The holi order- How To Use The New holi (creme) filter face cream In Your Agent Daily Routine

The holi order- How To Use The New holi (creme) filter face cream In Your Agent Daily Routine

I get messages all the time about which products to use first, which to use together and what are the best pairings. Today, I'm going to tell you exactly how you should be using the full Agent line together for maximum benefits and ultimate nourishment for your skin. I'm also going to tell you more about our holi (créme) filter face cream and guide you on how this should be incorporated into your skincare routine and how I use it in mine.

I always start with cleansing, and I talk a lot about our cleanser duo - holi (cleanse) and acid (wash). I know many people think cleansing is vital to good skin health, and it is, but it is also essential to not over-cleanse your face because it can strip your skin barrier, change your skin biome and interfere with how your skin is meant to function. For me, whether or not I cleanse is a daily decision depending on how my face feels each morning when I wake up. If I wake up and my face is dry or in need of some moisture, I will cleanse, mainly because I love how the holi (cleanse) glides on with its oil-based formulation. Normally though, I will focus on cleansing at night time before I sleep. This helps me clear all of the dirt, oil, excess makeup, and product that has accumulated on my skin before the day ends, as well as cleansing it for a good night's sleep. This is why clean pillowcases are so important -you are bringing clean skin into contact with a potentially dirty surface for 8 + hours each night.

Once I've cleansed. I love to sleep in holi (bright) - my 'botox in a jar' glass resurfacing mask. People are still buying multiple jars of this at once, and it is a revolutionary product. I talk about it a lot, but this is the product I formulated so well that I now hardly ever touch retinol or P50 anymore (which were such an insanely important part of my skincare routine until I developed holi (bright). I love applying holi (bright) at night and sleeping in it. I feel like this delivers the ultimate resurfacing of the skin and maximizes the product's hydrating, calming and soothing nature. I refer to this as an overnight facial because you always wake up with clean, clear, smooth, and soft skin the following day. This is thanks to the high dose of aloe vera, french silk peptides, pitaya, hyaluronic acid, cucumber, and vitamin c that make up this revolutionary product. Remember to apply with the brush and not just to your face but also to your decolletage, neck, and even hands and wrists.

The following day, I wash my face with water to remove the mask I left on overnight and then move into my holi (water) and holi (c) combo, a staple part of my morning routine. People ask me a lot about which pairings go well together, and these are two of the products that work together perfectly, and because the holi (c) is in dry powder format, the holi (water) allows for the perfect application when mixed together. I spray 3-5 pumps of holi (water) in the palm of my hand each morning and then use a dash of the holi (c). Once they are mixed, I apply the combination to my face, neck, and decolletage again, allowing it to be drenched in morning moisture. If you feel that this application is making your face tight or too tight, then you are using too much holi (c), and you should reduce the dosage to a pea-sized amount or even smaller. Again, test and see what works for you.

Now, this is where the new stage of your morning routine comes in! Introducing our newest holi (créme) filter face moisturizer! I'm so excited to incorporate this into the Agent range and, more importantly, for you to be able to incorporate this into *YOUR* face routine! I know that it will elevate your entire skincare routine and the health of your skin.

This light matte cream gives a filter-like finish and feels like velvet when you apply it. Everyone can use it; it isn't heavy, it doesn't make you break out, it is fragrance-free, and it has no essential oils. It's the perfect primer for what comes next and is also deeply nourishing and further builds on the previous step of the holi (water) holi (c) combo.

Formulated without petroleum, holi (crème) is formulated with a revolutionary patented, eco-certified, environmentally-friendly emollient that glides onto skin, delivering a filtered, matte finish, all without clogging your pores. It's powered by six revolutionary trademarked active ingredients and a ton of natural nutrients that keep this product insanely calming. It builds on your holi (bright) overnight mask to prepare your skin for the day. This product is the ultimate surface hydrator for a visibly softer and smoother appearance without the shine, grease, and oils.

After applying the holi (créme) filter face moisturizer, I add a couple of drops of our best-selling ageless face serum, holi (oil), to my face and decolletage. Sometimes I will combine this with a couple of drops of tinted moisturizer or foundation for some light coverage for the day. The holi (crème) is the perfect base for applying the holi (oil) as a layer on top. It's like a primer, just a lot more nourishing, and together, you will start your day with a luminescent glow.

I always finish off my morning routine by applying holi (glow) (the ageless eye serum) around my eyes and eye socket. This is one of my favorite parts of the routine because holi (glow) smells so delicious with the cucumber, and I know that it will revitalize my eye area for the day ahead. This is a multi-purpose product, too; I like to dot some on my cheekbones, the bridge of my nose, and my cupid's bow for a daily glimmer.

So, that's how you incorporate the holi (créme) filter face moisturizer into your daily routine. I also like to use the new holi (créme) filter face moisturizer in my evening routine, particularly as a part of priming my face for a night out.

When I'm getting ready to go out, I always start with holi (bright). I use it for 15 minutes, rather than the overnight application, and then I rinse this off and apply the holi (water) and holi (c) combo for pre-night out preparation. It's at this point that I'll apply the holi (créme) filter face moisturizer, before adding a drop or two of holi (oil), and then again, using the holi (glow) around my eyes and on top of any makeup, I apply as the finishing touch. Together, these are the perfect primer for getting night-out ready, and they give you a dewy glow that means you really don't need to wear too much makeup at all.

So, the order that you use your products in is really, really important, not only for their absorption but also for how they impact the other products that you put on after them. There is a clear way you should use the Agent products for maximum benefits, and I hope that this article was so helpful for you to understand better how to use the Agent line and know which products have to be paired together for the ultimate impact.

If you haven't already purchased your holi (créme) filter face moisturizer, you can do so here. Let me know how you enjoy it fitting inside your daily routine alongside the other power products I have created. I formulated this product again and again until I found a clean, powerful, beautiful ingredient list that DIDN'T cause me to break out! I think I have hit the jackpot with this one. This formulation was requested repeatedly, and I believe I have created a super-luxurious moisturizing product that instantly breathes life into any skin, whether you are getting ready for a day or night out.

Love Jena x