The Agent Nateur holi (grail) Interview: Jena Covello, Founder of Agent Nateur

The Agent Nateur holi (grail) Interview: Jena Covello, Founder of Agent Nateur

1. What’s your skincare and beauty routine?

Morning routine: I drink holi (mane) and holi (radiance) when I wake up. I also take The Holistic Health Genius’s fulvic acids for hydration and energy.
I use holi (trinity) on my face every morning without fail. Then I usually apply holi (sun) and my new matte lipstick that releases later in the year. If I wash my hair I use my new but not-yet-released growth scalp leave-in treatment and my new leave-in ends treatment.
I always wash my body with holi (wash). It has face-grade actives to help with discoloration, redness and sun damage. Then I apply holi (body) in the mirror, naked, while doing mirror affirmations. If I’m wearing a skirt or shorts I always apply body (balm) - the rich, creamy formula absorbs so easily and provides intense hydration, leaving my skin feeling revitalized for the day ahead.
Evening routine: I wash my face with acid (wash). I then alternate between using holi (oil), holi (lift), epi.logic’s face cream and serum, or a prescription retinol. Our skin starts to become immune over time so I love switching up my products at night. I take our new supplement (called calm beauty) and BIOptimizer’s magnesium.
If my hair is dirty I put my unreleased new hair mask on and leave it overnight, before washing it the following morning. 


2. What are your current favorite products?

My new, unreleased products - the hair treatments, the matte lipstick, and the calm beauty supplement. I also love Holistic Health Genius’s fulvic acids, and epi.logic’s face cream.


3. How do you prepare to look your best for a big event? 

I’ll book in for a lymphatic massage from a special healer, and get a sculpting facial from Vanessa Hernandez. I make sure I work out with my trainer, Rob Parr.
I avoid using heat directly on my hair for a week, so I’ll air dry it to get it ultra-healthy. I apply holi (locks) strengthening growth serum, hair (silk) peptides hydrating serum and our new, unreleased hair treatments daily.
I cut added salt from my diet five days before an event, and I make sure not to eat after 6pm for a few days leading up to the event either - it’s a form of intermittent fasting and helps with blood sugar, blood pressure and fat burning. I cut all coffee dairy from my diet, as they give me rosacea. I always prep my skin with holi bright to calm it down.


4. Are there any challenges to your beauty routine - work, home, travel etc? Have you ever made any lifestyle changes to support your wellbeing?

I’m training our new puppy! It can be a challenge but he is so adorable it’s definitely worth it! Some nights I feel so exhausted from work and puppy training and feel like going straight to sleep. On those evenings I prioritize some me time, take my makeup off early and do my evening skin-care routine, and make sure I get a decent night’s sleep.
I changed my entire lifestyle and diet because of stage 4 endo. I really don’t have much pain anymore, but it took many years of healing in terms of my diet, the emotional aspect and the physical aspect.


5. What’s your go-to healthy snack?

That one’s easy - watermelon and frozen cherries. An iced matcha from Pantry is my favorite super healthy drink.


6. When you were younger, who was your beauty icon? Who inspires you now?

When I was young it was Madonna, Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington. Our family friend, Pin, was a stylist in NY and she’d bring the film prints of the models to me so I could look at them and I would just freak out. I was 12 years old and I would just melt!
Today, my friends inspire me, the creative teams I work with inspire me. Paris and the south of France inspire me -  I’ve always found both places perfect for ideas, and planning my life and my products. My mom’s skin inspires me, especially her hands - she has the hands of a 20-year-old! 


7. Any ‘tweakments’ (skincare and non-surgical) or procedures you’d recommend or have planned for ‘one day’?

It really depends on the practitioner and how well they know what they’re doing/combining and what their aesthetic is. I like Forma for skin tightening, IPL and laser Genesis for redness, PRFM injected all over my face, and micro needling. Before Morpheus8 launched I was doing something called Vivace which is a less invasive version of it. I loved it. I also love to use holi (lift) as a micro current gel with the Ziip or Tripollar.


8. What is your go to / favorite beauty look to create, and what inspired this look?

A side part, soft waves, winged liner and a matte burgundy or nude lip. I love 2012 Lana’s makeup and hair. Maybe because our hair was so similar at the time already. I love an old Hollywood wave. Honestly it’s just the same as what I liked and did in high school!


9. Biggest beauty mistake? 

A bleached, striped highlight and short bob.  Next question, please!


10. And finally… what can you NOT do without? What’s the holy grail of the products you use?

holi (lift), holi (trinity), and holi (mane).