Silk, silk baby - the power of silk peptides for your hair

Silk, silk baby - the power of silk peptides for your hair

My hair has never looked glossier, shinier or sleeker since using my newest hair formulations and hair (silk), my Agent Nateur styling serum, is one of the main reasons for that. It is the power and beauty of silk peptides in the hair (silk) formulations that are a critically key part of this revolutionary formulation. Honestly, I’m so obsessed with silk peptides. 

Silk is said to retain up to 10,000 times its own weight in water and when I learned this, I knew that they were going to be a key part of my hair (silk) formulation because that is a crazy statistic and ultimate hydration is everyone’s hair goal, am I right?

So, how do silk peptides really make such a magnificent difference to your hair? Let’s go back to basics.

Hair is made up of proteins called keratin and, to create hair strands, the body needs an amino acid called cysteine to help build them. When hair is damaged (think sun, chlorine, heat technology, straightening, blow drying etc), what happens is that the protein in the hair strands actually starts to break down, which is what then leads to weakness of the hair and the brittle, broken hair we are all trying to avoid. In order to change this process of damage, you need to keep the balance of cysteine and keratin up within the body because both continue to give hair its structure, protection and strength from the inside out.

So, silk proteins can help to strengthen and reinforce the appearance of your hair thanks to the content of cysteine that they have but they also can help to strengthen and reinforce weakened hair, as well as moisturizing from the inside out.

Silk proteins are one of the most natural strongest fibers and what is cool about them is that they create a protective barrier around each hair strand so as well as helping to repair and reinforce the hair strands, they also can protect them from further damage.

On top of this, these silk proteins also possess an insane ability to absorb, hold and retain water which means that as well as helping your hair to build, they also can help your hair in its current state to be moisturized, hydrated & help fight against dehydration and damage.

At Agent, we use hydrolyzed silk proteins because the original silk protein will come in a shell that can’t be put into liquid products. Hydrolysis of the product just means that this shell breaks with water, which also means that they take on a lower molecular weight. This means they are easily absorbed by hair (rather than just sitting outside of it or on the hair shaft) and this increase in penetration into the hair shaft again helps to increase hair health and hydration, as well as improving elasticity and hair resilience. This smaller molecular size helps to soften strands, increase moisture retention and increase hair softness and texture.

These silk peptides are an essential ingredient in the battle for hair repair and hair health. The peptides in the product alongside my blend of other incredible ingredients really make this a special product:

  • The high-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid is hugely hydrating and has a long-term filling and restorative effect too. It helps to develop your hair health more generally - promoting the appearance of thick, voluminous hair, delivered with a sleek, smooth and healthy finish, both in the long term and the short term.
  • The pearl powder, rich in highly absorbable calcium, helps to nurture thick, resilient, and voluminous hair, with the complex protein conchiolin also delivering a stunning, ever-reliable luminescent sheen for your hair in the short, mid, and long term (when used consistently). Nacre, a natural compound in pearl powder, also stimulates the appearance of collagen to regenerate so this will also support long-term hair health and vitality.
  • The monoi oil - a lightweight moisturizing agent, packed full of antioxidants and high in vitamin E. This natural ingredient, derived from the Tahitian Tiare Gardenia Flower, is deeply hydrating and conditioning, working to deeply nourish and hydrate dry and damaged hair to restore intense shine, helping to deliver longer, stronger and healthier looking hair.
  • The passiflora edulis seed, derived from the seeds of the passionfruit, is an effective yet natural alternative to harsh silicones with smoothing, taming, and nourishing qualities. The pumpkin seed helps hair appear more voluminous, while simultaneously nourishing both roots and ends thanks being pumped full of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and the Hibiscus rosa-sinensis plant (also known as the "Rose of China") is a flowering plant rich in antioxidants, lipids, Vitamin A and C and an array of amino acids.
  • Finally, an active and patented ingredient, Beracare ARS Hair Serum™ is a growth GALVANIZER. It is a natural complex packed with properties that promote hair follicle revitalization and capillary hydration of the scalp, helping to support your long-term scalp health. It is perfect as a non-silicone solution to deliver the ultimate gloss, softness, and shine for the scalp and hair.

This restorative styling serum is the real deal and the silk peptides are one of my favorite parts of this product. This unique formulation of silk peptides and *so much more* is what makes our hair (silk) unique from other hair serums on the market. It works with your hair overtime, not just for a day, all without the use of harsh silicones.

I truly love these silk peptides, and you will too.

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Jena x


At Prose, we use hydrolized Silk Proteins. “Hydrolysis” means that chemical compound is divided into smaller components with the addition of water. This makes Hydrolyzed Silk Proteins easier to incorporate into hair products as it takes on a low molecular weight, enabling it to actually absorb into the hair shaft instead of just sitting on it. As it penetrates the hair, it improves its elasticity, making it resilient against breakage.


Studies have shown the effect of hydrolyzed Silk Protein’s ability to soften strands and even boost hair growth thanks to its molecular size. Silk proteins with a higher molecular weight exhibit film forming properties, making them excellent additions to hair care, especially for dry or damaged hair, because they can increase moisture retention at the hair surface (like a conditioning, protective Saran Wrap). The combination we use—hydrolyzed Silk Proteins that contain free silk amino acids (small molecules) plus silk oligopeptides (bigger)—deeply moisturizes the hair from within, improving the texture of dry and damaged hair and preventing breakage. Even in low humidity (read: parched, dry air) this breed of Silk Protein possesses a high degree of water absorption, meaning they suck in moisture and lock it into your locks to keep them hydrated. How powerful is its ability to retain water? Silk is credited with the ability to retain 10,000 times its weight in water, resulting in optimum conditioning and increased strength.