Tarot reader and clairvoyant, Briar Rose answers our Q & A

Tarot reader and clairvoyant, Briar Rose answers our Q & A

We spoke with spiritual counselor Briar Rose (@briarrosetarot), of Briar Rose Tarot, to learn more about how she uses her psychic gifts to empower people to live the lives of their dreams. Briar explains how her psychic abilities work, shares manifestation tips, and even talks to us about one of her coolest success stories.

Briar, can you tell us about what you do?

As a tarot reader and clairvoyant, I tune into the energy that someone is in and can make predictions for them for the future or talk to them about how to shift that energy so they can have a better outcome.  I also connect with the energy of someone’s loved ones or past ancestors.  I’m basically channeling messages from the divine that they need to hear, that can give them clarity, comfort, or redirection.

When did you first realize you were psychic?

I had always had visions and psychic knowledge, but I didn’t know how to put a name on it.  It was kind of a joke in our family, how I would just “know” things.  But I think something that really confirmed it for me was when my grandfather died.  He was in good, stable health, and one night I suddenly had an overwhelming urge that I needed to go home immediately.  I didn’t connect it to him, just that I needed to get home RIGHT NOW.  I was in my college town at the time and called my father to ask if I could come home as soon as possible.  This was strange for me because I rarely went home even on breaks.  But he agreed and offered to book me a ticket for that weekend, which seemed soon enough to me.  The next day, my grandfather had a sudden health incident, was rushed to the hospital, and passed away.  I think because it was validated so clearly with other people, it really confirmed for me that some of the voices or inclinations I felt in my head were accurate and true. That encouraged me to go down the path of developing it even more, and not discounting any of the things I was hearing in my mind.  I had always just “known things”, but I started to really lean into it, to study my own intuitions and listen to them, as well as studying more ancient metaphysical wisdom, like tarot, astrology, and spiritual texts.

Can you explain what the five clairs are and which ones you have?

The five clairs are the different ways we get psychic downloads from the universe.  “clair” is Latin for “clear”- so this is when Spirit makes something clear to us.  It can do this using all of our senses!  All of the clairs come through to me during readings. I find Spirit will tailor which comes through based on which will best convey the message.  I would say clairgustance comes through the least, though it certainly does come through, and claircognizance happens the most. 

Clairsentience is clear feeling- this is getting feelings, or emotions, or just knowing things based on more of an energy or vibe.  A good comparison for this is walking into a room, and feeling tension, because people have been arguing.  Psychics who practice clairsentience develop it so that they can apply it directly to people’s lives and give meaningful advice.  So, when you tune into the work energy of someone who has a toxic boss, you might feel sick to your stomach or just very stressed out.  When you tune into the energy of someone who is heading into a beautiful relationship, you might feel overjoyed and ecstatic.  Often psychics who are clairsentient will also feel things in their body- i.e., a headache when they tune into an energy that’s very disagreeable and causing lots of conflict, or a sore throat when they tune into someone that’s having a hard time speaking up for themselves, or a pain in the heart for someone who passed via a heart attack.

Clairaudience is clear hearing- this is hearing a voice in your mind that’s giving you spoken guidance or advice.  This often happens when guides are trying to get something through very strongly- you’ll often hear people in a life-or-death situation hear a voice in their head telling them what to do.  In readings, many psychics will hear direct words from someone’s guides or passed ancestors.  This also can take the form of song lyrics or hearing some music that sums up a situation very well.  For example, in the situation of someone who is being disrespected by a romantic partner, you might hear “Respect” by Aretha Franklin.  Often these songs can be personal to each individual, so you’ll often hear a client laugh when you bring up some song that spirit is playing for them, and they’ll admit that’s their favorite band or artist!

Clairvoyance is clear seeing- this is seeing visions in your mind that have spiritual meaning.  So, if you’re tuning into the energy of a deceased ancestor, and they had a favorite or defining item- say, they always baked blueberry pie and were known for that- they will show you a picture of that item.  This often also comes through when tuning into future scenarios- for example, someone who is single may be getting a reading, and you see an image of them sitting at a kitchen table helping a small child with math homework.  That can show their future outcome and a flash image of what their future life will look like, almost like a photograph.  I think many people experience this with deja vu- they will get a glimpse into their future, and when that moment happens, it’s often something mundane- a shot of them looking out the window at their new job, a picture of them lying in bed watching a certain show.  But fast forward to  a few months later, and they find themselves in exactly that same image that they saw in their head, no matter how uneventful it may seem.  But this can be a very powerful tool spirit uses to connect with us and guide us, and to show us we’re on the right path. 

Claircognizance is clear knowing.  This is when you just “know” something.  A good example of this would be your friend telling you about a guy she’s seeing, and even though she only tells you positive stuff, you just know in your heart that it’s not going to work out and he’s a bad guy.  Or you get offered a position at a job that pays less, but you just know that you should take it and it will be good for you.  These can often be incredibly powerful insights- you might not hear it directly in your mind, or get any other psychic display, but you just know something deeply in your core.  These are divine downloads from spirit and should be taken seriously!

Clairgustance is clear smelling and tasting- this can be smelling or tasting something that’s important or signifies something.  For example, smelling your grandmother’s perfume can be a sign that she’s with you.  Or, for a psychic, smelling a foul odor when tuning into someone’s romantic partner’s energy can signify that there’s something majorly off about their energy or relationship.  Again, many scents and tastes will be personal to the person who is doing the smelling or doing the reading for that person. If your grandmother always ate dark chocolate, you might taste that on your tongue when you tune into her energy.  If she made amazing pumpkin rolls, you might taste the flavor of pumpkin spice.  If someone is asking for a reading about where they should move next, you might smell the scent of sunscreen or taste a Pina colada on your tongue, signifying being by the beach.  Spirit really knows how to channel messages to each individual person, so that it will be meaningful to them, even if that scent or taste might not mean anything to anyone else.

What kind of services do you offer?

I offer tarot readings, as well as psychic and mediumship readings.  I also offer astrology chart readings if someone would like direction with that.  All of these can be important tools for divining different aspects of a person’s life. An astrology chart can be a roadmap of their innate gifts and limitations, and when we combine that with astrology transits, we can really see what will be happening for them at that point in their life.  I love using tarot cards for getting specific clarity from spirit, although I also directly channel and hear messages in my head. Different clients will require different applications, so I always like to play it by ear, tune into their energy, and let spirit direct how the reading flows.

What do people most often come to you for?

People most often come to me for clarity on love situations. I love tuning into a romantic partner’s energy to see how they’re really feeling. So often people can disguise their intentions or true thoughts, sometimes they’re not even doing this deliberately! They just may not feel comfortable saying how they really feel. This can go in both directions. I often tune into the energy of someone who may be deeply in love and missing their ex but doesn’t feel brave enough to step forward.  And then it can be on the other end of the spectrum- someone who is pretending to be invested but maybe very selfish, or just bogged down in their own trauma and incapable of having a functional relationship.

I also get a lot of readings where people want advice on career and life purpose.  Spirit will often show me the divine gifts someone is blessed with, that they want them to step forward into.  For some people it may be that a career shift is needed, or it may be that they are on the right path and major success is in their future!  Spirit uses these readings to push someone in the right direction, and it’s often something they may have always felt drawn to or know deep inside that they should be doing, but somewhere along the way they were told or made to feel that they shouldn’t pursue it. I believe EVERYONE collectively benefits when people are aligned with their purpose and serving out their divine mission, so I love helping people with this.  Seeing someone’s eyes light up as they get the “permission” to do that thing they always wanted and carried in their heart, but never thought they could or should do, is something that is so special and a privilege! 

You use tarot in your readings. Can you explain how tarot works?

Tarot is an incredible tool for getting guidance and wisdom from the universe.  There are 78 tarot cards, each very complex in meaning, and meaning different things when they are reversed or upright.  When you pull a few cards in a row and combine the meanings, you can really get deep messages.  These 78 cards all correspond to ancient metaphysical principles and dynamics, so there’s a lot of wisdom contained within each card. There are astrological associations within each card, as well as vibes and stories, so having a good grasp of tarot, astrology, and all metaphysical doctrine really helps in reading the cards accurately.

Before every reading, I ask my angels, ancestors, and guides to make sure to give me the most accurate cards for their situation, and to block out any lower energies.  I also invite in the guides and ancestors of whoever I’m doing the reading for.  Tarot is incredible for getting redirection and guidance for what is going on in a situation.

Are there any other tools you use during psychic readings? 

I mix in astrology, as well as mediumship and psychic downloads to a reading.  I.e., listening to what spirit tells me or shows me in my head, not just reciting the meaning of the cards. I think for the most accurate readings, you have to use mediumship and psychic ability.  This is where spirit adds the details- hearing a deceased ancestor’s favorite kind of music playing or seeing a vision of the house they will move into.  The details confirm things and allow people to trust the messages are real.  Astrology can also help, and I use technology that shows me an accurate astrology chart as well as transits, if someone wants to mix that into the reading.

You describe yourself as a spiritual counselor. Can you tell us how you help people and what a typical session is like?

I think so many people have dreams and visions in their heart that they want, deep down inside, but never feel like they can say or ask for.  The universe and spirit is our friend, always wanting us to get our highest good, and to achieve our very best destiny.  I think people sometimes attach a lot of shame to wanting things- there are many people that will shame someone for wanting a big house, or wanting to be in the spotlight, or wanting to look beautiful in a selfie.  I help people look past that, see what spirit has put deep down in their heart, the most positive outcome for them.  Everyone is born with special gifts that only they can share with the world.  And the thing is- we need them to share it!  Spirit put it there for a reason.  I look at my job as helping to empower people, helping them to see past their current situation into the world of vast and endless possibilities, where anything is possible, and they can choose whatever it is they want and move towards it.  For that reason, I consider myself especially good at strategy- suggesting practical ways for someone to achieve the goal they want, whatever that is.  For example, suggesting a way for them to speak to their boss to get the promotion they want.  Suggesting a social media strategy for them to attract the kinds of clients they want.  Suggesting a dynamic that would work with their crush to get them to approach. Whatever you want, you can have- you just have to step towards it boldly! 

I also love reminding people that they aren’t stuck.  So many people feel backed into a corner, by their job, their responsibilities, their romantic life (or lack thereof!).  They can’t see a way forward.  It’s my job to look at their situation with the bird’s eye clarity that Spirit has, and tune into what their angels, ancestors, and guides want them to know about how to get out of it.  We are never stuck- it may feel that way sometimes, but there is always, always, ALWAYS a way out.  Part of entering Empress energy is realizing that nothing in life is working against you, it’s always working for you, not matter how dire it may seem.  There’s always something positive to take from a situation, and the quicker we can get to seeing the positive, the better our outcome will be. A lot of people need to know how to leave a situation, how to grow from it, how to shed the toxicity in their life, and that’s one of my favorite parts of my work- guiding them to the doorway to a new life that Spirit wants them to enter through, realizing that they were never trapped, that they always had the choice to enter a new situation and a new life.  And showing them actionable ways to get there!

Do you have any tips for someone who is looking to manifest something that has not yet manifested?

My number one advice is keeping yourself positive and high vibrational!  It really is true that the energy you’re in attracts the energy you get.  This means that, if you’re upset, and feeling angry and defeated, you’ll attract more events that make you feel that way. I know that may seem harsh, and it is a cruel reality that so many people who are suffering seem to have more negative events piled on them.  That’s usually when you hear people say things like, “Man, I just can’t catch a break!”  The beautiful part of this is that, at any point, no matter how dire your situation, you can shift your vibration to one of success, luxury, abundance, love, and joy, and attract in the most beautiful life ever. Someone making minimum wage can become a millionaire in a matter of months because they shifted their attitude and learned to welcome in and ask for money and beautiful things.  Someone who has been broken up with time and again can shift their energy into expecting the most beautiful, devoted love, and find their dream partner within months! I call this empress energy (from the empress tarot card) and it’s definitely the vibe I want for my clients.  Knowing you deserve the best, and there’s nothing wrong with asking for it, is key to these transformations.  Then you exude the energy of beauty, expecting good things to flow to you, being in Venus energy- and that’s when life gets so wonderful.  I also love to give my clients practical tips for achieving these things- saying mantras that would work for them, magical rituals, or crystals to buy- these are all powerful tools for achieving what we want!

Can you tell us about one of your coolest success stories with a client?

There are so many cool experiences with readings.  One I really loved was a client who was stuck in a career that she found draining and uninspiring, with a boss who seemed to genuinely dislike her.  She felt stuck and unsure of what to do.  I kept seeing the mercury symbol hanging around her and kept seeing an image of someone sitting at a kitchen table, scribbling notes.  I told her she had a book in her, and she was surprised- she’d always wanted to write something but didn’t think it was realistic or she was good enough.  It was a dream she’d put on the back burner a long time ago.  I told her I saw her writing books and “owning her own rights”.  I also told her to stay at her current job but write on the side.  Within a few months, she’d written a short novel and she decided to self-publish it on her own.  It did incredibly well, and she moved on to a second novel.  After her second, she was making a lot of money, much more than she had at her job, and she was able to quit her job and write full time.  She loves what she does now, and when you serve your higher purpose, it’s amazing how the money and success will pour in, as well as joy and fulfillment.  Making money is one thing, but feeling like you’re serving your destiny, inspiring others, is truly the most incredible sensation.  That’s my favorite thing to do with people- give them the bravery and inspiration to go after something they’ve already been feeling on the inside, that they know deep inside but were too scared to say to others or pursue.  I feel it makes the world a better place, for everyone, when people are aligned with their divine purpose! 

For more on Briar Rose, check out her tarot readings on her YouTube channel.