi (mane) - our two daily hair, skin, nails pearl powder & ultimate collagen blend;
  • our recently reformulated holi (bath) formulation; and
  • holi (water) our pearl and rose hyaluronic essence

When I started looking into the research and studies around pearl and nacre powder, I was shocked at how powerful they are. Today, I'm going to get into the science around the incredible power these products have and how they impact the body, our cells, our organs, and our muscles at the cellular level to bring life-changing transformations in skin, well-being, and longevity.

So, one of my favorite (and most comprehensive) studies is a 2014 study linked here. A group of Chinese scientists looked into pearl powder. They tested their hypotheses on silk worms, mice, and fruit flies, and they confirmed that ingesting pearl powder internally (rather than applying topically) could extend the life span of the subjects of the study to 57%! So, more studies are needed to look into how this would directly correlate to humans, but it is thought that, for humans, consuming pearl powder could positively impact and affect our life span.

As well as this, they also looked at the anti-aging power of the pearl powder (thanks, in part, to the strong antioxidant effects), and the study confirmed that the protein extract of pearl powder exhibited the highest antioxidant activity of all the extracts that they looked at. They confirmed the positive impact of pearl powder on aging. The science behind this is that, although there are a ton of different hypotheses, aging is thought to be the result of two major processes - the build-up of free radical / reactive oxygen species (known as ROS) and the effects of insulin growth factor signaling pathways. This free radical theory has a lot of sway in the health community right now and suggests that the build-up of these free radicals causes aging. And what fights free radicals? Antioxidants.

The 2014 study also confirmed that the protein extract of the pearl powder had the highest antioxidant activity and including pearl powder in the study increased the total antioxidant capacity of the study focus. It also showed an increase in glutathione content (one of the body's most powerful antioxidant activities) and an increase in enzymatic antioxidant activity. In short, the antioxidant activity and power of pearl powder are real - and is likely to play a significant role in the battle against aging.

The 2014 study also looked into the antioxidant effect of the pearl nacre, also included in our holi (mane) product. They showed several positive results of the pearl nacre, as well as the protein extract of pearl powder, all showing a positive impact against lipid peroxidation. This study takes us one step closer to scientific backing to how the properties of pearls can be life-prolonging, prevent peroxidation (connected to the aging process), and slow down rapid aging - in turn supporting organs on the inside of the body and supporting skin on the outside.

As well as the incredible antioxidant power, Pearl Powder also contains signal proteins, and that is part of why the ingredient is so revolutionary. Signal proteins are the ultimate anti-aging ingredient because they actually act as messengers and send out signals to the body and its cells to turn over the cells, create new ones and keep replication powerful. As we age, our cells start to slow in turnover and fail to regenerate as quickly, effectively, and efficiently. This pearl powder can help increase signal proteins and, ultimately, the strength of the body's ability to function. By stimulating the regeneration of cells, muscles, and organs within the body, not only does the body and its organs tend to function better and become healthier and more resilient (tie this back to the increase in longevity) but also the regeneration of skin cells can lead to a more youthful complexion because the pearl signal proteins turn over skin cells and help to deliver the more youthful, supple, glowing complexion that we are all after. In short, pearl signal proteins aid in the battle against aging and support longevity, quality of life, and more.

There are many other science-backed research studies and learnings that I also thought were super interesting. It has been proven that Pearl Powder:

  • Can significantly reduce behavioral and pathological changes associated with sleep deprivation, insomnia, and cognitive decline, linked in another study here;
  • Can protect from bacteria, viruses, and the development of cancer cells through enhanced antibody production (studied in mice);
  • Have a significant positive effect on cardiovascular health by enhancing the strength of the heart's contraction without affecting the frequency of the heartbeat. What this means is more oxygen-rich blood in the system, at the same beats per minute (basically, a stronger heart and a healthier cardiovascular system);
  • Several human clinical studies have also shown that ingestion of pearl powder can also help with healthy blood pressure;
  • Is powerful against hyperpigmentation; and, finally.
  • It can improve the quality of your life by boosting immune function and memory.

Pearl powder and nacre are included in my best-selling products, holi (mane), holi (bath), and holi (water). They are honestly such a stunning part of my formulation. I deeply adore the power and ancient wisdom that Pearls bring to the Agent line and products, but their sourcing doesn't come cheap.

One thing everyone knows about me and my Agent Nateur formulations is that I *never* cut corners. I spend HUGE amounts of money sourcing the highest, best quality saltwater pearls possible. This sourcing mentality makes them 10x the price of freshwater pearls but finding the very best suppliers has been a massive part of my journey to ensure the best quality for you and of my products.

If you're taking holi (mane) (buy yours here). Use the scoop provided and drop it into your daily coffee, your morning water. You can also make my favorite holi (mane) watermelon smoothie when you have more time. Everyone loves this recipe just like they love the product!

If you're soaking in holi (bath) (purchase here), just run a hot bath, dissolve, relax and soak before bed each night (or morning!)- your skin will thank you later.

And if you're using my holi (water) pearl and rose hyaluronic essence, this should be a key part of your daytime and evening skincare routine. You can read more about how to incorporate it into your routine here, and I tell you how I use it in mine. You can buy yours here.

Commit to pearl powder and watch what happens, inside and out. I'm excited for you!

Jena x