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Did you know that there are more than 150 different strains of The Human Papillomavirus (HPV)? Only about 40 can affect the genital area, but most don't pose a serious risk to health. High-risk HPV strains include HPV 16 & 18, which cause about 70% of cervical cancers. Low-risk HPV strains, such as HPV 6 and 11, cause about 90% of genital warts, which rarely develop into cancer. It is now being said that HPV is the most common sexually transmitted infection globally. What most people don’t realize is that the popular HPV vaccine only covers 9 strains (previously 2) and only 4% of the women in the US where exposed to the those two strains. Even with 7 new strains added to the vaccine, is it enough to feel protected? What happens if you have already contracted HPV? What about pre cancerous cells found in your last pap exam? All of these questions have now become a familiar and fearful discussion starting at the very young age of 9 for kids, and up to 45 for adults.

The truth is most people with HPV don’t know they’re infected and never develop symptoms or health problems from it. About 70% of new infections will spontaneously clear within one year, while 90% of cases clear ON THEIR OWN within 2 years. Medical Medium and many people in the natural & medical communities have now linked HPV directly to the Herpes Virus and a slew of reproductive diseases in both men and women. Thus, linking these problematic viruses to mystery autoimmune diseases, gut issues, cervical and uterine difficulties, UTI’s, yeast infections, painful menstruation and head and neck cancers. Many of these strains are still undiscovered and unexplained as well as being connected to other bacteria’s and viruses. Even though these viruses can lay dormant (10-20 years) in the body after transmission, we are now seeing that environmental factors, diet and lifestyle are waking them up quicker and more aggressive than before. Providing an unhealthy environment and diet for these viruses are how problems begin to arise in the body for the virus to thrive. However, there are many things one can do to help avoid a progressive virus and protect and build your Immune System, especially if you have already been vaccinated for HPV.
Things to avoid:
  • Oils such as canola, soy, corn, vegetable and cottonseed
  • All products containing soy, wheat and corn (feeds virus, raises estrogen, GMO, inflammation)
  • All gluten (inflammation)
  • MSG, natural/artificial flavor/dyes, citric acid & preservatives
  • All processed sugar, candy and foods (feeds virus, burdens immune system)
  • All high fat conventional animal products, especially pork & eggs (burdens liver & immune systems)
  • Exposure to heavy metals (see previous article)
  • Pesticides and herbicides via food and environment
  • HPV vaccine
  • Oral contraceptives as they have 4 times the risk of cervical diseases and deplete folic and zinc.
  • Alcohol (depletes B vitamins, Folic Acid and Zinc)
Healthy Additions:
  • 16-32 oz fresh celery juice aid in immune building.
  • Lemon/Lime water cleanses liver to aid in immune building.
  • Fresh berries - especially wild blueberries from Maine.
  • Daily raw fresh fruits & veggies
  • Sweet potatoes/yams have progesterone to balance hormones and keep reproductive organs healthy.
  • Garlic can be applied on to genital warts, when taken orally/eaten can attack HPV from the bloodstream.
  • Heavy Metal Detoxes remove the form of food for the virus. (See HMD blog)
  • Prebiotics & Probiotics encourage immune building.
  • Antioxidants & Vitamin C help remove free radicals that encourage virus progression
  • Folic Acid and B12 together help prevent cervical disease.
  • Selenium can improve cervical tissue.
  • Liquid Zinc deficiency is a high risk factor. Study (NCT03404310) concurred Zinc has been shown to play a central role in immunity in HPV infected patients.
  • Turmeric inhibits certain genes that help with tumor progression.
  • Vitamin D supports immune function. (sun is best, orally should include vitamin K)
  • Green tea inhibits cancer cell growth and can clear genital warts.
  • Condoms to prevent transmission
  • DIM aid immune system, minimizes cellular changes and hormone stabilizer.
  • Exercise encourages detoxing and immune building.
  • Meditation, journaling & positive affirmations.
  • Chakra energy balancing especially on Crown, Third eye, Root & Sacral chakras where HPV is most present.
  • Monolaurin destroys viruses by attacking the protective lipid sheath of a virus' DNA & RNA, effectively disintegrating the virus and can prevent the replication of viruses. (slow build up is necessary to avoid herxheimer reaction)
Countless studies have shown positive outcomes with cervical dysplasia and most all symptoms of HPV when applying diet and lifestyle changes alone. Building immunity and creating an uncomfortable environment for the virus are not only a preventative but also a powerful healing tools. While those few steps are important one of the best things to integrate into fighting HPV has also been antimicrobial Herbs. These herbs have secured their importance in the healing process of HPV, Herpes, Strep and so much more when aiding in immune building.
Herbs to help the immune system:
  • Goldenseal is antiseptic and antiviral, also use on genital warts as a tincture. Goldenseal also can enhance the abilities of other antimicrobial herbs listed below.
  • Tea tree oil as immunity aid and can help prevent re-infection of HPV.
  • Echinaceas phytosterols & antioxidant compounds can boost white blood cells & improve the antiviral impact.
  • Calendula clears up genital warts and aids in immune and lymphatic system.
  • Cats Claw aids in healing of cold sores, aids in immune building. (avoid if leukemia is present)
  • Astragalus Root has been known to be the most effective in healing cervical abnormalities and attacking HPV. It modulates immunity by increasing the numbers of white blood cells that attack invading organisms. It enhances the ability of T-cells and NK cells to destroy tumors according to The University of Houston. Astragalus improves cellular health by slowing down the wear and tear of your DNA. It can strengthen its antiviral immunity, and inhibits virus replication. It can target genes (p-53 gene) which turn on anti cancer capabilities according to The New Encyclopedia of Vitamins. It is immune building and a powerful antioxidant that relaxes the central nervous system and improves sexual heath.
These herbs used together work in synergy to become a powerful anti microbial, anti viral and anti bacterial elixir. Integrating diet and lifestyle changes to the regimen is a steadfast way to eliminate HPV and other harmful viral, bacterial and parasitical activity in the body. Because healing is multi faceted, working with different therapies and a trusted holistic MD offers the most successful outcome, It is always best to see which therapy resonates with you.