Special Agent: Shamara Bondaroff

Special Agent: Shamara Bondaroff

Trusted, approved, and admired by our founder, Jena Covello, a Special Agent is someone with healing prowess. Whether their expertise lies within the skin, the gut, or the mind, they bring a unique perspective and care for those they work with and influence.

Meet Special Agent Shamara Bondaroff. Shamara is an NYC and Miami-based esthetician known for her microcurrent facials. Her clients include some of the industry’s top editors and models, and she’s been featured in Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, and countless other publications. At Shamara’s studio, SB Skin, she takes a holistic approach to best serve her client’s skin and lifestyle.

Name: Shamara Bondaroff 

Instagram: @sb_skin

Expertise/magic: Microcurrent! 

Who/what drew you to your expertise? I didn’t start my career in wellness or skincare, I was working in fashion and art. But I was raised in a primarily vegan and holistic household and have always been in tune with the wellness industry. After coming across microcurrent treatments myself, I became obsessed! I didn’t necessarily think I was going to start a business out of my obsession, but it rapidly snowballed – or really, avalanched – from there. 

Beauty staples: I can’t live without BL+. I wear The Serum and The Eye Serum daily. I’m also a big fan of Matter of Fact Vitamin C serum. It really lifted a lot of discoloration and helped to even out my skin tone. And, of course, I love Agent Nateur’s holi (oil). It feels so rich and nourishing and my skin looks incredibly supple after I use it. Can you tell I’m a serum freak?!  

What was your relationship like with your skin growing up? My relationship with my skin and health started early. I remember my mother teaching me to dry brush my body, put oils in my hair, make sure I wear eye cream, and apply sunscreen regularly. Most of our products came from the health food store or our pantry. For my 13th birthday, my mother took me for my first facial and when my skin had its not-so-happy moments, I went to my esthetician and my kinesiologist, not to a dermatologist. 

I was taught to listen to my body, and if something was happening, we needed to figure it out, not just put a “bandaid” on it. Looking back, I’m grateful for the foundation my parents provided me. At the time, it felt very granola. It wasn’t the norm in comparison to how other families were raised, but I wouldn’t be where I am without the knowledge they instilled in me.

Beauty philosophy: At the core, I’m all about a less is more approach. For me, it’s not about piling on products, but rather looking at my skin and beauty habits from a larger perspective. It’s not just what you put on your skin; it’s what you eat, how you handle stress, how you live, and where you put your energy. Lifestyle is vital to skin health and when that feels aligned, my *actual* beauty approach can remain simple and straightforward. 

Mental health remedy/ritual: Getting outside with the people I love. I’m really fortunate to live near the beach and taking even just 15 minutes outside with my daughter is so restorative for me. When I have more time, a run or hike always feels like the perfect mental health remedy. 

Desert island superfood/supplement: Super blue green algae

Go-to Agent Nateur product: It should be pluralized “products”: The holi (oil) refining ageless face serum! It's my must-have for firm and supple skin. uni (sex) deodorant, which I wish the scent was also a perfume. Also, the holi (glow) ageless eye and lip serum because my eye area is always a focus and holi (c)